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Toplist of the Best Volleyball Sportsbooks & Apps Online in May 2024

Yes, volleyball is one of the most popular summer beach activities. However, it’s also played professionally, and bettors are eager to wager on matches. Multiple online sportsbooks provide coverage of the sport. And if you are new on the betting scene, it’s time to get you oriented.

Broaden your knowledge with our comprehensive volleyball betting guide. Explore the diverse markets, and learn the key aspects of the sport itself. With one of our tried and tested online platforms, you will have a great wagering experience.

How We Chose the Best Volleyball Sportsbooks

Reputation reveals a lot about a betting site. Checking into a sportsbook history is a recommended first step when evaluating a platform. Five-star reviews from bettors and a landing page decorated with a gambling license are encouraging signals. Other key parameters that warrant inspection are the variety of volleyball events, competitive odds, mobile betting, and bonuses.

Get Started and Bet on Volleyball Online

Diligent research upfront will save you from headaches in the long run. Select a reliable volleyball sportsbook, and the rest will be a breeze. If you lack the experience to locate a good option, pick one from our vetted selection of legal gambling sites in us.

Opening an account is straightforward and takes only a couple of moments. The requirement is for bettors to fill out a form by submitting their name, address, phone number, and email. The information provided must get verified with an identification document. Most betting sites accept a copy of a passport or driver’s license.  

With an approved account, the cashier section will facilitate the first deposit. Generally, sportsbooks offer diverse banking options, and bettors can use a preferred method. Wagering is only possible with a bankrolled account.

The volleyball section will host the available matches and the appropriate betting lines. Punters only need to select the volleyball match, the betting type, and the amount they plan on wagering.  If the predictions on the betting slip come to fruition, the funds get credited to the account. Payouts of winning are possible according to the T&C on the sportsbook.

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Volleyball Wagering Calendar

Regular season leagues are not hard to follow. However, there are several different volleyball tournaments, which get played on every continent. Preparing a betting calendar makes it possible to keep track of opportune events.

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Volleyball Betting on Mobile

A user-friendly interface is a priority for online betting platforms. And the pinnacle in the industry is a mobile version that surpasses all levels of convenience. Punters get a chance to wager at any time and be in the loop with recent developments. Reputable sportsbooks offer a dedicated app that faithfully recreates the website content. However, some betting sites prefer a responsive design that makes platforms mobile-friendly. Both options are compatible with Android and iOS, and punters benefit immensely from mobile betting.

Best odds

Identify Competitive Odds

Sports betting is about finding value. Punters should always compare betting lines and attempt to locate profitable odds. Because volleyball gets perceived as a niche sport, there are fluctuations between betting sites. Checking the offer of other sportsbooks is not complicated. Always be on the lookout for the most lucrative volleyball betting odds.

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Learn the Team Rosters

Punters should not make blind bets or go with the safe option. Volleyball teams don’t play in a consistent form. Fatigue and injuries can influence a team’s performance, and bettors need to factor in that. Tipsters recommend following the latest news and statistics. By being informed, punters can make educated guesses that improve their chances of success.

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Control the Account Balance

Punters focus on different volleyball betting strategies for a winning slip. Yet, they frequently neglect to have a plan to control the account balance. Wagering is only possible with readily available funds. Tipsters advise novice punters to set a percentage limit for every wager. By betting a certain percentage from the current bankroll, punters will always be ready for the next slip.

Future Bets

In volleyball, there are yearly competitions that feature national teams. These tournaments typically last for two weeks and are a great option for future bets. Punters select which nation will win before the start of the competition. This may be challenging, but the rewards can be significant. Plus, bettors can also wager on which player will be a top scorer in the tournament.

The Original Name Didn’t Stick

If somebody invited you to play Mintonette, it will probably inspire a confusing stare on your part. To clarify, Mintonette is the original name for the sport of volleyball. We are not quite sure what the founder, William G. Morgan, thought about the name change. Although obviously, the fans are happy. The sport was invented in 1895 in the USA by the previously mentioned physical educator.

Morgan borrowed elements from other sports. The intent was to create a less rough but still athletic sport. Although popular locally, the global acceptance of the sport was relatively slow. The international federation FIVB was established in 1947. Volleyball joined the Olympic family in 1996.

A volleyball team consists of six players. There is no fixed overall match time, but a set is generally played for 25 minutes. Every team gets three passes before they strike the ball over the net at the center court. If the ball bounces off the opposing team’s half, it results in a point. A regular game gets played in sets of 25 points. The winning team is the one that wins three sets.

Major Volleyball Markets and Events

Volleyball is not dominant on prime-time TV, and bettors may wonder about the potential inventory of matches. However, coverage of the sport varies between platforms. Some feature numerous international leagues, while others focus on the popular ones. In any case, there are plenty of opportunities, and it’s time to discover some of them.

  • Summer Olympics: When debating which nation has the best volleyball team, most point to the outcome of the recent Olympics. The pinnacle of the sport rolls over every four years, and volleyball bettors love to wager on the matches. One advantage of the Olympics is that apart from indoor volleyball, punters can wager on beach volleyball.
  • NORCECA Championships: Volleyball gets actively played in the western hemisphere, and the proof is in the NORCECA Championships. The competition includes nations from both American continents and the Caribbean islands. The tournament takes place every two years. At last count, 40 countries competed for the title. Volleyball bettors are always happy when the NORECA is on a sportsbooks schedule.
  • FIVB World Championships: The best volleyball players gather for the FIVB World Championship every four years. The event doesn’t overlap with the Olympics. Contributing to the steady stream of quality tournaments that preoccupy bettors. National volleyball teams play each other very frequently. This makes it possible for punters to make educated wagers. The USA, Brazil, Russia, Serbia, and Cuba are strong contenders.
  • CEV Champions League: The continental tournament is held annually and gets reserved for European teams. The main competition incorporates 20 teams that get subdivided into five groups. Following the group stage, the best 8 teams advance to the quarterfinals. With the winners moving to the semifinals. The tournament culminates with the final match scheduled for May.

Popular Volleyball Betting Types

Variety is a distinctive flavor of volleyball betting types. However, more is only better if you know how to use it. It’s time for novice punters to get introduced to common bet types available at volleyball sportsbooks. Let’s learn the nuances and pick the appropriate wager type for your betting strategy.

  • Match Betting: Most novice punters are under the false impression that selecting the winner is the only option. This is only true for match betting, where bettors select which team will win. The catch is in the odds. Because both teams are rarely equal in quality, there is a favorite and underdog dynamic. With the expected winner getting minus odds while the longshot gets plus odds. For example, Brazil -160 means a $160 wager will result in $100 in payouts.
  • Point Spread: When a match seems one-sided, punters can employ the points spread. It handicaps the favorite and gives the underdog a fighting chance. The concept is for sets to get deducted from the stronger opponent. And the weaker team starts the game is a plus. For example, the -2.5 handicap can get applied. It signals that the favorite must win by 3 clear sets. In the case of an underdog, a +1.5 means the team cannot lose by more than one set.  
  • Totals: There are two options to bet on totals in volleyball. Bettors can select over/under for the sets or the points. The sportsbook will offer a number representing the expected combined score of both teams. Punters will choose if the match points will be over or under the given total. In volleyball, the minimum number of points is 75. A typical total is around 140. The same concept applies for set totals, but typically it looks like 3.5 sets. Both over and under options will have different odds.
  • In-play Bets: This is an exciting format because it makes bettors feel they are actively participating in the action on the court. With in-play bets, frequently labeled as live betting, punters wager while the match is active. There are different wagering options within the bet type. Most often, punters bet on which team will win the next set. Part of the appeal is in the constantly changing odds that follow the on-court development. Live streaming and feeds are a prerequisite for in-play bets, and they’re present in many reputable sportsbooks.

Betting Bonuses Available for Volleyball

Promotional programs are an integral part of sportsbooks. It’s the key tactic to entice new bettors and improve retention among veteran punters. There are several bonus formats. At its core, each is a match percentage on a recent deposit. This is not a typical gift, but a boost with a certain rollover attached. 

  • Welcome Bonuses: The promotion gets reserved for novice volleyball punters on a betting site. Following the first deposit, bettors can claim the match percentages. It usually starts at 50% and can go as high as 200%. On some sportsbooks, it’s a tiered package, conditioned on the first three deposits. Every Welcome Bonus gets conditioned on specific betting requirements.
  • Crypto Sports Bonus: Sportsbooks promote cryptocurrency in the cashier section and promotions. The crypto bonus is a regular reload bonus, modified for a deposit with a cryptocurrency. To participate in the program, punters must acquire Bitcoin or another form of crypto. The match percentages will vary, but a typical crypto bonus will boost an account up to 50%.
  • Free Bets: Free Bets are essentially freebies offered by the sportsbook that provide funds without requiring any deposit. And the goodies don’t end there. It’s literally a risk-free volleyball bet because no personal funds are at stake. In case of a losing slip, the punter only loses the awarded Free Bets. The wagering requirements are high, and only the winning can get claimed and not the bonus amount.
  • VIP Bonus: This is a goal of many newbie punters. An indentation to the VIP program is a privilege for bettors that wager frequently or invest substantial funds. Most sportsbooks offer some form of a loyalty bonus. Some structure it as a cashback, return of recent losses, or an increase in withdrawal limits. Eligibility for the promotion depends on a credit system or personal invitation from the betting site.


Why settle for an average platform when you can join a remarkable one. Evaluate volleyball betting sites by following our recommendation. Prioritize licensing, various bonuses, multiple banking options when inspecting sportsbooks.

If the process is too time demanding, feel free to choose from our suggested sportsbooks. Volleyball betting is a fun and potentially lucrative hobby for bettors of all ranks. Manage your bankroll, and wager responsibly on secure online betting platforms.


What Is the Best Volleyball Sportsbook?

Choices are subjective; a platform that can suit one punter will not automatically meet the standards of other bettors. The best betting sites offer comprehensive coverage and have a tested reputation among bettors.

Can I Wager on International Volleyball Leagues?

Although not every sportsbook will provide extensive coverage of foreign competitions, by selecting a quality volleyball betting site, you can bet on tournaments from all across the globe.

Why Should I Bet Online?

Online volleyball betting offers many advantages. For example, bonuses are usually not an option in land-based sportsbooks. Plus, punters can wager from the comfort of their homes.

Is It Legal to Wager on Volleyball Online?

It depends on where you reside. Online sports betting is legal in 18 states in the USA. International laws vary, although online gambling is allowed in most countries. The best advice is to check local regulations.


Is Volleyball Betting Popular?

Exact figures are hard to come by because betting sites don’t share statistics readily. If we can judge by the coverage offered, interest is rising.

What Is the Best Volleyball Bet Type?

If simplicity is what you want, then match bet is your choice. But if in the mood for excitement, in-play betting can raise the heartbeat. 

Is Volleyball Sportsbook Safe?

Security is a top priority for betting sites. Most platforms invest in modern encryption systems to safeguard punter’s data and funds. When in doubt, check if the platform possesses a gambling license.

Can I Register on Multiple Volleyball Betting Sites?

Yes, there are no limits. You can register on several platforms. Tipsters even recommend that new punters branch out. But remember, you can have only one account per sportsbook.