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See Our List of the Best Fighting Sportsbooks Online in July 2024

It’s easy to confuse the scenery and intensity of MMA fights for an action movie. Yet, there isn’t any CGI or directors. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an official sport, and players can now enjoy US Legal Gambling and bet on fights at online sportsbooks.

Over the previous decade, MMA has been one of the fastest-growing sports. And the UFC is the premium competition that promotes the best fighters. The pre-fight drama and the knockouts displayed in the cage inspired many bettors to wager on the sport.

Betting sites are increasingly expanding coverage of the sport and various emerging markets. Before stepping into the betting octagon, consult our guide, and identify the best UFC sportsbooks.

How We Chose the Best UFC/MMA Sportsbooks

It’s pivotal to ensure you have selected a top-ranking UFC betting site when wagering on fights. Skimming over a sportsbook’s structure is not a solution. A detailed survey of encryption systems, banking options, customer support, bonuses, and competitive odds is a prerequisite for success. Our analysis focuses on betting sites that offer punters well-rounded MMA wagering experiences.

Get Started and Bet on MMA & UFC Online

Getting into UFC betting is routine. Only a few simple steps have to get completed, and the process takes minutes. Bettors are obliged to provide personal information. Typically the sign-up form includes fields for name, email, address, and phone number. Most sportsbooks will require a scanned copy of ID documents to verify the bettor’s identity.

The authenticated account permits full access to a betting site. Yet wagering is possible only after funds get deposited. Sportsbooks have set minimum limits for deposits. And punters can select the preferred banking option for deposits and future payouts. Checking for extra hidden fees is advised before proceeding with a given payment provider.

After making a deposit, you receive a Welcome Bonus, multiplying the wagering opportunities. The betting slip gets created by selecting fights and the bet types. After the submit button gets pressed, it turns into a game of nerves hoping for the wanted outcome.

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MMA Events Calendar

Most MMA organizations prefer to stick to certain weekdays for their fight events. For example, UFC fight cards are held on Saturdays, while Bellator favors’ Fridays. Learning the MMA schedule keeps punters focused.  

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Mobile Betting Capabilities

The flexibility to wager from work or home is an ability offered by sportsbooks with mobile support. UFC events are high-paced. And mobile versions of betting sites make it possible for punters to adjust the betting strategy as circumstances develop. Most betting platforms either incorporate a responsive design for the website or go the app route. Both options apply to UFC bets, but not every sportsbook invests appropriately in the mobile experience. The best mobile betting offers a user-friendly interface and fast speeds. 

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Lines Released Before Fight Cards

The participants of a UFC event are announced far in advance. But as the final date nears, some fighters may experience injuries or pull out from the event. However, with 13 contests on a fight card, plenty of betting options are possible. And sportsbooks that publish lines weeks ahead of time offer more value.

Follow the UFC Fighters

MMA is an individual sport, and it’s a priority to continuously learn new information about fighters. Betting sites may identify a favorite, but those predictions are not guaranteed. By learning the key players in the sport, punters can place educated bets. Focusing on injury history, current form, and previous head-to-head results can create an edge.

Best odds

Identify the Best Odds

Betting odds get prepared in-house by oddsmakers that are experts in the sport. This means that not every betting site will offer the same odds. Although most attempt to stay competitive. Stay away from sportsbooks that treat UFC events cautiously. The point of betting is to make a profit. And this is only possible with odds that multiply the amount wagered.

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UFC Parlay Bets

Betting sites that cater to punters with a passion for UFC will offer parlay bets. It’s an attractive option but simultaneously can be a risky wager type. The format involves placing various individual bets on one betting slip. Profit can be significant if all wagered fights turn out as expected. The downside is if one fighter loses, the whole slip will be void.

Full Contact Sport

If you’re new to the sport, the difference between the UFC and MMA may be unclear. The latter refers to the sport, and the former is a company that promotes fights under its banner.

In reality, MMA is not a new concept. The ancient Greeks practiced a fighting style that combines boxing and wrestling, called pankration. It was on the repertoire of the original Olympic Games. 

The modern variant emerged from street fighting styles from Brazil and Hong Kong. However, the impetus for a mainstream acceptance of the fighting style derived from movies that exploited cage fighting. Besides, it’s also a theme present in video games that entertain younger generations. These circumstances created an audience primed for the sport.

Its official mainstream debut was in the 90s, with the UFC as the flagship organization. As a full-contact sport, MMA offers a more aggressive style than boxing or wrestling. That is, fighters are free to combine elements from different martial arts.  

Official matches are held in an octagonal cage, and fighters compete in several weight classes. As a no-holds-bar sport, the winner gets determined by knockout, submission, or judge’s decision.

The Monopoly of UFC

The biggest brand on the mixed martial arts scene is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It was one of the pioneering organizations of the sport back in 1993 when it started staging cage fights. Since its humble beginning, the company has evolved into a billion-dollar entity. The world’s best fighters are under contract with the UFC.

Because of the high frequency of events and brand recognition, many sportsbooks only allow betting on the UFC. The wagering opportunities offered by the promotional organization are unparalleled. Most UFC fight cards are televised, making in-play betting an option.

Other MMA Betting Markets

New players looking for the best online sports betting – gravitate towards the UFC since it is the biggest brand in the sport. And sportsbooks are in the habit of offering it separately from other MMA organizations. However, neglecting other markets is not a wise strategy. Equally, profitable betting action gets offered by other MMA promotions, such as:

  • Bellator is the only organization that attempts to rival the UFC. Currently, it is the second most popular promotion among fans. A reputation well deserved, thanks to quality fighters from around the globe. Although the inventory of fights is smaller, the promotion strives to stage monthly events. Nearly every serious betting site covers Bellator, and news media regularly report on events.
  • ONE Championship rules the Asian market. With over 500 fighters that compete in various divisions, there is always an opportunity for a bet. It’s not a household name in North America, but some betting sites feature ONE Championship. It has a unique take on the sport. Not surprisingly as an Asian-based organization, viewership gets numbered in the millions.
  • Invicta Fighting Championship focuses exclusively on female fighters. This is not a rarity since most other promotions have women fighters on their cards. Being a small promotion has not stopped Invicta from carving a respectable share of the MMA pay-per-view market. However, most sportsbooks don’t offer coverage on the promotion. But a dedicated fan can locate a suitable platform.

Absolute Championship Akhmat is a Russian organization formed in 2014, while in 2018, it merged with the World Fighting Championship. The ACA has featured some famous names from the MMA community. Although the Russian Federation is the epicenter of the championship, several European cities have hosted fight cards.

Popular MMA/UFC Bet Types

The octagon can be scary, but bet types on UFC fights are straightforward. Although there are diverse MMA betting markets, punters rely on the same betting methodology. Let’s examine popular bet types for beginners:

  • Head to Head is the most basic wager, commonly known as Moneyline bet. Punters pick the winner of the fight. Typically a fighter that is more likely to triumph will have smaller odds. For example, if Conor McGregor is the favorite, the odds can be -120, meaning a $120 wager will bring $100 in earnings. Underdogs have more lucrative odds, but there is a reason they call them longshots. 
  • Method of victory is a unique bet type. Punters do not wager on a fighter to win. Rather, the method that will decide the winner of the fight. There are three options: the knockout (a fan favorite), the judge’s decision, and submission. Every potential outcome is presented with odds, reflecting the oddsmaker’s expectations for the most probable outcome. 
  • Total rounds is another version of the standard over/under. Here, the choice is on how many rounds in a fight before a victor gets declared. But unlike a proposition bet, you select if the fight will exceed the proposed number or is going under the total. The numbers get presented as 1.5 or 3.5, but there is no half-round. In a bet over 3.5 rounds, a winning slip results only if the duel ends in four or more rounds.
  • Live betting is a solid option for punters that are undecided before the start of a fight. With this bet type, wagers get made during the fight. It’s essential to focus on the odds that change concerning which fighter is more dominant. Since MMA events get regularly televised, betting sites offer in-play betting on different markets. 

Prop bets are a staple in the MMA scene. It’s considered the most entertaining form of betting. The nature of the sport provides opportunities for creative propositions about fights.  Punters can choose from a variety of hypothetical situations. Regular options include props such as will the knockout be with a leg kick, or will there be a choke out? This is a fun bet type that usually offers attractive odds.

Betting Bonuses Available for MMA & UFC

An important attribute of a sportsbook is the promotion program. The generosity of bonuses influences retention numbers among bettors. With every bonus type, the underlying concept is the same. What differs is how much betting sites invest in the offer. These are the most common choices:

  • Welcome Bonuses are typically the largest promotion offered. It’s an exclusive privilege of first-time bettors on a sportsbook. Following a registration, bettors receive a match bonus on the first deposit. And few sportsbooks make it a tiered package, subdividing it for the first three deposits. The match percentages start at 50% and rise to 200%. Every bonus has specific wagering requirements.
  • Free Bets are attractive since the betting site may not require a deposit for eligibility. However, there is a catch. When an MMA betting site awards free bets, it includes time restrictions. With the next wager being available on a given date. The aim is to encourage return visits to the sportsbooks. Generally, only the winnings from the free bet can get claimed and not the bonus amount.
  • Reload Bonuses are a nice encouragement when experiencing a bad run. The concept is simple: a betting site offers a bonus on a deposit, and percentages vary but are usually smaller than other promotions. Most MMA sportsbooks structure the availability of the reloads bonus differently. Some offer it weekly, while others provide it for a given event. 
  • Reduced Juice Bets is a rare but attractive option. For the uninitiated punters, small clarification is in order. When making a wager, the sportsbook takes a percentage from the amount as commission. It’s popularly called juice or vig. With the reduced juice bonus, the vig percentages are lower. This makes it possible to have bigger payouts on UFC bets. Effectively, you will risk less money for the same potential winning.


Like with other sports, punters are free to make real money bets on various MMA markets. Although the UFC has become a synonym for the sport, other options are available. The rising popularity of the sport has made it a staple in sportsbooks.

When selecting a betting site, inspect every segment before making a deposit. Comprehensive betting experience depends on multiple payment methods, generous bonuses, a streamlined mobile interface, and competitive odds.

Our selection of sportsbooks will benefit new UFC bettors by providing a smooth transition into MMA and UFC wagering.


How Safe Are MMA Betting Sites?

Reputable sportsbooks are safe. It’s crucial to learn how to identify legitimate betting sites. Check the history of the site tenure equals solid reputation. With a valid license, signaling industry standards get respected.

Can I Wager Online on Every UFC Fight Card?

If you have an account with a reputable MMA sportsbook, you will be able to wager on every fight night event. There is no limit on the events or number of bets a punter can make. Both preliminary and main card fights get offered at UFC betting sites.

Is It Lawful to Use Offshore Sportsbooks?

Yes, you can legally wager on offshore betting sites. The fact that most sports betting sites get registered in foreign countries, should not discourage punters. However, it’s recommended that bettors consult local laws before making wagers.

Which MMA Promotional Organization Has the Best Fighters?

The organization that popularized the sport is the UFC. After three decades it is still the leading global promotional company. The biggest names in the MMA community are under contract with the UFC. Not surprisingly, it has the most pay-per-view fights.


What UFC Bets are Most Profitable?

Earnings depend on luck and skill in recognizing the winner in a UFC fight. Bet types offer different options for making a wager about the prediction.

Is Betting Between Rounds of MMA Fights Allowed?

Yes, if the betting site allows in-play betting. If live betting appeals to you, select a sportsbook that offers the option.

What MMA Bets Are the Most Profitable?

The odds dictate how much a winning slip will payout. Sportsbooks create the betting lines in-house. Meaning the same bet can have different payout amounts at various betting sites. The best option is to wager on an underdog with a serious chance of winning a given fight.

Can I Make the Same Bet on Multiple UFC Sportsbooks?

Yes, punters are allowed to have accounts on different betting sites. No regulation prevents bettors from wagering on different platforms. Meaning a wager on the same fight can be made in several sportsbooks.