List of the Best Tennis Sportsbooks & Apps Online in February 2024

Getting associated with a gentlemen’s sport is one reason avid bettors prioritize tennis. It also helps that tournaments are available throughout the year. The high-paced game offers exhilarating moments for viewers and punters. Finding a TV channel that broadcasts a Grand Slam isn’t difficult. However, identifying a reputable tennis betting site takes work.

Bettors that plan to wager on upcoming tennis competitions can benefit from our comprehensive guide. Our in-depth analysis focuses on the necessary amenities, such as security, bonuses, banking options, betting types, and market coverage.  

How We Chose the Best Tennis Sportsbooks

Before registering on a tennis sportsbook, punters need to select the best option for them. It’s a process that should not get rushed. When vetting a betting site, our team focuses on specific criteria. Priority considerations are user interface, mobile sports betting, payment providers, and bonus packages. And there is no compromise when it comes to security and tennis market coverage.

Get Started and Bet on Tennis Online

Shop around and inspect the betting sites. Narrow down the choice to a sportsbook that matches your desires. Once you identify the online platform that fits your betting style, you will have to open an account. It takes only a couple of minutes to submit the necessary personal information. Most tennis betting sites will require a copy of ID documents, such as a passport or driver’s license. This is needed to verify the punter’s identity.

The next step is to select the payment method in the cashier section. Common methods are debit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. With a funded account, punters can move on to formulating a betting slip. Open the tennis section, locate a tournament and select a match. For example, you can place a match-winner bet on Ashleigh Barty. Submit the betting slip, and if the prediction comes true, your winnings will get credited to the account. 

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Stay Informed about Players

Betting is not only about a punter’s gut feeling. Yes, instincts are valuable, but knowledge is power. Learn which tennis player excels on a grass court but performs averagely on clay, and use it to your advantage.

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In-play Tennis Bets

Tennis is a dynamic game, and live betting is a great option to complement the thrilling moments on the court. In-play bets offer the option to wager while the tennis match is active. Tipsters recommend using mobile betting as the most convenient way to make fast wagers. The only drawback of the bet type is that punters have to follow the action in real-time. Live streaming and TV coverage make it possible to adjust wagers as the match develops.

Best odds

Find the Best Odds

Never place a wager without checking the odds offered by other sportsbooks. Although most betting lines are similar, there are slight but valuable differences. This means that choosing the highest odds can result in significant payouts for knowledgeable and lucky bettors. It’s not a very time-consuming process to browse online for the best odds.


Branch out to Multiple Betting Sites

Smart investors diversify the portfolio, a tactic that can get implemented in sports betting. Tipsters repeat it constantly, so don’t limit yourself to a single sportsbook. Be active on several platforms, and benefit from various bonuses, betting lines, and wagering types. Focus on the best current deal. And by branching out, it’s easier to identify it.

Hedging Tennis Betting

Experienced tipsters recommend hedging your tennis bets. This means wagering on several outcomes in a tennis match. It may seem strange, but it’s very beneficial. You can make a future bet on an underdog to win Wimbledon. And if that player makes it to the final, for example, you can also wager on the opposing player. That way, you will win, whatever occurs in the match.

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Bankroll Management for Tennis Betting

Punters need bankroll longevity. The best approach to guarantee funds are available is to risk only a tiny percentage on a wager. Put a percentage limit on the sum you are prepared to spend on a single slip. For example, it could be 10% of the current balance. Bettors compensate for bad luck with bankroll management and are ready for the next bet.

A Brief History of Tennis

It’s always problematic to pinpoint the origin of a sport. Historians and fans of a sport tend to create connections to similar activities. Tennis is one such example, with a lot of ambiguity. Some believe that the game of the palm from 12th century France gave birth to modern-day tennis. There is no doubt that the current sport of tennis evolved from the medieval game.

In the present format, players don’t use their palms. They prefer rackets and a hollow rubber ball. Tennis gets played on grass, clay, or carpet courts with a net across the center. The goal is to strike the ball above the net and ground it within the court margins. If the opposite player cannot return the ball, points get awarded.

The scoring system is a bit unusual. There are three stages, starting with the game, followed by the set, and culminating with a match. A game gets played until a player wins four points. The next stage is the set, which is won by winning 6 gems. The final stage is the match, played in a format, best from five sets for men (at Grand Slam tournaments) or best of three for women.

Major Tennis Market and Events

Tennis is a professional sport that doesn’t take a break. Tournaments get played year-round. Although to be fair, players benefit from altering weather seasons between the hemispheres. There are hundreds of small competitions, but sportsbooks focus on premium events. Identifying the four Grand Slams is a must for a devoted tennis punter.

  • The US Open: It’s the last event in the Grand Slam calendar but first in the hearts of US tennis fans. Held regularly in New York, the tournament opens the courts in the last week of August. The US Open consists of the five primary championships, man and women’s singles, but also doubles matches. All matches get played on a hardcourt tennis court. 
  • Wimbledon:  The oldest and most prestigious tournament, Wimbledon takes advantage of the summer days between June and July. The spectacle in London follows the usual competition format. Matches get played on grass courts. The qualifying rounds don’t take center stage, but bettors can explore the odds before devoting the wagering attention to star players.
  • The Australian Open: Melbourne Park is the current home of the tournament which marks the start of a regular season Grand Slam circuit. It’s held in the last two weeks of January, amid the Australian summer. The time difference can be a challenge for in-play bets. But otherwise, the competition is a great option for punters.  
  • The French Open:  The official name is the French Open, but fans refer to it as the Roland Garros. This is the stadium in Paris where the competition gets hosted on clay courts. Another event with a treasured history spanning more than a century. The start date is late May, and after two weeks of thrilling matches, the champions get crowned in June.
  • ATP Tour: In total, there are 57 events in the tour that ranks as the top tennis division. Logically, all players can’t participate in every tournament. But punters are welcomed to take part with wagers. Betting sites don’t regularly cover every event in the tour, but the ATP Finals are a staple. The best-ranking players from the season gather for the final showdown. 

Popular Tennis Betting Types

Novice tennis punters may wonder if betting types for individual sports differ from team events. The reality is that sports betting is not complex once you learn the basic principles. And tennis is no exception. Let’s explore the common wagering types and provide a few tips for the next Grand Slam!

  • Match Winner: It doesn’t get easier than selecting a winner for a given match. The fact that there are no draws in tennis makes match-winners the simplest betting concept. However, the odds are not always the best. Except for the concluding stages of a tournament, in all other phases, the favorite gets heavily favored. For example, Raphael Nadal -350 means a $350 wager can generate $100 winnings. Punters with deep pockets can take advantage or bet on the underdog and pray for an upset.   
  • Set Betting: This is a bet type that muddies the waters. It offers a rich reward, but predicting the outcome is similar to solving a mathematical puzzle. Punters get tasked with forecasting the correct score. The tricky part is that bettors select the winner of a set and the margin within each set. For Example, Novak Djokovic will triumph with 3-0 or 3-1. Some sportsbooks offer wagering on separate sets, while others make it possible to bet on the complete best of five sets.
  • Over and Under Betting: In tennis, there are two options to wager on a total, known as over/under. Betting sites can offer a total on the combined number of sets or the games in a match. In both cases, bettors choose if the match will end above or under the given total. For sets, it can be 3.5, while for games the over/under can resemble 25.5. Newbie punters have found it easier to bet on set totals.
  • Handicap Betting:  Sportsbook invented handicap bets, known as the point spread, to encourage action on both players by applying a given handicap. This is another format that gets subdivided into sets and games. In both cases, the expected winner will get allotted negative points. Roger Federer regularly experiences this with handicaps such as -3.5 sets or – 5.5 games. Keep in mind that Federer can win the game, but if the spread is not covered, you lose the betting slip.

Bonuses Offered by Tennis Betting Sites

Punters depend on a positive account bankroll balance. Having funds readily available makes wagering possible, and sportsbooks like to chip in with bonuses that boost bettor’s accounts. Tennis betting sites structure the promotion packages independently, but the bonus formats are identical.

  • Welcome Bonuses: It’s hard to find a sportsbook that doesn’t provide a Welcome Bonus. Most betting sites offer the promotion as a given match percentage on the initial first deposit. However, this is a gift with few strings attached, more precisely a particular rollover. In most cases, the bonus gets credited automatically, although punters can decline the extra funds.
  • Bitcoin Bonus: The cashier section has vastly expanded in recent years with cryptocurrencies. With fast payouts speeds and minimal fees, the appeal is not surprising. Most sportsbooks are starting to offer a dedicated Bitcoin bonus. Although some work with other types of cryptocurrencies, the mechanics are the same with a regular deposit bonus. There is a certain match percentage and a rollover.
  • Free Bets:  Punters can decline most bonuses, but when Free Bets pup up, it’s a keeper. The reason is simple: bettors have nothing to lose. Pessimists like to remind punters that the wagering requirements are too high. However, why complain if a sportsbook provides funds without a deposit requirement? Yes, bettors have to wager the amount for the given rollover, but the only minus is that only the winnings can get withdrawn.
  • Reload Bonus: Recurring promotions are criteria that experienced punters pay attention to when choosing a betting site. Reload Bonus is not a staple, but reputable platforms make them available. The idea is for a sportsbook periodically to provide a match percentage on a recent deposit. Typically the percentage is small, ranging between 15% and 50%. Don’t forget the wagering requirements.


Tennis fans can easily get overwhelmed by the numerous betting sites when looking to gamble online in US. Learning how to filter the fantastic sportsbooks from average platforms is a priority. The primary objective for punters should be to identify safe and reliable betting sites that offer comprehensive tennis coverage.

Our guide answers some of the queries a newbie bettor could ask, revealing what bonuses get offered, betting types, and what tournaments provide solid odds. When betting on tennis, making the correct moves at the start will guarantee a successful betting adventure.


Is Wagering on Tennis Legal?

The legality of online tennis betting depends on local laws. Currently, in the USA, 18 states allow the activity. However, punters should check local regulations before making an online wager.

Is There a Fee for Registering on a Tennis Sportsbook?

No, registration on betting sites is free. But wagering is done with real money, and the account has to get funded. This gets realized by linking to a payment provider.

Are Tennis Sportsbooks Sites Safe to Use?

Users can rest assured that the necessary precautions get implemented if registering on a reputable betting site. No online platform is risk-free, but the industry is investing heavily in security. 

Can I Make Tennis Wagers from My Smartphone?

Yes, nearly every betting site provides a mobile version of the platform. Some sportsbooks are accessible via a mobile browser, and others provide a betting app.


What Happens with a Slip if a Player Retires because of Injury?

This is a rare but possible situation, and most betting operators have rules in place. The best option is to consult the T&C of the sportsbook you are using. But frequently, the wager is considered void, and the punter gets their money back.

Can I Watch Tennis on a Sportsbook?

Most big brand betting sites provide live streaming of tennis tournaments. This option is generally available to every punter with a funded account.

What are the Best Tennis Betting Sites?

Top-rated platforms have licenses from official regulatory institutions, plenty of tennis markets, and fantastic promotions. The final choice depends on a punter’s preferences.

Will I get a Notification about Promotions?

Yes, bettors can request regular notification concerning upcoming promotions. Updates get sent via email, and the message will typically include the promo code.