Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions listed herein represent the special agreement concerning you as a user (“You” or “User”) and GambleUSA (“We,” “Us,” “Our,” “GambleUSA”). The following terms and conditions (Contract or Agreement) let you use the www.gambleusa.com website and all the services it provides.

1. Introduction

1.1. The second you start using our site, you accept and agree to all the terms and conditions related to it automatically. In case you don’t agree or accept these terms and conditions or even just a point of them, you should stop using our website as soon as possible.

1.2. Once you sign up for a new account at gambleusa.com and use any of the services we provide, you will be asked to upload an official document and to accept our terms and conditions.

1.3. You must be over 21 to use the services on our website. Note that when you land and try our website by using our free games or reading our online casino reviews and accept our terms and conditions, it means you confirm that you are older than 21 years.

gambleusa.com, together with the casinos, its partners, or other affiliates, controls and owns all copyright as well as other intellectual property privileges to the published content on our website.

3. How You Can Use gambleusa.com

3.1 You are allowed to read the published content on our site using a web browser. You may download and even print the downloaded pages from our webpage for non-commercial purposes or personal use. You can also use the content of our website to stream audio and video files to media players.

3.2. Remember that you must not download or print any of the published content on our site to keep it in your device memory and use it for commercial purposes or to drive some profit for yourself.

3.3. Unless you are permitted by us, you are not allowed to change, edit, or modify any of the content on our site.

3.4. You have the exclusive option to republish our content on another website of your choice, sub-license, rent, or sell the content on gambleusa.com; redistribute it, use it for commercial purposes, share it publicly; only in case if you own the copyright to our exclusive content.

3.5. You may print or re-distribute our electronic newsletter to whoever you want.

3.6. gambleusa.com reserves the right to limit your access to specific sections of our site or even to suspend your right to use our website. For instance, we have the right to prevent you from using our website during the time we are maintaining our services or updating the gambleusa.com software systems. You shall not try to avoid or bypass this type of restriction.

4. Abuse of gambleusa.com

4.1. You should not use gambleusa.com in any way or do something that might harm our website or lead to a contrary effect on its integrity, security, performance, and availability.

4.2. You are not allowed to use the website in an illegal or any harmful way. You shall not infect it with any illegitimate, false, or malicious materials.

4.3. You must not dabble or hack our website in any circumstances, and you shall not test, scan, or investigate its vulnerability without our permission.

4.4. You should not try to distract any security system, process, or authentication from our website.

4.5. You must not use gambleusa.com to publish, distribute, send, use, host, copy, or store any material containing worms, keyloggers, Trojan horses, spyware, viruses, or any other type of harmful, malicious software.

4.6. You shall not decrypt or decode any message sent from or received to our website without having our written permission.

4.7. You are not allowed to conduct any range of information collecting activity related to our website before you ask us for permission. 

4.8. Never use robots, crawlers, or other bot-type software to receive access to the content at our website or to begin communication with it.

4.9. You are allowed to use our website through our open interface, and it is the only legal way to do it.

4.10. You will not violate the directions in the txt. files for gambleusa.com nor use information obtained from us for any marketing activities. Furthermore, you shall not take any actions that may interfere with the regular functioning of gambleusa.com.

4.11. All the data you enter during the registration process or while using our services must be clear, complete, up-to-date, correct, and not misleading.

5. Our Obligations as an Affiliate Site

5.1. Our website is loaded with live links to third-party online casino websites that provide real money casino games and other online betting services.

5.2. We get a commission or reward from our partner online casino operators always when you click/tap on a referral link, re-direct towards the online casino hub, and transfer money to your casino players account or use the special code you got from us the same time when you were depositing at our partner online casino.

5.3. You understand that sometimes we don’t review or evaluate third-party sellers. We avoid auditing, controlling, checking, or monitoring the creditworthiness, trustworthiness, or identity of other sellers; the safety of their online hubs; and the correctness of the data they upload on their websites.

5.4. We don’t take responsibility for any purchase or money transfer you make from another seller or any agreement you sign with the third-party supplier.

5.5. gambleusa.com holds data from third-party merchants, and we sometimes don’t check or control the truthfulness of that information. It means that we don’t have legal responsiveness for any damage or loss you suffer while using the information, products, or services of the third-party website. We are not responsible for receiving any proposal conducted by the third-party seller or accepting any agreement or contract with the third-party supplier.

5.6. gambleuse.com is not responsible for any duty that shows up due to an agreement or contract you entered with other sellers. We don’t have an obligation to arbitrate between you and the seller when it comes to such agreements and contracts.

6. Our Privileges to Use Your Content

6.1. Your content covers all the material and work, including scripts, software, videos, audio files, texts, graphics, and other stuff that you have already sent to gambleusa.com for storage, processing, and publication.

6.2. The moment you send us content that is only yours, you automatically offer us a permanent license. The license is irreversible, worldwide, non-exclusive, and free of charge. You give us permission to translate, adapt, reproduce, modify, use, store, distribute, and publish your content here today and in the future. We have the right to multiply, store, and share your content on other related online websites.

7. Responsible Gambling

7.1.  Gambleusa.com doesn’t force you to gamble and spend lots of money but guides you to choose legal online gambling destinations that offer engaging entertainment. How often you decide to gamble and how much money you will spend on online betting is your decision. 

7.2 If you notice that you cannot control your spending or the time you spend playing online games, you should think about setting some limits. All the online casinos we work with offer great anti-gambling programs and responsible gambling tools. 

7.3  According to your needs, you can set some daily, weekly, or monthly limits, or you can also go for a self-exclusion program. All these responsible gambling tools are designed to support bettors like you who have brought an individual decision to eliminate or at least reduce their online gambling spending or to control their gaming time.

7.4. You can choose the self-exclusion option for any of the six available periods: six months, one year, two years, three years, four years, or five years.

7.5. If you register for Self-Exclusion from online gambling on gambleusa.com, you should know that it is up to you when you will continue playing online games again. We don’t have an obligation to contact you if you don’t contact us first.

7.6. During your self-exclusion period, you have the right to continue receiving our e-newsletters via your email address. In case you don’t want to receive the newsletters, you need to unsubscribe from our site or contact us. 

8.  Bonuses

8.1. We are not responsible if any of our partner casinos decide to change some of their terms and conditions.

8.2. Gambleusa.com is not responsible if you cannot join any of the recommended websites because your country of residence is on the list of restricted countries.

9.1. Online gambling isn’t legal in all US states, and gambleusa.com is not responsible if some players cannot access some of the casinos listed on our site. Unless you are from Colorado, New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, Iowa, Arizona, or Maryland, you may have difficulties claiming the bonuses our partner online casinos provide for their customers.

9.2. The US online gambling law is stringent, and online gambling operators who want to work in the US must meet the terms of US gambling legislation. Getting a license is not a simple process, and except meeting the strict requirements, they must match with a land-based partner to get a valid license.

10. Abuse of These Terms and Conditions

10.1. We recommend you to go through the gambleusa.com terms and conditions extremely carefully and to start using our website only in case you have agreed with them entirely. If you somehow violate all or any of these terms and conditions, gambleusa.com has the right to take all legal actions against you.