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Updated toplist of the Best Racing Sportsbooks Online in June 2024

Historically, NASCAR has been perceived as a favorite pastime in the South of the USA. However, although the popular motorsport has been captivating spectators for decades, from a sports betting perspective, it’s a niche sport.

Nevertheless, online betting sites are starting to evolve the coverage of stock car auto racing. Following the legalization of sports betting, the us online gambling industry is in full throttle – with NASCAR taking the spotlight. Thus, many are taking advantage of the wagering opportunities offered by reputable sportsbooks.

New punters need to get oriented and find a betting victory lane. If the numerous options are overwhelming, punters can consult our guide and find the best odds of winning!

How We Chose the Best NASCAR Sportsbooks

Transparency is the key, and reputable sportsbooks have nothing to hide. They take pride in the security systems implemented, such as SSL certificates. But also the fact they have been vetted and licensed by a governing institution. The best online NASCAR betting sites offer mobile betting, multiple banking options, a variety of promotions, and large market coverage.

Get Started and Bet on NASCAR Online

Most online betting sites offer motorsports, yet not every sportsbook gets fully invested in NASCAR. Punters can avoid headaches by choosing a recommended platform with well-rounded coverage.

After picking a betting site, all new bettors must sign up. Although some newbie punters may hesitate about providing personal information, with a safe sportsbook, the data will get protected. The standard registration form requires name, address, phone number, and email.

Following a confirmation process, the account is live, and making a deposit is the next step. Bettors can open the cashier section and select the preferred payment method.

Typically there is a minimum deposit amount. Punters can choose the amount and frequency of funding the account. NASCAR bets can get made only with a funded account. The betting slip gets prepared by selecting the drivers, betting types, and the wager amount. Confirming the bet is the final move before the fun starts!

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Consult the Tutorial Section

New bettors frequently struggle with a betting site’s features. When encountering difficulties, punters can consult the help section and find guidance. Some sportsbooks offer comprehensive tutorials that cover most of the important topics.

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NASCAR Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is the preferred method for making wagers on NASCAR races. The convenience offered by the smartphone has been a driving force in developing sports betting. When committing to an online betting site it is crucial to check if a mobile-friendly version is available. Most platforms have a responsive design that replicates every option present on the official website. Yet the pinnacle of the experience is a specific betting app. In some cases, the app surpasses the functionality of the website.

Wager of Multiple NASCAR Sportsbooks

Punters can register on several betting sites and take advantage of different options. Betting sites are not structured identically, there are variations. More sportsbooks in a bettor’s portfolio mean better promotions and a bigger choice of odds. Punters should not limit the betting strategy to one platform. With diversification comes more alternatives and a better experience.

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NASCAR Live Betting

Stock car drivers perform over a hundred laps in a race, creating room for altering circumstances. That can get exploited with live betting, also known as an in-play bet. Punters can place wagers while the race is going on, and benefit from new developments. Not every sportsbook offers NASCAR live betting, and punters should choose wisely.

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Identify the Best Odds

When betting on NASCAR, it’s crucial to get up-to-date betting lines. Most sportsbooks use a similar methodology to produce wagering odds. Because of this approach, variations between betting sites are tiny. Yet even small percentages can make a difference in a potential payout. New bettors should shop around and get a wider perspective of the current offer on upcoming races.

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Get a Handle on the NASCAR Schedule

With a ten-month season, it can be difficult to follow every race. However, being aware of upcoming events means making educated bets. It’s impossible to learn every race sanctioned by NASCAR. There are over a thousand races under the NASCAR banner. Luckily sportsbooks carry only the premier series. These are the races that have to get highlighted on a bettor’s calendar.

Brief History of NASCAR

Stock car racing developed as a byproduct of bootlegging during the Prohibition. Moonshine smugglers were modifying vehicles to get more speed and evade the police.

However, when the laws changed, bootleggers were out of work. With limited job opportunities, many former moonshine runners started racing.

It didn’t take long for a formal organization to emerge and regulate the sport. The moment arrived in 1948 when Bill France Sr. founded the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, with an inaugural race taking place in Daytona Beach, Florida. To this day, the city remains NASCAR’s headquarters.

Over the decades, the association has continually developed. Most US car manufacturers have seen the sport as a platform for advertising the brand. They’ve been actively sponsoring teams and drivers to date.

Currently, NASCAR sanctions several USA and international series, with the highest level of professional competition being the NASCAR Cup Series.

In 2010, the first-ever NASCAR Hall of Fame class was inducted.

Betting interest for NASCAR races is nothing new, though. Punters have been wagering for decades in Las Vegas. However, with the legalization of online sports betting in more than two dozen US states, the moto sport is reaching new heights.

Biggest NASCAR Events and Races

The NASCAR season is a ten-month affair, providing fantastic betting opportunities. Brand sportsbooks cover regular and postseason races, but also entice odds on minor league circuits. With a yearly inventory of 1500 races across different series, formulating a betting slip is a pleasure.

NASCAR Cup Series: It’s the premium competition featured on most betting sites. The regular season starts in February, and after 26 races, the best 16 drivers move to the playoffs. The following 10 races decide the champion. The Cup Series is an excellent option for future bets, enabling punters to predict the future NASCAR champion at the start of the season.

Daytona 500:  The most popular race in the NASCAR season, and the first chapter in the Cup series. Held in Daytona Beach, Florida the race attracts substantial betting interest. Because it’s the start of the series, every driver has a clean slate, so choosing favorites is challenging. Yet that doesn’t discourage betting sites that regularly promote the race with attractive odds.

Geico 500: Held at the legendary Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama the 500-mile race is always in the focus of bettors. It’s the longest oval track in the Cup Series, forcing drives to perform 188 laps before crossing the line. Drivers strive to climb the podium and claim the prestige associated with Talladega’s storied reputation. Naturally, punters are equally excited to wager on outcomes.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series: Perceived as a minor league of NASCAR, the Xfinity Series gets sparsely represented on betting sites. Frequently held ahead of Cup series races, the NXS series features slower cars than the Cup Series. Some sportsbooks include the races as warm-ups for the big races, with bettors benefiting by wagering on emerging talent.

The Camping World Truck Series: Typically, pickup trucks are not associated with track racing. Yet the iconic vehicle, in more souped-up variants, is the star attraction in the Camping World Truck Series. Most betting sites catering to punters from the USA offer the competition. And punters enjoy wagering on races that are not as fast but are more challenging.

Best NASCAR Betting Types

At first glance, NASCAR betting types may appear limited, with punters wagering only on race winners. However, sportsbooks are innovative and offer several versatile bet types. Additionally, new bettors can take advantage of the options with attractive odds.

Pole Position: Before the official race begins, drivers participate in a qualifying race that decides the starting positions. Every driver takes a lap on the race track and starting positions are awarded based on lap times. The fastest time wins the pole position, and punters are allowed to wager on which driver will win the pole position.

Race Winner: Selecting the outright winner is straightforward. Every driver in a race is assigned odds that reflect the probability of winning the race. This is based on past performances, with favorites offering the lowest odds. For example, Brad Keselowski +200 means a $100 wager can potentially bring in $200 in earnings. However, racing is unpredictable and crashes frequently take favorites out of a race.

Top Place Finishes: Picking which drivers will climb the podium offers better chances of success than focusing on the winner. Betting sites permit punters to choose podium finishes, and typically two options are provided. Bettors can select if a driver will place among the top 3 or the fastest 5 drivers in a race. This bet type offers lower odds when compared to the race winner.

Driver Matchups: The concept offers two options, wager head-to-head or group matchups. In the first scenario, you select which driver will have a better result when compared to the other racer. There is a favorite and underdog dynamic, with the expected winner receiving lower odds. Alternatively, in a group matchup, punters chose a driver from a group of four racers. The idea is for that driver to outperform the other three. 

Prop Bets: NASCAR proposition wagers require placing bets on a specific occurrence or accomplishment. It’s the most fun form of NASCAR betting, and sportsbooks get creative with the presented potential scenarios. Some examples include how many crashes will occur or how many drivers will get flagged? The proposed situations are numerous, and the odds are appropriately exciting.

Popular NASCAR Bonuses

Sportsbooks appreciate bettors and give back with various promotions. NASCAR betting sites are no exception, boosting new punters and rewarding loyal bettors. Bonuses are abundant, yet different stipulations dictate how a promotion can get claimed and implemented.

Sign Up Bonus: Typically, after a new member registers at a sportsbook, the first deposit is multiplied with a Welcome Bonus. It’s the betting site’s way of saying welcome on board. The concept is the same among sportsbooks. What differs between betting sites is the match percentage offered. Usually, the going rate is 50% up to 100%.

Crypto Bonus: Betting sites are not immune to the hype surrounding cryptocurrency. It’s an accepted deposit method in many sportsbooks. By default, some sites provided promotions specific to Bitcoin. The principle is the same as with any other match deposit bonuses. The difference is the deposited currency and the frequency with which the promotion gets offered. 

Free Bets: Frequently, Free Bets are part of the welcome package. However, sportsbooks distribute the bonus during important sporting events, like big NASCAR races. At its core, the promotion offers extra funds. The betting site awards a certain amount to the punter, and the bettors are not liable for potential losses from the bet. Only the winnings can get claimed, yet the rollover is usually very high.

VIP Bonus: The promotion gets reserved for high rollers or active bettors. Most reputable online betting sites have a VIP program but structure it differently. Some have points systems, meaning the promotion is open to every member that collects sufficient points. Other sites select which bettor is going to be the beneficiary. Rewards manifest as returns of recent losses but get conditioned on wagering requirements.


Online betting on NASCAR is easy on sportsbooks with mobile betting apps. However, not every betting site invests in a comprehensive NASCAR betting package. Although racing is a fast sport, punters need to step on the breaks when selecting a wagering platform.

Putting in the effort upfront translates into a streamlined wagering experience when the NASCAR season starts. Our guide highlights the key characteristics but also recommends reputable sportsbooks choices.


What are The Biggest NASCAR Races?

There are 36 races on the Cup Series schedule, and some of the more popular events include Daytona 500, Coca-Cola 600, Southern 500, and Brickyard 400.

Who Is the Best NASCAR Driver to Wager On?

NASCAR is a competitive sport, and the past performance of a driver will not guarantee success in an upcoming race. Some drivers have a better success rate on a given track, and that is an important consideration. Bettors should not blindly follow the favorite.

What Bets Pay Out The Most?

Underdogs offer the best odds, the problem is they rarely win. Punters looking for a big payout can focus on parlay bets. They offer lucrative odds because several wagers get combined into one slip, and the odds multiply. Yet this is a risky bet.

Are There NASCAR Betting Apps?

Most sportsbooks offer NASCAR betting action from a dedicated mobile app. However, the connivance of wagering from a smartphone is also possible with a mobile version of the website. Before committing to a sportsbook, check the reviews about the mobile experience.


When are NASCAR Odds Released?

The odds for upcoming weekend races are published early in the week. Yet for big events, like Daytona 500, the betting lines are released far in advance.

How Safe Are NASCAR Betting Sites?

Security will not be a concern if you select a reputable NASCAR sportsbook. Check a betting site’s reputation and licenses that vouch for legitimacy.

What Are The Best NASCAR Bets For Newbie Punters?

Race winner is the simplest bet type for beginners. You will only need to select a driver you expect to win the race. However, once you learn the betting types, you will be able to place more complicated NASCAR wagers.

Can You Make In-Play Wagers on NASCAR?

Yes, NASCAR events are the perfect option for live betting. Most of the races from the NASCAR Cup Series get televised. This enables punters to follow the action on the race track and make appropriate bets about the next lap.