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Toplist of the Best Rugby League Bookmakers Online in July 2024

Maybe rugby isn’t stealing news headlines, but even casual sports enthusiasts have seen the haka dance. 

Although the Maori intimidation tactics practiced by New Zealand’s rugby team have promoted the sport, the reality is rugby league has had a fateful following for decades around the globe. And punters are joining the action.

Sportsbooks are expanding the rugby section with more betting options and professional tournaments. The rising interest in the sport was a motive to evaluate rugby betting sites and identify unique wagering options. Thus, our comprehensive guide will introduce new rugby punters to the sport and the best betting odds.

How We Chose the Best Rugby League Sportsbooks

When looking for a rugby league betting site, there are a few vital parameters to consider. The best sportsbooks provide mobile betting that rumps up convenience levels. Although player comfort is important, security is paramount. And that means identifying licensed online platforms that implement high-quality encryption systems. A solid range of bonuses, banking options, and competitive odds create a well-rounded betting package.

Get Started and Bet on Rugby League Online

Sportsbooks regularly offer rugby league, but not every site makes a committed effort when looking at usa gambling online. Select a betting site that treats the sport seriously, and not just as a procedural offer. Following the market research that results with pinpointing the prospective platform registration is the next step.

The procedure is standard with a sign-up form, which requires personal information. Punters will need to share their name, phone number, address, and email. Every account must get verified by submitting a photo of a scanned ID document.

To start wagering, bettors have to bankroll the account. The cashier section will offer several payment options for the first deposit. At this point, the welcome bonus will get activated. Punters can use the extra funds to compile several betting slips. Pick the desired games betting amount and wager type from the rugby league section. Verify the bet and hope for the wanted outcome. In case of a winning slip, the funds will get credited to the account.

Register of Multiple Betting Sites

Tipsters recommend doubling down on options by signing up on several sportsbooks. That way punters can benefit from competitive odds, generous promotions, and market coverage. Don’t limit the betting experience, focus on a versatile approach.

Best odds

Find Lucrative Rugby Odds

Experienced bettors always look for a sportsbook with competitive odds. The idea is simple: odds multiple the investment, and bigger odds equal better results. Betting sites try to stay competitive with other platforms. The final result is similar lines between platforms. However, considering that the odds get formulated in-house, there could be variations. That’s why it’s important to routinely inspect the offered betting lines and select the best current option. Find sportsbooks that offer odds with value, not sites that play it cautiously.

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Rugby League Schedule

The sport gets played on both hemispheres. So, some competitions take advantage of the summer season, while others are active in the winter. Punters need to orient themselves and prepare a calendar that tracks tournaments. Having a schedule informs bettors what rugby games are upcoming. That way wagering strategies can get tailored for best results.

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Mobile Betting

Statistics reveal that mobile betting is the preferred method for punters. The convenience of placing bets from a smartphone is a big factor that drives the trend. When selecting a sportsbook, prioritize the mobile version, especially if a dedicated app is part of the package. Reputable betting sites will incorporate a responsive design but check on the functionality.

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Accumulation Bets

Punters who have confidence in their skills can try their luck with an accumulation bet. It is also known as a parlay bet and comes down to combining several wagers on one slip. Typically there are no limits on the number of games that can be wagered. The trick is that every prediction must come true for a winning slip.

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Follow the Rugby Teams

Sports betting is not just about luck. It takes skill to make an educated prediction about the potential outcome. Punters should not only select wagers based on the favorite and underdog dynamic. The crucial point is in the surprises. When rugby players get injured, the favorites may not justify their reputation.  Following the sports news prepares punters to make educated guesses on rugby league games.

Product of a Rugby Schism

Most historians of the sport identify 19th century England as the birthplace of rugby. Although, it’s worth noting that ball-carrying sports were popular in the middle ages. 

That people were serious about rugby is clear from the schism in 1898. At this time, there were several disagreements about player compensation. The final result was a split and the formation of two branches of the sport. In a nutshell, the key difference is that rugby league allows 13 players, while rugby union has 15 players per team.  

The concept is similar to gridiron football, which actually evolved from rugby. It’s a full-contact sport, with tackling as a key method for stopping an opposing ball-carrying player. 

A single game lasts for 80 minutes, subdivided into two halves. Points get scored with a try, touching the ball to the ground at the opposing team’s goal-line. This is worth four points. A field goal, kicking the ball between the uprights, is worth one point.

The interest in rugby isn’t lacking, and the proof is in the 68 member nations of the International Rugby League – the global governing body of the sport.

Coverage of Rugby League Markets

Rugby gets overshadowed by football on the North American continent. Domestic professional leagues are absent, but betting opportunities are available across both oceans through legal sports betting apps. Luckily, most reputable betting sites offer the best competitions from England and Australia. 

  • The Super League: It’s officially known as Super League Europe, although only two countries from the old continent contribute teams. The league consists of 10 clubs from England and two from France. Each club plays 29 games in a season. February marks the start of the competition that ends after the payoffs in September. The final stage allows the six best teams to play single-elimination rounds for the championship title.
  • National Rugby League: The National Rugby League is the pre-eminent rugby league competition in New Zealand and Australia.  It’s also a staple in every sportsbook that covers the sport. The yearly campaign for the title begins in March and ramps up in October. Currently, 16 clubs are vying for the trophy. The concluding test is the final series where the eight highest-placed teams compete for a spot in the Grand Final.
  • World Cup: The Rugby League World Cup is an international tournament for the best men’s national teams. Although the first World Cup was held over half a century ago, the competition has not followed a regular schedule. There had been frequent format changes.  The next installment is set for 15 October 2022 in England, where 16 national teams will try to reach the winning pedestal. So far, only Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand have had that honor.
  • Championship: The Championship is a professional rugby league encompassing 14 teams from England. It ranks as the second-best competition in the British Isles. The regular season offers equal chances, allowing each team to play home and away games against every other club. The best five teams participate in the playoffs with the intent of securing a spot in next year’s Super League lineup of teams.
  • League 1: It gets perceived as a lower-tier competition. Yet, it still offers thrilling moments and solid odds. The 11 teams from England and Wales play each other at home and away games during the regular season. The most successful team gets promoted to the Championship at the end of a season.  The clubs ranked from second to the sixth position participate in a playoff that determines the second spot destined for the Championship.

Rugby League Betting Types

A common assumption for new punters is that the only wagering option is to select the winning team. However, that is just the tip of the betting type pyramid. Sportsbooks are constantly adapting new and exciting wagering methods. The rugby league is no exception. Let’s get acquainted with some thrilling betting options.

  • Match-winner: Some sportsbooks label it Moneyline bet, but the concept is identical. Bettors select the winner of the match, or if the game will end in a draw. The three offered choices have different odds, with the tie being the most lucrative, but draws are very rare in rugby. A safer option is to pick the winner. Favorites will have negative odds, for example, -140, while the underdogs +135, meaning a $100 bet can bring in $135.
  • Handicap bet: This is a popular bet type for rugby leagues. For the uninitiated, it’s the same as point spread in the NFL. The idea is to give the underdog a head start by deducting a few points from the favorite. Punters are wagering on a club to win or lose within a predetermined margin. For example, Wigan Warrior -5.5 means the team must win with a margin larger than 6 points.
  • Total points: You don’t always have to choose a winner. This is the appeal of the total bet, which you may also encounter as an over/under bet. Punters get to guess the final number of points scored of both teams. A typical example will be 28.5 points. The choice offered is if the final total score will be higher or lower than the number provided.
  • Prop bets: Bettors that think outside the box will be happy to explore proposition wagers. In recent years, it’s been a trend for sportsbooks to adopt this imaginative betting type. The main point is not to select the winner. Rather guess a specific statistic or occurrence in the game. Bettors wager on which team will score the first point, or the player that will score the most individual points.

Popular Rugby League Bonuses

Bonuses are sportsbook’s preferred method to incentivize punters to stay on the platform. Keeping players in the fold is crucial for betting sites. Yet the fine print that hides in every promotion is not always explained.  New bettors should learn the nuances, that way they can successfully navigate the betting journey.

  • Welcome Bonus: New members benefit from a match percentage on their first deposit. Betting sites will typically offer 50%, 100%, and in some cases a 200% bonus. Basically, a deposit of $100 that comes with a 100% Welcome Bonus means a punter’s bankroll will have a base amount of $200. However, there are restrictions, such as the number of times the bettors must wager the funds, before being permitted to cash out the winnings.
  • Reload Bonuses:  Sportsbooks offer a reload bonus to keep punters engaged. It is a great option to top up an account. Frequently the reload bonus percentage is similar or lower than the welcome bonus. The trick is in the attached rollover requirement. Before any funds obtained through the reload bonus can get withdrawn, the rollover has to be met.
  • Crypto Bonus: Betting sites are always at the forefront of accepting new inventions. It doesn’t only apply to technology but also monetary concepts. And the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a payment method by sportsbooks by default makes it eligible for bonuses. The crypto bonus concept is identical to any other deposit bonus. Simply said, by depositing Bitcoin, punters can claim the promotion.
  • Free Bets: It’s a popular reward and highly sought-after promotion by punters.  Usually, betting sites incorporate Free Bets with the welcome pack or offer them ahead of significant sporting events. The bonus has a fixed price attached to it.  Bettors must use it under specific wagering rollover. Punters cannot cash out the bonus amount, only winnings made with the bonus.


Betting online on rugby league games is surprisingly easy if you know what you are doing. And with our comprehensive guide, new bettors are steered in the right direction. Selecting a reputable sportsbook is the first condition for a successful wagering experience.

The betting sites we recommend are vetted and offer lucrative bonuses and wide market coverage. Take advantage of the numerous betting types and attractive odds to compile a rugby league betting ticket.


What Are the Popular Competitions in Rugby League?

There are several prestigious tournaments for both clubs and national teams. The most popular are Rugby League World Cup and Super League.

Is Rugby Betting Allowed with Bitcoin?

Most betting sites accept cryptocurrency as a deposit, including Bitcoin. Meaning it’s possible to use Bitcoin to wager on Rugby League games.

What Is the Best Sportsbook for Rugby League Wagers?

The best rugby betting sites will provide competitive odds, large market coverage, and promotions. Choices are subjective, and each punter will select the best option based on individual priorities.

Is it Legal to Bet on Rugby League?

Yes, online betting is legal in 19 US states, and the list is constantly growing. However, both US and international punters should check local laws before making a wager.


What Factors are Important for Wagering in Rugby League?

Punters need to consider previous head-to-head records. Additionally, home advantage and the current form of both teams play a big factor when considering betting on Rugby League.

Is There Mobile Betting for Rugby League Games?

Yes, most sportsbooks provide a mobile version of their sites or an app for easy wagering from a smartphone.

What are the Best Bets for Rugby League?

It all depends on your betting strategy. Popular wagers include the Moneyline, totals, and point spread.

How Do I Win Wagering in Rugby League?

Knowledge is a key factor. Punters need to get educated about the teams they select. But it doesn’t hurt to have luck – as with every gambling activity.