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Top rated Table Tennis Sportsbooks Online in July 2024

Table tennis is an obscure sport, although chances are you have picked up a paddle at some point. The assumption, verified by estimates, reveals that 16 million Americans play ping-pong. And recreation isn’t the only motive.

Judging by reports published by sportsbooks, millions of dollars get wagered on table tennis betting – once more confirming the sport has a large following, which craves opportunities to bet on a wide range of tournaments.

Following US legal gambling uprizing in several states, most bookmakers started offering the sport as part of their sportsbooks. And after the recent pandemic suspended renowned championships, several Easter European and Asian tournaments got incorporated into sportsbooks lobbies, further fueling the evolution of table tennis as a respectable sports market for the betting community.

The enthusiasm for table tennis betting has to get channeled properly, and our guide provides a comprehensive overview of adequate options to bet on table tennis.

How We Pick the Best Table Tennis Sportsbooks

Type ‘sportsbook’ in Google and hundreds of pages pup up with different betting sites advertising premium table tennis odds. Filtering out the real deal from a subpar offer is performed by following key characteristics that our team implemented in reviewing the sea of betting sites.  Factors such as promotions, betting types, and odds influence choosing a sportsbook.

Get Started and Bet on Table Tennis Online

The first step starts with identifying legal online sports betting apps, which will serve as a platform for future wagering on table tennis games. If unsure what qualifies as a reputable betting site, have a look at our recommendations, and find one that matches your preferences.

With a solid pick, registering on the site is a prerequisite for unlimited access to table tennis markets and wagering options. Provide the required information, and remember to be truthful. When the time arrives to cash in winning, there might be a verification procedure to confirm your identity.

Sportsbooks strives to offer a user-friendly interface, and locating the table tennis section on the website will not be a problem. Choose the preferred games and betting types and allocate the amount you want to wager to initiate the first ping-pong bet. If the prediction for the match outcome proves correct, the cashier section will accommodate payouts through selected payment methods.

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Excellent Table Tennis Odds

Betting odds dictate the return on investment, and table tennis offers lucrative lines that are not identical on every platform. A tipster’s advice is to scout out competing sportsbooks and locate industry-leading odds. With niche sports like ping-pong, it’s possible to get an edge over a platform that doesn’t prioritize the sport.

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Live Streaming

In recent years, online betting sites are filling the vacuum created by television networks that refuse to air games, by stepping up and providing live HD streams. Not every sportsbook offers live feeds and streams, but there is a trend to include table tennis live streaming on platforms, and punter benefit by placing in-play bets.

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Customer Service

New bettors are frequently in need of clarification of T&C and technical issues they may be facing on the platform. Requests for help get addressed to the customer support agents, which should be knowledgeable, patient, and polite. Table tennis punters should always factor customer service when selecting a betting site, preferably with multiple communication channels like email, phone, and live chat.z

Banking Options

Reputable table tennis sportsbooks accept diverse payment methods, which offer safe transactions during deposits and payouts. Most cashier sections are unique, but typically players can use credit and debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets.  The speed of processing transactions varies among providers, and some betting sites charge fees, but most spare bettors the extra cost of making a wager.

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Safety and Security

Top-notch table tennis betting sites invest in a secure online experience, with multilevel encryption systems that protect bettor’s personal data and money. Additionally, licensees buck up claims about abiding by industry-security standards.

Mobile Betting

The rise sportsbooks experience is due to smartphones, which offer convenience to place bets from any location and time. That’s why the gambling industry focuses on providing responsive design that makes websites mobile-friendly. Yet the holy grail of betting are mobile apps – dedicated software that provides a comprehensive sportsbook package for a mobile device. Most betting apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices, and the best option to download the application is from the preferred betting site or respective store.

The Story of Table Tennis

The concept of table tennis emerged in the British Isles in the 19 century, yet today it’s perceived as the realm of Chinese players.  Currently, Fan Zhendong is the highest-ranking player, while his Chinese countryman Ma Long holds the second position.  

Ping-pong is a global phenomenon, and the proof is in the 226 member nations of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), a worldwide organization that governs the sport.

The legitimacy of the sport was confirmed in 1988 when it joined the Olympic family. And while there are no primetime TV spots as is the case with tennis, there are numerous leagues and championships that bring a professional dimension to the sport.

Over the years, several modifications to the equipment and regulations were implemented to make it more appealing to audiences. The efforts focused on reducing the speed of the ball which typically travels at 70 miles per hour, making it hard for cameras to follow. But generally, the regulations have stayed consistent. The game gets played in singles or doubles until one side scores 11 points. And match winners get decided by a best of 5 or 7 game system.

Major Table Tennis Events

  • ITTF World Tour: The biggest names in table tennis gather for the 12 annual events that form the ITTF World Tour, divided into two tiers with 6 Platinum events that offer more ranking points and 6 standard World Tour events. Matches get hosted by different cities, and the 16 highest-ranking players qualify for the World Tour Grand finals and compete for a prize worth a million dollars.
  • European Champions League (ECL): It’s the table tennis equivalent of the soccer champion’s league, collecting 16 of the best European clubs in a seasonal competition. September signals the commencement of the league and matches last until May.
  • Moscow Liga Pro: If somebody suggested that Americans would be betting millions on a Russian table tennis league, you would have thought it’s a crazy idea. But after the pandemic postponed several championships, sportsbooks found an alternative in the Moscow Liga Pro, and bettors accepted the challenge.
  • The Summer Olympics: The Olympics are exciting times for bettors, as it’s one of the rare occasions table tennis gets featured on TV. Since it’s held every four years and assembles only the best world players, the Olympic competition is the pinnacle of the sport and a heavily-wagered event with great odds for singles and doubles matches.
  • World Championship: The host country for the World Championship changes every year, but that doesn’t stop Chinese players from dominating the tournament. Individual events are held in odd-numbered years, while team events are on the calendar in even-numbered years.
  • Asian Championships: The Asian Table Tennis Union and the Table Tennis Federation join forces every two years and hold the Asian Championships. Traditionally the biggest names of the sport hail from the Asian continent, and the tournament is fruitful soil for bettors to wager on premium matches.

Betting on table tennis is not very different from other one-on-one sports. However, a quick rundown of popular betting types will help orient new ping-pong enthusiasts that want to get in on the action.

  • Moneyline: It’s a straightforward bet, where the option is to choose which player or doubles team will triumph. The standard dynamic of underdog and favorite is present. The expected winner, or the favorite, receives a minus next to the odds, while the longshot gets a plus symbol. Meaning if a -200 odds get offered for a favorite, bettors will have to invest $200 to win $100.
  • Futures Bet: Maybe you have a feeling that a player will climb the highest point of a sports pedestal long before the tournament begins. Logically, the name of the bet is futures, and placing this type of bet far in advance of competition can be risky because of possible injuries or other factors. However, on the plus side, futures bets offer lucrative odds.
  • Spread Bet: This type of bet also plays the favorite and underdog dynamic, but attempts to give equal chances to both. In this setup, the favored can get, let’s say, +2.5, while the underdog -2.5 point spread. If a bettor picks a favorite, victory must get attained with 3 or more points for a successful betting ticket. The opposite is the case with the underdog.
  • Live betting: Innovation always drives progress, and a recent option are in-play bets, also known as live betting. The concept makes it possible to wager on outcomes of table tennis games while the match is active. Here, the trick is that odds constantly fluctuate, depending on what player is in the lead. Being a fast-paced sport, the momentum shifts fast, so make sure to act quickly.
  • Totals Bet:  Totals, also known as over/under bets, are interesting because they eliminate the dilemma about who will win. The focus is on the combined points scored in a game. Sportsbooks offer a guess about the final tally of a match, and bettors decide if the suggested number is high or low. When making these bets, it’s good to know statistics relating to a player’s previous performance.

Bonuses for Table Tennis Betting

Sportsbooks rely on promotions to attract and retain bettors on the platform, and by default, table tennis betting fans benefit from various bonuses.

Some of the regular promotions on betting sites include:

  • Matching Bonuses: They come in the form of a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus. The gist is that the sportsbook adds funds to an account based on the deposit amount, typically measured in percentages varying from 50% to 200%.  
  • Free Bets: Punters love free bets, basically in the form of free money that comes with few wagering requirements specific to a given sportsbook. For example, a bettor will receive $20 after wagering $100 on table tennis matches and has to play the bonus with a specific rollover.
  • Odds Boosts: Sometimes, betting sites are rather generous and provide promotions in the form of high odds on a player that’s neck and neck for the win. Understandably, these types of bets have minimal betting limits that guarantee small returns.
  • VIP Program: Betting sites want to retain players, and loyal customers get rewarded with VIP programs that usually return part of recent losses by crediting the funds on the user’s sportsbook account. Punters are required to wager the funds on predetermined terms.


Online sports betting sites offer a large inventory of sports, and table tennis betting is steadily gaining popularity. Tipsters recommend selecting a sportsbook with comprehensive coverage of the sport.  Newbie punters can benefit from our guide when preparing the appropriate betting strategy for the most played in-doors sport on the planet.

With that said, remember that sports betting should only be practiced for fun, and never bet more than you can afford.


Is Table Tennis Good for Betting?

Most certainly yes! Predicting winners is generally easier in individual sports. And table tennis offers a wide variety of betting types with attractive odds on several global markets, making it a solid choice for betting.

What Payment Providers Get Offered at Table Tennis Sportsbooks?

Betting sites strive to offer a diverse cashier option. Typical banking options include Visa and MasterCard, Bitcoin, PayPal, and bank transfers. Bettors should be aware that the same option may not apply for both deposits and withdrawals.

Do Online Betting Sites Provide Free Bets for Table Tennis?

Sportsbooks independently prepare the promotions, and bonus types vary between platforms. Free Bets get offered for Table Tennis, but not on every platform. Before registering, consult the live chat or the promotion page to learn if this perk gets provided.

What Are the Benefits of Online Betting on Table Tennis?

Convenience is a huge plus for bettors that wager on online platforms. Punters get instant access to prominent tournaments and benefit from fast deposits and payouts. There are numerous other options, like live feeds and useful tips.


How Do You Bet on Table Tennis?

To bet on table tennis, you should first register on a trustworthy sportsbook, make a deposit, selecting the table tennis game you want to wager on, and the betting type. Choose how much you want to wager, and place your bet.

What States Allow Table Tennis Betting?

The following states permit online table tennis betting:  New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, Iowa, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Connecticut, Arizona, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

Can I Use Bitcoin to Bet on Table Tennis?

Most sportsbooks accept Bitcoin as a deposit method. But other types of cryptocurrencies are also acceptable payment methods. Explore the cashier section to learn what types of crypto are eligible for deposits.

How Does Table Tennis Wagering Work?

Punters must first sign-up on a sportsbook by providing the necessary information. After that, the account has to get funded with an appropriate deposit. The next step is the most fun one, selecting the wager type and ping-pong match.