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List of the Best Soccer Sportsbooks & Apps Online in July 2024

Soccer is the most important of the less crucial things in a person’s life. You may disagree with the statement, but a few billion soccer fans live by it. And most of them prefer to wager on the sport.

Now, some newcomers encounter difficulties identifying a secure soccer sportsbook. The sheer number of betting sites complicates choices. That’s why our complete guide will provide the necessary information to aid your search.

The best soccer betting sites offer recurring promotions, versatile banking options, multiple soccer leagues, and lucrative odds. You can now take advantage of this guide and expand the horizon of your soccer wagering experience.

How We Pick the Best Soccer Sportsbooks

There is no point in recommending a soccer sportsbook if the coverage of the sport is lacking. Punters can only wager if the inventory of games is satisfactory. The best betting sites will offer most international and local soccer leagues, supported with diverse bonus options, fast payment providers, streamlined mobile betting, and competitive odds.

Get Started and Bet on Soccer Online

Soccer betting sites are popping up daily. Every platform’s advertising offers a complete betting package. And it’s up to the punter to check if the claims are valid. Diligently filtering through the recommended categories will produce a solid pick.

With a reputable sportsbook’s URL in a browser’s address bar, the next stage is registering on the platform. The process is universal between platforms. Clicking on the join button will initiate the signup form. Then, punters need to fill the requested fields with basic data, such as name, surname, phone number, address, and email.

Newbie punters are hesitant to submit scan copies of personal ID documents. But this is necessary to verify the identity and facilitate safe transactions of funds. Following the registration, bankrolling an account is the next step. It’s up to the user to select the amount. Only with a funded account, punters can select the soccer games, the soccer betting types, and the wagering amount. In case of success, the winning from the betting slip gets credited to the user’s account.


Register on Multiple Sportsbooks

The best betting strategy depends on having backup options. It’s permitted to have accounts on different sportsbooks. By joining more soccer betting sites, punters get exposed to more bonuses, markets, and payment providers.

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Mobile Betting

Before placing a soccer wager, check if the betting site is mobile-friendly. It’s essential sportsbooks perform flawlessly on mobile devices. The industry is heavily investing in mobile betting for obvious reasons. The convenience of placing wagers with the tip of a finger at any time and place is a huge plus. A dedicated betting app is a preferred choice when betting on a smartphone. Nonetheless, most sites integrate a responsive design that recreates the features from the official website.

Future Bets

Some argue that every wager type is a future bet, considering you are wagering on an upcoming event. Yet future bets can be seen as a campaign wager. Punters bet on which team will win a soccer competition that typically consists of several games. This is a betting type that offers generous odds.

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Research the Soccer Clubs

The chances of a winning betting slip increase with the proper soccer education. Punters must follow the recent performance of soccer clubs, player injuries, and trades. Learning the current disposition of teams offers punters advantages. Luck plays a large part in gambling. Yet, in sports betting, knowledge is a valuable resource that can tip the scale.

Best odds

Find Competitive Lines

Wagering comes down to the odds. The bigger the betting lines, the larger the profit margin for punters. Although most sportsbooks try to stay competitive by offering similar odds, there are differences. It’s up to bettors to research the market and identify attractive betting lines. Typically reputable online platforms will have a balanced approach, while some smaller sites will play it safe.

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Soccer Calendar

There are so many soccer games that it’s hard to keep track of all events. Soccer league formats do not incorporate playoffs. The most exciting matches are not the finals, but popular season derby games, between old rivalries. Because games like the Spanish El Clásico have altering dates every year, it’s crucial to prepare a calendar for each year’s most significant soccer games.

The Most Popular Sport

It’s said there are more member nations in FIFA than the UN. And the numbers support that claim. With 211 member nations, the International Federation of Football Association is the largest global organization. The popularity generated several names: it’s called footy, saka, calico, etc. Nevertheless, with the USA as an exception, where it’s soccer, the global consensus is that football is the ‘appropriate’ term.

The names may vary, but the rules are constant. Soccer is played on a field, referred to as the pitch, 110 yards by 50 yards. There are 11 players per team. Players focus on scoring goals, by kicking the ball in the opposing team’s goal. They cannot use their hands, as soccer players predominantly use their legs to control the ball with the occasional head strike. The regular playtime is 90 minutes, subdivided into two 45 minutes halves.

Soccer gets associated with different historical ball games. However, the sport’s history is not clear-cut until mid-19th century England. The island nation took the lead in standardizing the rules and bringing them to prominence.

Major Soccer Markets and Events

There isn’t a corner of the world where the soccer ball is not striking goal nets. This fact can easily be verified by peeking at the soccer section on betting sites. As a punter, you can find a soccer match getting played at any time, even at online gambling sites in usa. But for a premier soccer betting action, focus on the best competitions:

  • Major League Soccer (MLS): Professional soccer has had its ups and down in North America. Yet thanks to the MLS, it’s experiencing a renaissance, although most perceive it as a league where former players go to retire. Attendance and TV viewership have been growing each year. Currently, there are 28 teams, and the competition is gaining traction among US bettors.
  • Premier League: The best soccer league in England is a staple in Sportsbooks. Soccer experts hail it as the competition that provides the most thrilling on-pitch football performance. With the best players in the world making up the rosters of the 20 clubs, it’s a priority for bettors. Each team plays 38 games in a season, with the title going to the club with the most points.  
  • Champions League: The best European clubs have a spot reserved in the elite championship that offers weekly wagering opportunities. Each year, the 32 eligible clubs participate in season-long competitions. After the group stage, the knock-out round culminates in the grand finale. Historically, Spanish clubs have had the most success, followed by English and Italian.
  • World Cup: Soccer fans live for the World Cup. The global event generates a soccer hysteria every four years when the 32 qualified nations compete for the bragging right of being the best soccer nation. Bettors are not immune to the hype and actively participate in the euphoria too. And sportsbooks encourage and improve the experience with an all-inclusive coverage rarely seen for other soccer events.
  • La Liga: The popular La Liga is known as the Primer Division in Spain, and every season is a testament to its premier quality. Punters always have two annual dates marked on the calendar. And that’s El Clásico, the eternal rivalry between CF Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Although this duel steals the spotlight, the other 18 teams offer wager-worthy matches.

Popular Soccer Bet Types

Our quick overview of the most common soccer betting types is an excellent resource for new punters. And experienced bettors will get a refresher course. Explore the breakdown of betting types, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of various wagering types.

  • Straight Up Bet: It’s frequently referred to as the Moneyline wager or game-winner. The straight-up bet has many names but one goal, to pick the winner of a soccer game. However, punters should know that a soccer game can end in a tie. Because of a possible draw, bettors get three odds. The favorite gets minus odds, for example, FC Inter -140. This translates into a $140 wager offering a winning slip valued at $100. As a rule, the odds for the tie will be the highest.
  • Double Chance: Because a tie is a frequent outcome in soccer games, some betting sites offer a double chance. The idea is for punters to select two of the three possible outcomes. A betting slip with a double chance bet can have Barcelona winning the game or playing a draw. The same bet applies to the opposing team in our hypothetical duel. And the third option is for bettors to wager that both teams win the match. This last option has the lowest odds.
  • Total Bets: Soccer is typically not a high-scoring game. Because of this, a total bet, also called over/under wager, leaves little room for error. Sportsbooks will offer a number representing the combined number of goals they believe both clubs will score. Usually, the total is 2.5, but other options are possible, such as 1.5 or 3.5. In a situation of 2.5 total, the punter can wager that the game will end over the published number or under. Both options will have different odds but vary by a small margin.
  • Spread Bets: This is a popular sports betting type. Punters like point spread because it equals the playing field. The concept is to deduct goals from the favorite and place them on the scorecard of the underdog. For a winning betting slip, the selected team must cover the difference. For example, FC Chelsea -2.5 means the London team must win with more than 3 goals. Betting sites frequently offer multiple point spread lines on a single soccer game.  
  • Parlay Bets: It’s no news that soccer is popular in Europe. And on the old continent, punters regularly wager with parlay bets. It may be arrogance, thinking they know football, or the appetite for lucrative odds. But for most, parlay bets are the only way to wager. The attraction is in the opportunity to make several different wagers on one slip. With every bet the odds multiply, resulting in a significant payout if all games pan out.

Bonuses Offered by Soccer Betting Sites

Promotions are a punter’s partner if invested for the long haul. Sportsbooks actively strive to attract substantial soccer betting actions. And various bonuses are the preferred method to boost bettor’s performance. There are a few versions, and learning the differences will make for a smooth betting journey.

  • Welcome Bonus: From a betting site’s perspective, newbie bettors are the same as free agents in sports. Both are available for recruiting if the right offer gets presented. Welcome bonuses are a greeting gift for new members, expressed as match percentages on an initial deposit. For example, a 100% sign-up bonus will turn a $20 deposit into a $40 bankroll. However, few wagering requirements have to get honored with every bonus.
  • Free Bets: Punter’s eyes are wide open when they spot a free bets promotion. This is an exclusive sport betting bonus, and some betting sites offer it for significant soccer events. The concept is for the platform to award a certain amount. For example 20 dollars, but the money is not imminently redeemable. Punters have to wager it for a given rollover. The tricky part is not just in the wagering requirements, but that only the winnings, and not the original sum, can get withdrawn.
  • Reload Bonus: Sports reload bonuses are not as frequent, yet some betting sites make it a weekly offer. It’s a regular match deposit bonus, meaning the betting platform will match your recent deposit. Typically the reload percentage is smaller than the Welcome Bonus. Percentages can be as low as 15% but go up to 50% in more reputable betting sites. In recent years, sportsbooks provide the reload bonus for crypto deposits, frequently packaged as Bitcoin promotions.
  • Loyalty Bonus: If there is one sport that keeps bettors preoccupied, then it has to be soccer. And the more a punter is active, the larger the interest of a betting site to keep them engaged. Loyalty programs aim to do just that. The concept is for high rollers or bettors with tenure on a platform to get a few perks. Standard tactics involve cashback, return on recent losses, or free bets. Each sportsbook prepares its program, and the wagering requirements are a constant feature.


The passion for soccer is unrivaled on the sports scene. A loss at the World Cup is a national tragedy in some countries. But for a wise punter, it’s an opportunity for a large payout. Our guide incorporates vetted soccer betting sites. Every crucial parameter gets presented, teaching you what is necessary for a successful soccer betting endeavor!

Don’t hesitate to bookmark this page, as it can be a valuable resource when considering finding a new sportsbook.


Can I Wager on International Soccer Leagues on Online Betting Sites?

Yes, you can bet on foreign leagues. Sportsbooks source the inventory of soccer games from international markets. The section is full of leagues that you may not have known existed.

Is Soccer Betting Legal?

Online sports betting is legal in 19 US states. International law varies, and the best course of action is to consult local laws and regulations.

Why Is Online Soccer Betting Site Better than a Land-Based Sportsbook?

Convenience is at the top of the list. Nothing beats wagering from the comfort of your home. Plus, it’s easier to browse options and place online bets than physically making wagers. 

What’s the Age Requirement for Soccer Betting?

The regulation is different for each state. The general rule is that minors are not allowed to wager. You should check your local laws to find the age requirements.


What Is the Payout Time on Betting Sites?

Sportsbook implements different rules concerning payouts, such as limits and verification procedures. The average period is between 48 and 72 hours. But this doesn’t depend only on the betting site. The banking provider also plays a role. 

Is Online Soccer Betting Safe?

Reputable sportsbooks guarantee the safety of punters’ personal information and financial data. Betting sites are large organizations that get regulated by gambling authorities, making safety a priority.

What are the Top Soccer Sportsbooks?

There are countless soccer sportsbooks, but only a handful of legitimate platforms. The classification as best depends on your expectation. Footy fans should gravitate to betting sites with large market coverage, various bonuses, and security.

What Soccer Leagues Offers the Best Odds?

Sportsbooks don’t favor one championship over the other; every league has games with lucrative odds. The Premier League, Seria A, and La Liga draw the most attention and provide competitive betting lines.