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Updated list of the Best PGA Tour Sportsbooks Online in May 2024

Americans are avid golf fans, with one in three tuning in to the major PGA events. The sport rose to prominence in the 1990s and 2000s, mainly thanks to Tiger Woods, who completely transformed its image and made it mainstream.

With the proliferation of online sportsbooks post-PASPA in May 2018, golf betting has experienced a surge in popularity. It’s currently a tier below the major sports — NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL — and on par with soccer and tennis in terms of generated betting interest.  

Golf is a year-round sport with numerous tournaments played nearly every week, offering tons of betting opportunities. The PGA tour is the world’s largest golfing championship, and it hosts some of the most prestigious tournaments worldwide. 

The four Grand Slams — The Masters Tournament, U.S. Open Championship, PGA Championship, and the Open Championship — are golf’s bread and butter. Sportsbooks go all out with their bonuses and promotions to get bettors excited in the lead-up to these high-profile events. 

Look no further if you want to get some skin in the game on PGA Tour sports betting online. Our guide covers everything you need to know to get started, including different bets you can make, meaningful information about the championship, and more. We’ll also help you choose the best PGA Tour sports betting sites for your needs and fill you in on the bonuses you can claim with these sportsbooks.

How We Rated the Best PGA Tour Betting Sportsbooks

PGA Tour betting apps in the U.S are a dime a dozen. Every operator claims to offer the best golf wagering experience, but only a tiny fraction live up to their billing. We will show you how to cut through the rubble and identify the top PGA betting sportsbooks in the following segments. We’ve been actively betting on golf for more than two decades and know the industry inside out.

Licensing and Regulation

This is, without a doubt, the most important criterion for assessment. To earn our team’s endorsement, the operator must be 100% safe and trustworthy. A license is a sure indication that the bookmaker is legitimate. We only consider us online gambling sites that have been authorized by a U.S. regulatory body in the state in which they operate. 

Gaming operators constantly monitor their licensees and ensure that they follow strict rules regarding responsible and fair gaming. Regulators prevent state-approved sportsbooks from mistreating players or engaging in unethical practices like withholding winnings or having shady bonus terms. 

Some bettors do not feel comfortable playing in offshore sportsbooks instead of those licensed by the government. These concerns are warranted since offshore sites operate within a loose regulatory framework and do not provide the same level of protection as their counterparts in the United States. 

Overall, you should stick with legal PGA Tour sports betting online operators — there are plenty of them to go around.

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PGA Tour Betting Options

The PGA Tour sponsors 48 events each year, ranging from pro-ams to international competitions. Majors’ odds are available on virtually every U.S. betting site, but only the best PGA Tour sites also cover lower-tier events, catering to every betting style. 

Market depth plays an equally important role in our evaluation process. We aim for sportsbooks with exciting props, as these types of bets are popular among golf bettors. The site also needs to offer outright winner odds and group wagers.

Bonus and promotions icon

Sign-Up Bonus Offers and Other Promotions

With the U.S. sports betting industry in full bloom, PGA Tour betting apps continue to push the promotional envelope with huge welcome offers and customer benefits. 

A solid intro offer can make or break your initial experience with the sportsbook, but it’s equally important that the site doesn’t hold back when it comes to ongoing promos for golf bettors — insurance bets, odds boosts, reduced juice. 

You should try to squeeze as much promo value as possible and not leave anything on the table. Therefore, you should pick only PGA Tour betting apps that offer friendly bonus terms and conditions.

Best odds

Betting Odds and Lines

If you’re a high-volume or sharp bettor, you should want to ensure you’re getting the most competitive odds for a particular PGA event. Commissions (juice) vary from one sportsbook to the next. Even though the price divergence may seem inconsequential for a casual bet, the numbers can add up in the long run.

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PGA Tour Mobile Betting

Having the security of knowing you can bet on your favorite PGA events whenever you want goes a long way. All of our recommended PGA Tour betting apps have standalone iOS and Android apps, which are super convenient ways to get in on the action. They provide a much more streamlined betting experience and come particularly handy for live golf bettors.

Banking Options

Payment method availability and associated fees and processing times are essential variables we consider when choosing the best PGA Tour sports betting sites. Our top-rated picks will allow you to cash out your golf betting winnings quickly and effortlessly without having to pay hefty fines. You’ll have numerous ways to get funds to and from your sportsbook account, ranging from credit/debit cards to wire transfers, checks, PayPal, and more.

Customer service icon

Customer Service Support

If you need assistance getting started or solving any other issue, the customer support staff should be able to help you. The finest PGA Tour betting bookies provide multiple lines of communication, most notably live chat, toll-free phone line, and email. Some sites offer support through their social media channels, allowing bettors in need to receive help instantly.

PGA Tour Brief History

The PGA Tour competition in its current format was started in 1968, but its precursor, PGA of America (Professional Golfers’ Association of America), was formed in 1916. Although the modern incarnation of the circuit was founded nearly five decades later, all victories recorded after 1916 are considered PGA Tour wins. 

Several professional tournaments were created by 1916, including the Western Open, the Metropolitan Open, and the U.S. Open. Interest in the game picked up in the 1920s and 1930s when a series of tournaments were organized by the PGA across the West Coast, in Florida, and Texas. 

In 1930, Bob Harlow became a manager of the PGA Tournament Bureau. He helped the tour become more structured by forming a year-round schedule of tournaments. 

Golf had soared to new heights by the 1950s and early 1960s and became one of the nation’s most popular sports. This exposure led to a rise in revenue, but also a conflict between the PGA and pro golfers over how the proceeds were to be split. The players wanted larger purses, while the tour wanted to invest in its growth. 

Players split from the PGA after the 1968 PGA Championship to form their own organization called American Professional Golfers, which would operate entirely independently of the PGA. 

Two years later, the two sides reached a compromise that led to the dissolution of the APG and the formation of the PGA’s Tournament Players Division, which would be overseen by a 10-member policy board. Joseph Day was chosen as the first commissioner on a five-year contract. In 1974, he was succeeded by Deane Beman, who served as commissioner for the next two decades. PGA’s assets rose from $730,000 to over $200 million during Beeman’s tenure. 

In 1994, Tim Finchem was named the Tour’s third commissioner. He served for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, the game’s international presence grew significantly. He introduced several high-profile events, including the Presidents Cup (1994) and the season-long FedExCup race (2007). Finchem was succeeded by Jay Monahan, who’s currently acting as PGA’s commissioner.

PGA Tour Format

The PGA Tour features 48 events in its current form, including 45 regular-season tournaments and three FedEx Playoff events. All events can be divided into several categories, as follows:

  • Majors: The four majors or Grand Slams are the most prestigious tournaments in the sport. 
  • Regular: These are lower-tier events that vary in status and purse, taking place once a week on average. The most notable such tournaments are the Genesis Open, the AT&T Byron Nelson, the Memorial Tournament, and the Arnold Palmer Invitational. 
  • Team: U.S. golfers compete in two top-tier team events in alternate years, the Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup. 
  • Playoffs: A series of three tournaments upon which the season champion is crowned. The first event features a 125-player field, which decreases to a 30-player field for the final tournament.

How Legal PGA Tour Sports Betting Online Works

If you wish to bet on the PGA Tour online with any of the brands listed on this page, you must live in one of the states that offer legal sports betting. As we mentioned earlier, we only deal with U.S. state-licensed sportsbooks. 

The registration process per se is straightforward. We’ll walk you through it, step-by-step:

  1. Find a sportsbook tailored to your preferences. As you comb through our list of the best PGA Tour betting sites, you’ll notice that each of them is great in its regard. There are no right or wrong decisions, no matter which one you pick. Once you’ve made up your mind, click on the appropriate link to get instantly navigated to the sportsbook’s website. 
  2. Sign up for an account. This is the easy part. You have to fill out a simple application form and provide basic information like name, address, birthday, social security number, and login credentials. It’s almost as simple as creating an account on a social media platform. 
  3. Fund your account. Before you start lining up your PGA Tour betting picks, you’ll need to top up your newly-founded account. This is a hassle-free process that takes only a few minutes. Start by going to the virtual cashier. Then, choose a deposit method from the list and follow the on-screen instructions. Deposits are usually processed instantly. 
  4. Start betting. That’s it; you’re all set. Before you tee off, make sure to claim the welcome bonus. In some cases, you’ll need to activate it manually upon making the qualifying deposit; in others, it will kick in automatically once the deposit settles.

In most states, the minimum betting age is set at 21. All PGA Tour betting apps will use geolocation trackers to pinpoint your location.

Most Popular Types of PGA Tour Bets

Regardless of the event’s status, you’ll find a variety of ways to wager on what’s going to happen on the course. These include some distinctive bets and some wagers offered in other sports. 

That said, let’s break down the most popular types of bets offered in PGA Tour betting apps.

To Win (Outright)

This is simply betting on the golfer you think will win the tournament. You’ll find odds for every player in the field, including favorites, underdogs, and dark horses. Given the depth of the field, the odds are generally longer than in sports like tennis, for example, which means that these bets yield a big payday, regardless of whom you pick. To win odds are expressed as moneylines. The positive number attached to each golfer shows how much you’ll earn for a $100 winning wager.

Finishing Position

This wager works similarly to the previous one, except you don’t have to predict the winner, but rather a player’s finishing position in the tournament, for instance, top 5, 10, or 20. It’s less volatile (easier to hit) but has lower odds than an outright bet.

Versus the Field

With this bet, you’re wagering on whether a star golfer will outperform another group of players. For instance, Brooks Koepka will finish the event at a higher position than the rest of the field. Conversely, you can take the field, which would mean that you’re betting on anyone other than Koepka to win the tournament. This variant comes at a significantly lower price for obvious reasons.

Head to Head

This wager pairs together two similarly ranked golfers in a H2H matchup. The aim is to predict which will have a higher score (shoots a lower score) at the tournament’s end. You’ll find H2H bets on a group level and the entire event.


Here, you have to pick from a pairing of three golfers. If your golfer has a better score than the other two, you’ll score a payout. It’s a spin-off of the H2H bet. 

Nationality Bets

Bet on the best-performing golfer by nationality. The selection will usually include golf powerhouses like the U.S., the U.K, Australia, and the rest of the world. A variation of this bet lets you pick the country from which the winner will come. If Rory Mcllroy is your pick, you’ll take Northern Ireland.

First-Round Leader

Most events on the circuit consist of four rounds, and the best PGA Tour sports betting sites will have odds and lines for top-performing golfers of the opening round. If the golfer you chose leads after 18 holes, you win.

Live Betting

Live or in-play golf betting lets you jump in the middle of the action and make bets after the event has started. You’ll have plenty of time to do your research between rounds and make well-informed picks. PGA Tour betting apps offer live odds on just about any aspect of the game, including the next hole or even the next shot.

Prop PGA Tour bets

Prop bets are outside-the-box wagers on miscellaneous things like:

  • Hole-in-one 
  • Totals for birdies/bogies 
  • Ace in the final round

PGA Tour Sports Betting Bonus Offers

Operators offer generous promotional packages to attract and retain customers in the highly competitive sports betting market. When bettors hear about these incredible perks, they tend to get skeptical. And while promotions often come with some strings attached, that doesn’t make them any less worthwhile. Ultimately, it beats playing with your own money.  

Here are the most common PGA Tour sports betting bonus deals:

  • Risk-free bets — Risk-free bets are often offered through welcome bonuses. As the name suggests, they make your wager risk-free. In practice, this means that you’ll get a full refund on your stake if the wager loses, up to a certain amount. For instance, let’s say the sportsbook offers a risk-free bet up to $1,000. You bet on Justin Thomas to win the U.S. Open only for him to miss the cut; in this case, you’ll get reimbursed, and your $1,000 stake will turn into free bets or site credits. Either way, you’ll get a second chance. 
  • Free bets — Free bets are promo cash with no monetary value — you can’t withdraw them. However, if you win a wager using free bets as a stake, they convert into real money. 
  • Deposit match bonus — The best PGA Tour sports betting sites offer this type of bonus. With it, the sportsbook matches a certain percentage of your deposit up to a specific monetary cap. For example, if the sportsbook offers a 100% bonus up to $100, and you deposit $50, you’ll receive an additional $50 of promo cash (likely free bets).
  • Odds boosts — The leading PGA Tour betting apps often provide odds boosts on top-tier events, thus taking a slight pay cut (by giving up some of the juice) on specific markets. For example, odds boosts may give you +300 for Koepka to win Masters instead of the regular +250.

PGA Betting Mobile Apps

Nowadays, all PGA Tour betting bookies offer native apps for iOS and Android. You can usually find the download links on the sportsbook’s website, either in the footer section or a dedicated page. In either case, mobile apps can significantly enhance your overall betting experience and are often better optimized than desktop versions themselves.

PGA Betting Tips

There is more to PGA betting than picking a golfer based on one’s personal biases or a hunch. To make consistent profits on PGA betting, you must find value, and you can only do that once you understand all the ins and outs of the sport. 

The following tips will help you increase your win rate:

  • Weather reports — More so than most sports, Golf is influenced by the weather. So, it only makes sense to check the forecast before making any bets. It’s well-known that some golfers thrive under optimal conditions while underperforming under windy conditions. Study weather reports before each round, and make your picks accordingly. 
  • Recent form — Any PGA Sports betting fan will tell you that current form and past performances at the course matter, especially for events that take place on tricky venues like the Augusta National. You should look for golfers that historically perform well at that specific course. 
  • Line movement — There will be plenty of line movement among books in the days and weeks leading up to the event. The betting apps may come down heavy on a golfer if a mild injury is reported. These are all factors you should be paying attention to when placing bets with the best PGA Tour betting sites.


Is PGA Tour betting legal?

It’s legal in states that authorize sports wagering. Currently, there are around 30 states with some form of legal sports betting.

Can I watch golf live on PGA Tour betting apps?

Yes, many sportsbooks have live streaming coverage of PGA Tour events, allowing you to watch the action as it unfolds on the course free of charge.

Can I win on PGA Tour betting?

If you do your homework and at least have a basic understanding of the game, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. It’s just like betting on any other sport; the more you know about it, the more successful your betting endeavors will be.

Do different golf courses affect golfers’ performance?

Absolutely. Different golf venues have different settings; some may favor heavy hitters while others could be more suited for those that excel on the fairway. You should always consider the course’s characteristics when forming your PGA betting picks.

Who has the most majors in the PGA tour all-time?

Jack Nicklaus is the all-time record-holder with 18 grand slam titles. Tiger Woods is in second place with 15 major trophies.


What happens if a round is suspended?

It depends on your sportsbooks house rules. The bet will usually remain active until the round is completed, regardless of weather delays or other circumstances.

What are greenies in golf?

Greenies are awarded to golfers who hit their tee shot onto the green on a par-3 hole with a pair or better.

How does scoring work in PGA Tour events?

PGA Tour events use a par scoring system for each hole. The scoring takes into account the number of strokes taken.

Can I bet on PGA Tour competitions from my mobile?

Of course! The best PGA Tour sports betting sites have standalone apps that are available for download and will let you put a few bucks down on your favorite golfer on the fly.

How old do I have to be to bet on the PGA Tour?

In most states, the legal betting age is set at 21. You also have to be located in a state that legalized sports betting.