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Our top picks from the Best Snooker Sportsbooks Online in May 2024

Playing ‘pool’ is a favorite pastime. However, the skillful game of snooker is what attracts the attention of bettors. Although not a mainstream sport, punters from North America are steadily joining their European snooker brethren.

That enthusiasm for the sport is rising, and that’s clear from the recent triumphs of Chinese players in international tournaments. Sportsbooks are sensing the new trend and appropriately responding with expanded coverage of the sport.

It helps that the professional snooker circuit gets televised. That way, the public gets introduced to the sport. And the new fans are happy to wager on who will win the next frame.

If you are just now discovering snooker, consult our guide, and select the best snooker betting site.

How We Chose the Best Snooker Sportsbooks

The selection process should not be purely based on the reputation of a sportsbook. Positive reviews from punters are an encouraging sign. However, a comprehensive analysis focuses on exploring every feature. Obviously, a betting site has to offer snooker, but that’s not enough. The crucial factors are a variety of snooker markets, promotional packages, competitive odds, mobile betting, and diverse banking options.

Get Started and Bet on Snooker Online

When it comes to online snooker betting, you must select the appropriate sportsbook. Thankfully, our guide narrows the choice to the most reliable platforms. But before you start making snooker bets, there are a few more steps to complete.

Creating an account is an expedient process that can be completed in minutes. Punters need to submit personal info, such as name, phone number, email, and date of birth. The data provided in the sign-up form needs to get verified. Bettors have to confirm the identity with some form of identification document. Driver’s licenses or passports are readily acceptable.  

With an active account, the cashier section awaits the first deposit. Typically, there will be several banking options, and punters are free to choose the payment provider. With a funded account, wagering is finally possible. The snooker section will present the available matches and the corresponding odds. In case of a winning slip, the funds get credited to the account. Withdrawals are possible according to the stipulation on the betting site.

Odds boost parlay bets

Use Parlay Bets

Snooker’s tournament format offers the perfect opportunity for parlay bets. The idea is to combine several individual bets on one slip. To win the ticket every leg must turn out as predicted.

Best odds

Find the Best Snooker Odds

Tipsters claim that the odds are the most crucial aspect of wagering. The betting lines determine how much profit a punter will potentially pocket. Sportsbooks create the odds in-house and typically use the same methodology. Because of this, many believe there is no difference between sports betting sites. Although most sportsbooks try to stay competitive, the reality is there are variations. Additionally, some sites publish odds much sooner than others.  It’s up to the bettors to research the market and locate platforms with lucrative odds.

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Maximum Break Betting

The pinnacle in snooker is for a player to score a 147 break, in a competitive match. Having perfect games, pocketing 147 points is a rare occurrence. Understandably the odds offered for this rare accomplishment are pretty high. However, most players admit that having a 147 break takes skill and a lot of luck.

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Learn the Formats

It is important for bettors to have a grasp on the snooker tournament format they are betting on. Having that knowledge will ensure punters have a better chance of formulating a winning slip. Additionally, bettors should learn player statistics, especially previous head-to-head results. This is a crucial factor. Some players have better performance during specific conditions.

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Mobile Experience

Snooker gambling online is more convenient on a mobile device. It’s a huge benefit to place bets at any place and time. Sportsbooks are actively implementing mobile versions. Yet the functionality varies among platforms. Betting sites with a dedicated betting app should be a priority. Wagering on a smartphone is a trend in the industry, and snooker sportsbooks are no exception.


Signup on Multiple Sportsbooks

Diversifying a portfolio is an old investment strategy. That same principle applies to sports betting. Punters can have one account per sportsbook. But they can have multiple accounts on several betting sites. Tipsters recommend that bettors take advantage of this fact. Access to more sportsbooks equals more bonuses, snooker markets, banking options, and other perks. Navigating several betting sites is not complex.

Gentleman’s Sport

Snooker is part of the family of billiard sports. It evolved in the United Kingdom, where it got perceived as a gentlemen’s sport. The rules were standardized in 1919, following the establishment of a formal billiards association.  

Players in the sport aim to win more frames than the opponent. This is done by scoring points using a cue to hit a white ball. The objective is for the colored balls to enter, any of the several pockets on the snooker table.

In total, 22 balls are present on the table. Every ball has a different value. The red balls are the most numerous ( there are 15 red balls), and each red ball gets valued at one point. The other six colored balls have values ranging from 2 for the yellow up to 7 points for the black ball. The rules stipulated that a player first must pocket a red ball. After that, they get a chance to pocket another colored ball.

Snooker matches get played to the best of several frames. The number of frames will vary in relation to the competition format. Frequently matches get played from 11 to 17 frames. The player that wins the most frames wins the game.

Snooker is a professional sport with millions in prize money awarded at tournaments. Current high-ranking players are England’s Mark Selby, Judd Trump, and Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Major Events for Snooker Betting

A successful snooker betting strategy depends on being aware of the various tournaments. Punters need to learn the schedule and identify competitions with the best odds. Throughout the year, multiple snooker tournaments are held. We present the most prominent events available in sportsbooks.

  • World Snooker Championship: It is the first leg in the Triple Crown, and the most popular tournament on the global snooker scene. The annual competition is the gathering place for the 32 best world snooker players. Players go head-to-head in knock-out elimination phases. The number of frames per match increases following each new round of matches.
  • UK Championship: The second leg of the Triple Crown is held annually in York, England.  The world’s top 128 players participate in single-elimination rounds.  Usually, it’s held in the concluding months of a year. The tournament regularly gets televised making it an excellent choice for live betting.  Ronnie O’Sullivan’s seven victories make him the most accomplished player in the championship’s history.
  • China Open: The professional snooker tournament attracts international players because it’s part of the ranking system. This is important because ranking decides the seeding list in tournaments. Following the World Snooker Championship, the China Open offers the most points to high placing players in the tournament. In total 128 players participate in the competition, generally held in April.
  • Masters: It is the second-longest running tournament in the world and the last leg of the Triple Crown. The Masters gets recognized as a competition that has maintained a stable format for over 37 years. The leading 16 players, according to the world ranking list, get invited to participate. Elimination rounds start at 11 frames and progressively increase, with the final match culminating at 19 frames.

Popular Snooker Betting Types

First-time snooker punters need a crash course on betting types. Our short brief presents various betting types available from sportsbooks.

  • Match Bet: The simplest form of betting is to predict the winner.  With a match bet, also known as Moneyline wager, punters select which snooker player will triumph. The betting site will provide odds for each player. But also award favorite and underdog status. You can recognize the favorite by the minus sign, for example, Neil Robertson -120. This means a $120 wager on Neil can bring in $100. The underdog will get a plus sign. And +150 means $100 can generate $150 in winnings.  
  • Frame Bet: A typical snooker match consists of several frames. The number will vary depending on the event and format implemented. But as a rule, matches will have an odd number of frames, usually 11 or 15.  Bettors get an opportunity to wager on which snooker player will reach a given number of frames. Alternatively, they can bet on a winner of individual frames, or which player will win several consecutive frames.
  • Handicap Bet:  The idea is to level the field in a match, by creating an artificial handicap on the expected winner. In effect, motivating punters to bet on the underdog. The spread is on the frames in a match. With a typical -2.5 handicap, a favorite player must win with a margin of 3 or more frames. The opposite is true of the underdog. A +2.5 handicap signals the player has to win or lose with less than 2 frames.
  • In-play Bet: Watching a match and simultaneously placing wagers is an exciting snooker betting method. However, not every sportsbook offers this option. Yet, it’s not hard to locate and register on a platform that incorporates live snooker betting. Diligent punters can benefit from attractive odds that change as the situation on the snooker table evolves.  Placing wagers while a game is active can potentially generate payouts with volume.
  • Futures Bet:  The name says it all: punters get a chance to wager on outcomes on future tournaments. Future bets are available on most betting sites. And can be an appealing option thanks to the generous odds. Although it can be a problem to predict a winner of a tournament weeks or months in advance. Punters that accept the challenge get rewarded with attractive odds. Typically the betting lines will decrease as the competition nears the start date.

Bonuses Offered by Snooker Betting Sites

Betting sites recruit punters with enticing bonuses. And while most sportsbooks independently tailor the promotion program, the concept behind the bonuses is the same. Let’s explore the types of promotions available on different sports betting platforms.

  • Welcome Bonuses: When registering on a sportsbook, the management rewards the new member with a Welcome Bonus. This is typically a percentage of the initial deposit, ranging between 50% and 200%. Although the funds get credited to an account, the bettor can’t immediately withdraw the funds. Each betting site will specify wagering requirements for the promotion.  
  • Free Bets: These bonuses are highly sought after because they are risk-free. What does this mean? The sportsbook will award Free Bets, and punters can use the funds to wager. If they lose the bet, because they wagered with the platform’s funds, none of the punter’s money is lost. But if they win, the funds from the free bet are deducted from the winning. This bonus always has large rollovers.
  • Reload Bonuses: Online betting platforms that focus on retaining punters will offer to reload bonuses. In some cases, it’s a weekly promotion, or it gets reserved for special events.   Frequently the reload percentage will be lower or the same as the sign-up bonus. This is a great opportunity to improve the bankroll ahead of a big snooker tournament.
  • Crypto Sports Bonus: Cryptocurrencies are trying to redefine the monetary system, and sportsbooks are playing along. Most betting sites accept digital currencies as a payment method. Bitcoin is steadily becoming a staple in cashier sections. To encourage the use of digital currency, sportsbooks offer a dedicated crypto bonus. They get structured as a standard deposit bonus, plus the Bitcoin.


Snooker is not the most popular game out there, making it a niche sport for most online betting sites. This is an important consideration when choosing a sportsbook. Although most other parameters like bonuses, mobile betting, banking options apply to every sport offered in the catalog. The experience will be underwhelming with a limited snooker section.

Follow our recommendation if you’re considering betting on snooker. You can get a better understanding of the sport, and identify a sportsbook that caters to snooker punters.


Is it Legal to Bet on Snooker?

Yes, online sportsbooks can legally accept wagers from North American and international punters. Even betting sites are based overseas and are accountable and regulated. However, you should check the local laws before making a bet.

Which Country has the Best Snooker Players?

The majority of the top players come from the United Kingdom. Although in recent years, snooker players from China are ranking high in tournaments.

Is Snooker Gambling Safe?

Security is not a concern when betting on a reputable and licensed online sportsbook. Betting sites incorporate encrypted connections and get regularly audited by gambling authorities.

Is Snooker a Popular Online Betting Sports?

With the legalization of sports betting in the USA, most previous niche sports like snooker are experiencing a renaissance. Although it’s still one of the lesser markets, interest among bettors is rising.


Can I Wager on Several Snooker Sportsbooks?

Yes, bettors can register on multiple betting sites. No regulation forbids having multiple accounts in different sportsbooks.

Is There a Draw in a Snooker Match?

No, there is no draw. One of the two players must win the match.

Is There a Live Stream on Betting Sites?

Some betting sites provide live streaming of matches. However, this gets typically offered by bigger sportsbook brands in the industry.

What is the Best Bet Type for Snooker?

For a newbie punter, Moneyline bet is the best option. Experienced bettors can use futures bets and parlay bets as well, or try in-play bets.