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Below is our list of the Best Lacrosse Bookies Online in May 2024

Popular North American sports, such as basketball and baseball, are relatively recent in origin when compared to lacrosse. The oldest sport created on the continent is still actively played in a few professional leagues and college campuses. 

Although most online betting sites perceive it as a niche sport, they represent it appropriately. Bettors frequently take advantage of attractive odds and generous promotions.

In recent years the sport experienced a growth phase. And sportsbooks are stimulating the development with comprehensive coverage that promotes lacrosse.  

If you’re new to lacrosse betting, our guide will steer you in the right direction by accentuating the qualities required in a sportsbook. 

How We Chose the Best Lacrosse Sportsbooks

Considering that lacrosse is not played as widely, proportionally, there is a reduced number of sportsbooks offering all-inclusive coverage. Not the most desirable situation, but at the same time, it makes scanning for opportune betting sites much faster. The guiding principle when selecting a platform remains constant. Identify lucrative bonuses, numerous lacrosse markets, security protocols, and reputable payment providers. 

Get Started and Bet on Lacrosse Online

With a confident pick of a lacrosse sportsbook, every new bettor needs to commit to the platform by registering. The signing up procedure is standardized, with small variations between betting sites. Typically punters need to provide basic personal info, such as name, address, phone number, and email.

Following the completion of the registration, bettors can access the account with the created username and password. However, the process is complete after the account gets funded. The cashier section will offer a few options. Bettors have a discretionary right to select the preferred method for making deposits and withdrawals.

With a funded account, the lacrosse section on the platform is the next stop. Bettors can formulate a ticket by choosing games from different markets, and combining betting types. Potential winnings are automatically calculated based on the odds and the amount wagered.

Any winnings get credited to the account, while payouts are possible within the provided limits of the sportsbook.

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Use Several Lacrosse Sportsbooks

The standard rule is one account per betting site, but you can have multiple accounts on different sportsbooks. This is a smart tactic when wagering on lacrosse. Multiple sites mean more bonuses and favorable odds. 

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Find Competitive Lacrosse Lines

That a betting site is covering lacrosse is not the most important thing. What type of lines get provided is what counts. Sportsbooks with competitive betting lines that equal brand bookmakers should be a focal point of interest. Punters are encouraged to shop around and take advantage of lucrative odds. Because it’s a niche sport, the betting site may play it safe with cautious odds that offer little value. Experienced tipsters advise staying away from platforms that are not enthusiastic about the sport.

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Wager Based on Value

Estimating the value of any lacrosse wager is a great option to select the appropriate bet. But it’s not easy to recognize value, even oddsmakers frequently make mistakes. It is crucial to know that value is subjective. Identifying the best opportunities depends on understanding betting strategies, following the team’s stats, and comparing odds.

Mobile Betting

The convenience of mobile betting is an advantage bettors should not ignore. Placing lacrosse bets with a tap on a smartphone at any time is a huge plus. Most betting sites offer a responsive design on the website, making it accessible on mobile devices. Yet the crown jewel is a dedicated sportsbook app that caters to lacrosse fans.

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Check Head-to-Head Records

Previous games between two teams are a solid source of information about how they compare on the field. Some clubs don’t have success when playing against a team that generally gets perceived as an underdog. Other teams may have an old rivalry that makes them more competitive when they face off. This information can create a better picture of what to expect. 

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Bet on Leagues You Know

Bettors dream of platforms with enticing markets that tempt them to wager on top teams. However, more options don’t always equal better results. Sports betting is about skill and luck, and the skill part stems from knowledge about teams. Learn the leagues and follow the team’s performance, stats, injury reports, trades, and new player signings.  Expertise can give you a betting edge.

Ancient Ceremonial Sport

The original concept of lacrosse as played by the native inhabitants of North America had a symbolic and religious meaning. Contrary to compact teams of today, a millennia ago, it was hard to know who your teammate was. It was not uncommon for hundreds of players to take the field in games that lasted for a couple of days.

After the arrival of European colonists, the game started getting codified in the 18 century, with Canada being at the forefront of standardizing rules for the sport.

The present form of lacrosse allows for ten players on the field per team. Each player carries a crosse, a stick with a net at the end, used to catch and pass the ball. Movements can get disrupted with body checking, and athletes wear protective gear.

The objective of lacrosse is to score points by placing the ball into the goal’s net. Players pass the ball among themselves while staying in the confines of the area defined by the position they hold. There are four positions: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and attackers.

The winning team is the one that scores more points within the regulation playing time of 60 minutes, subdivided into four 15 minute quarters.

Popular Lacrosse Betting Types

Bettors may not be tuning in regularly to watch lacrosse games, but the wagering principles will look familiar. The point of the sport is in scoring goals. Logically that implies that some of the standard bet types in the industry will apply for lacrosse, such as:

  • Straight bet is a frequently used wager in lacrosse betting. It’s also known as point spread and offers action on both teams. Punters get presented with a numerical separation between the two teams. The favorite gets points deducted, while the underdog starts the game in a plus. A winning ticket results when a chosen team covers the spread offered by the sportsbook.
  • Moneyline is the easiest wager where bettors select a team to win the game. Because two teams participate in a game, punters get two sets of odds. Typically the favorite team will receive -120 odds and the longshot +150.  Meaning that $120 has to be wager on the expected winner to earn $100. Underdogs offer a better profit margin. In our case, $100 will bring $150 in profit. However, longshots rarely win.
  • Totals are a preferred bet in lacrosse. The concept is straightforward: oddsmakers offer a guess about the final combined score of both teams. Bettors have two choices to wager that the eventual score will be under the total or will exceed the suggested number. For example, a total can be 42.5. But the over odds can be -110, while the odds for the under can be -105. 

In-play bets are an exciting addition to the betting tree. Placing live bets depends on following the game in real-time and making bets as the situation develops. The odds change constantly concerning the on-field performance. However, not all sportsbooks offer this bet type. Lacrosse live streaming is not widespread, limiting in-play betting options.

Major Lacrosse Events and Markets

In recent years lacrosse has seen a surge in interest among young athletes, providing impetus for forming new leagues. Although many associate the sport with college events and amateur competitions, sportsbooks offer few professional leagues:

  • Premier Lacrosse League is the newest addition to the betting market. It was founded in 2019, while in 2021, it merged with Major League Lacrosse. Currently, eight teams participate in the competition, which has an unorthodox approach. Teams don’t play in a specific market, but the league tours 12 different cities. The regular season comprises ten weekends followed by three playoff weekends.
  • NCAA Lacrosse has three men’s and the same number of women’s divisions, with hundreds of teams from the United States. The divisions are an attractive option for bettors, which have affinities for the large inventory of college games. Regular-season games are fun, yet the pinnacle is the NCAA championship. Every May, the 17 best teams from around the country assemble to play a single-elimination tournament that determines the champion.
  • National Lacrosse League is a professional North American indoor lacrosse league that’s active for nearly 36 years. There are 14 Canadian and USA teams, divided into two divisions. Regular season games start in December and last until June and spectators during games number in the thousands. Most sportsbooks will cover the league that offers decent betting opportunities.

The World Championship takes place every four years and is organized by World Lacrosse, formally the Federation of International Lacrosse. The number of participating countries has varied over the years and peaked in 2018 with 46 nations. So far, only two countries have won the title, the USA with ten gold medals, and Canada taking the remaining three titles. 

Bonuses Offered by Lacrosse Betting Sites

Bankroll longevity is of prime interest for punters. Fortunately, this coincides nicely with betting sites’ promotion policies. Sportsbooks regularly use bonuses as a method for attracting new members. Yet, because lacrosse betting is a niche, dedicated promotions are a rarity, but most standard packages apply to the sport:

  • Welcome Bonuses: Sportsbooks try to create an edge over the competition with Welcome Bonuses. The concept is universal in the industry, the difference is in the percentage offered to match the initial deposit and the wagering requirements.  Once members register and make a deposit, they will be credited with the bonus and are typically free to choose which sport they will use the extra funds.
  • Free Bets: Most bonus concepts apply to casinos and sportsbooks, but free bets are exclusive to sports betting. The process is a little bit tricky. A betting site will award a certain amount, for example, $50, but the funds cannot get redeemed for cash. Here’s the trick – the punter can wager the money, but only potential winnings from the bets are subject to withdrawals after the wagering requirements are cleared.
  • Crypto Bonus: Cryptocurrencies get advertised as the next monetary revolution, and sportsbooks welcome the trend. Bitcoin and similar digital coins are accepted deposit methods for betting sites. Not surprisingly, specific crypto bonuses are also on the repertoire in the promotion sections. The concept is a match deposit bonus, with crypto being the only variable.

Loyalty Bonuses: Betting sites prefer to retain active bettors, and a preferred method are loyalty bonuses, also called VIP programs. The format offers perks that are not available to regular bettors. Sportsbooks either directly offer the bonus to a punter, or they will need to collect points to be eligible. A standard package provides increased withdrawal limits, free bets, or refunds on recent losses after certain rollovers.


When you want to gamble online in usa, betting sites offer unparalleled levels of convenience, and with mobile support, lacrosse markets are at bettor’s fingertips. Most reputable sportsbooks offer the niche sport with a significant following in North America. Although the number of professional leagues is modest, the total inventory of games across different competitions is satisfactory.

When selecting a sportsbook inspect the available markets, bonus packages, payment methods, mobile betting, and security measures. Our recommended betting sites are vetted and will stimulate your lacrosse betting passion. 


Is Betting on Lacrosse Legal?

In the USA, many states allow online betting on lacrosse. However, not every state permit it, and because sportsbooks are typically international in scope, it’s recommended to check local laws before placing bets.

What are the Popular Lacrosse Betting Events?

The largest inventory of games is available at NCAA Lacrosse. The college games offer plenty of wagering opportunities. Every lacrosse sportsbook provides coverage of the competition. If looking for a professional league, then the Premier Lacrosse League is the best bet.

Is It Safe to Wager on Lacrosse Online?

Yes, as long as you select a top-rated lacrosse sportsbook, safety gets guaranteed. Most reputable betting sites take security very seriously. Their reputation depends on trust from punters. That’s why they follow industry regulations and perform regular audits.

Can I Make a Parlay Bet on Lacrosse?

Yes, parlay bets get offered by lacrosse sportsbooks. The wager consists of selecting several games and bet types on a single slip. This format can result in large payouts for punters. But only if every prediction on the betting slip comes true.


What are the Best Lacrosse Sportsbooks?

The definition of best depends on the criteria used to rank a betting site. Sportsbooks licensed by a gambling authority, secure payment methods, a large selection of markets, and a user-friendly interface qualify as the best.

Can I Profit from Betting on Lacrosse?

Success in wagering depends on skill and luck, every sport offers lucrative odds, and the same applies to lacrosse.

What Is the Best Strategy for Lacrosse Betting?

Punters can formulate a strategy by researching relevant information about a team’s current performance. Analyzing statistics makes it possible to get a better perspective on the potential outcome. With experience punters develop the instinct required for lacrosse betting.

How Can I Withdraw My Lacrosse Winning?

If you plan to claim winnings, make a request for a withdrawal in the cashier section. The instructions are available there. Typically, there are limits on the sum a punter can transfer in a single day. Once approved, the transaction will get processed in a certain time frame.