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List of the Best Handball Sportsbooks & Apps Online in May 2024

When most people think of handball, they think of the Olympics. This is when the majority of fans watch their first games or place their first handball bets. But there’s much more to this sport than a competition that only comes around every four years.

Handball is a massively popular sport in some parts of the world and a growing sport in others. With the best handball sports betting sites, you can join this growing game and place wagers on every contest and competition. If you want to bet on the best handball betting lines and sites, check out the following guide.


You don’t have time to scour multiple sites and consider scores of features—that’s why we do the work for you. We consider everything from handball betting lines to odds, bonuses, loyalty promotions, and customer support. Once all of these things have been analyzed, we’re able to determine which sites are most worthy of your custom and hard-earned money.


Once you find the best sports betting app for handball, simply click the link, and visit the sign-up page. Enter your details as prompted and then confirm your account via email or text. You may need to verify your identity, but this is standard practice and is used to ensure that you can legally gamble.

After confirming and verifying your account, choose a preferred banking option and make a deposit. With a fully-funded sports betting account, you’re ready to start placing some handball wagers. There are a number of handball betting strategies/tips that you can utilize, and we have discussed these in our guide below.

You should also create a strict bankroll and utilize deposit limits if you are at risk of problem gambling. These limits will prevent you from gambling more than you can afford to lose, keeping gambling fun and innocent.

Best odds

Finding the Best Handball Betting Lines

There are lots of possible betting lines during a single handball game or tournament—you’re spoilt for choice. These wagers include Moneylines, Totals, Futures, and Parlays. There is a little something for everyone.

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Handball Betting Events

The Olympic Games is one of the biggest stages for the sport of handball and one that showcases this sport to millions of potential new fans all over the world. But there are other major events, including the IHF World Handball Championships and the EHF Champions League. As with all major global sports, there are international and domestic tournaments being staged every year and this ensures a steady supply of quality games for handball bettors and fans.

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Bonuses and Promotions

Before you wager on handball betting lines, check for the latest bonuses and promotions. There are scores of these available for handball bettors and they cover everything from matched deposit bonuses to free bets, parlay refunds, and more. You can learn more about handball betting bonuses in our guide below.

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Live Handball Betting

If you missed the start of the match, don’t worry, as you can still bet while the game is active. Known as “Live Betting”, this feature is available across all of the best handball betting sites and ensures you don’t miss a thing. It also gives you a chance to follow the action in-play and wager accordingly.

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Betting On Online Handball Lines

Online handball betting is convenient, fast, and straightforward. It’s much more beginner-friendly, as some newbie sports bettors are intimidated by casinos/sportsbooks and don’t know how to bet. With only handball betting, everything is self-explanatory and there are many guides and support options to help you if needed. If you’re a fan of handball and want to bet, we encourage you to check it out.

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There’s More to Handball Than the Olympics!

The Olympics is one of the greatest sporting competitions on earth and handball plays a big part in that. But there’s much more to this sport than the Olympics. You can’t wait four years to watch and wager on handball matches, so check where handball is being played next to you, look for the television/streaming schedule, and get involved!

A Short History of Handball

Handball is one of the oldest known ball games and it’s often said that early forms of this game were played in ancient Greece. In reality, we don’t have any detailed descriptions of these games and most references stem from decorated amphorae (large jars used to transport oil).

Furthermore, the games depicted on these jars have as much in common with modern handball as Chess does with Monopoly.

The images depict people passing a ball to one another using their hands as someone else tries to intercept. There are also images of players standing on each other’s shoulders in a line reminiscent of a Rugby Union lineout, as opposed to anything that happens in a handball game.

There were no nets. No goals. And very little else that we would recognize as a modern game of handball.

The ancient Romans did what the Romans do best, taking the Greek pastime and making it their own. They played a game called expulsim ludere as well as one known as hapastum. These games shared similarities to squash and rugby, but they were also somewhat similar to handball and as the Roman empire expanded, they were introduced to large parts of Europe and Africa.

During the middle ages, games resembling handball were played in France and across other European nations and by the 1800s, a game known as håndbold (literally “handball”) was being played in Denmark.

This is when the tenuous connections became a little more concrete and the modern game of handball began to take shape.

By the early 20th century, variations of handball were being played across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, and in 1906, the first handball rules were recorded by a Danish Olympian.

In 1917, these rules were expanded and changed by a trio of German players, and the first official handball match took place several months later. Despite the game’s long history, 1917 is usually defined as the birth of modern handball in recognition of these rules.

The first international game was played in 1925 between Germany and Austria and in 1936, the sport featured at the Summer Olympics in Berlin.

In the early years of international handball, the sport was dominated by Germany (including West Germany and East Germany), the Soviet Union, and Czechoslovakia. By the 2000s, the Scandinavians gained a footing in the world rankings and these days Denmark and Norway are two of the best teams in the world, along with France and Spain.

Handball in the United States

The United States has an active handball team and the sport has been steadily growing here for a number of years. The US national handball team has appeared in 6 Summer Olympic Games and 6 World Championships, but they have struggled to finish better than 6th and 15th respectively.

The best finish that the US had at a major international competition came in 1983 when it finished second in the Pan American Championship, a feat that was repeated two years later.

The Pan American Championship, which has since been replaced by the No.Ca Men’s Handball Championship, is actually a great springboard for American handball fans. It gives them a chance to see top North American countries in action, including the US.

The No.Ca Men’s Handball Championship is also a qualifying event for the IHF World Men’s Handball Championship, so it’s a very important tournament for the countries involved.

Biggest Handball Betting Tournaments

The IHF World Handball Championship is one of the biggest events in this sport and one that never fails to disappoint. There are events for both male and female teams and they are hosted every 2 years.

There are 32 teams in the men’s competition and all of these play in a preliminary round and then a knockout round. France has won the most titles, but Romania and Sweden have also claimed numerous titles.

In the women’s event, there are just 24 teams and both Norway and Russia have won the most titles, claiming a total of 4 each.

Russia was dominant during the early 2000s and claimed 4 of 5 possible titles between 2001 and 2009. Since then, the Russians have not made it to a single final and Norway has played in 4 and won 3 (its other win came in 1999).

The Olympics also has events for both male and female teams, with France leading the way for the former and Denmark for the latter.

In addition to these major international events, handball has a strong domestic structure and there are big leagues all over the world. One of the biggest of these is the EHF Champions League, which is a major continental competition for domestic teams in Europe.

The EHF Champions League was first played in 1956 and adopted its current format in 1993. It is played over group stages and knockout rounds. Barcelona is by far the most successful team in the competition’s history and once won 5 competitions in a row.

The EHF Champions League takes place every single year and hosts the best teams from across Europe, including Spain, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, France, and Poland.

Handball Rules Explained

There are a lot of rules governing a handball match, but as with all sports, most of these are minor and you don’t need to worry about them if you’re new to the sport. The best thing you can do as a novice is learn some of the basic rules, watch a live game, and learn on the go.

Here are the most important handball rules you need to know about:

  • The Start: All games start with the referee’s whistle, after which one of the teams takes a “throw-off” inside their own half of the court.
  • Two Halves: Handball games last for 60 minutes and are played over 2 halves of 30 minutes each, with a 10 to 15-minute rest in between. The clock runs continuously and only stops when there is a timeout or an injury. Once you consider the half-time break, stoppages, and the actual 60 minutes of game time, a handball game will typically run for around 90 minutes.
  • The Goal: The purpose of handball is to get the ball into the opposition net. Players are allowed to pass to one another but can only remain stationary for three seconds.
  • Dribbling: Players are not allowed to take more than three steps when in possession. They cannot touch the ball more than once unless it touches the ground or another player. This means that they can’t pass to themselves.
  • Defense: When defending, players cannot hold, push, or hit an attacking player. To gain control of the ball, they can try to knock it away or use their body to obstruct the player and prevent them from moving.
  • Substitutions: The substitution system is similar to the one seen in hockey, as opposed to the one used in soccer. Teams can make as many changes as they wish and players are allowed to switch in and out of the game.
  • Goal Area: Only the goalkeeper is permitted inside the goal area. If the ball is on the ground in this area, players cannot touch it.
  • Fouls: If a foul is committed against a player not in possession, or the foul doesn’t hinder the player in possession, the referee may play “advantage” and then the game continues. If needed, they can penalize the offending player after the current possession.
  • Cards: As in soccer, offending players are shown yellow cards as a warning. If they offend after this, they are forced to sit out the game for a total of 2 minutes. During this time, the offender’s team will be down 1 player. If a third infraction is committed, a red card will be shown and the player will be ejected. This is where handball rules combine with those in soccer and football, as the player is removed, like in soccer, but after 2 minutes, they can be replaced and the team will be back to full strength.

Handball Betting Lines

If you have any experience with betting on football, soccer, basketball, or rugby, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when it comes to handball betting lines.

Team-based ball games like these are very similar with regard to their betting lines, so even if you’re new to this sport, your transition should be relatively seamless if you have experience elsewhere. If not, don’t worry, as you can learn all about handball betting lines below.

Moneyline and Spread

These are the two basic and most popular options and if you have any experience with team-based sports bets, you’ll know how they work.

The Moneyline is a simple wager on the match outcome: Team A, Team B, or Tie.

A Spread is an option you can take when there is a large gulf between the two teams and the odds are either too short or long.

It adds a handicap to one of the teams and asks you to choose between them and their opponents.

For instance, a Team A -5.5 Spread means that a bet on Team A requires them to win by 6 goals or more while a bet on Team B requires them to Win, Tie, or lose by 5 or less.

Game Lines 3-Ways

A 3-Way Game Line is a Spread that covers three options: Team A, Team B, and Tie.

You already know how the Spread relates to each of the teams, but what about the Tie?

The Tie is always listed as a minus, such as -11.5. This means that at any point, the score must be at least 12 points away from being a Tie.

If the score is 20-30, the bet would lose, as there are only 10 points between the teams. If the leading team scored an extra 2 points, however, then the bet would be successful, as those additional goals create a 12 point difference.


Will there be more or fewer goals scored during the entire handball match? That’s the question being asked with this handball betting line.

You’ll see an amount on the screen and will then be given options for “Over” and “Under”. The odds for both of these options are the same as this betting line is carefully created to establish an expected score.

For instance, if Team A is playing Team B, oddsmakers will look at the average scores for both of these teams and consider previous results between them. They will then find the most likely number of goals for each of the teams.

If they determine that Team A is most likely to score 29 to 31 goals and Team B is most likely to score 19 to 21, the Totals bet may be listed as follows:

  • Over 50.5 Goals
  • Under 50.5 Goals

Some sites also offer Alternative Totals. In such cases, you can bet on markets such as Under 47.5, where the odds are smaller but the probability is higher and 53.5, where the odds are greater and the probability is lower.

The reason that it’s listed as “50.5” and not just “50” is to avoid a Push and ensure there is always a winner and a loser. If the total number of goals is 50, for example, then Under 50.5 would win and Over 50.5 would lose.

In addition to Total Goals, which typically cover both teams throughout the entire match, there are markets for Total Team Goals, as well as one that lets you combine the Final Result and Total Goals.

Winning Margin

Handball matches have a very back-and-forth flow, not unlike basketball. This means they can be very high-scoring contests and both teams will get plenty of chances to score.

But just like basketball, it’s not uncommon to see one of those teams get into a good rhythm while the other falls apart.

As a result, the winning margins can be hard to predict and that is reflected in the generous betting odds offered on these markets.

When you bet on the Winning Margin line, you’re betting that one of the teams (it usually doesn’t matter, but some lines specify a team) will win by a certain amount of goals.

You will usually see options like the following:

  • Team A/B to Win by 1 to 4 Goals
  • Team A/B to Win by 5 or More Goals
  • Team A/B to Win by 10+ Goals
  • Team A to Win by 2+ Goals
  • Team B to Win by Under 5 Goals

Double Chance

Ties aren’t as common in handball as they are in soccer, but they happen more often than overtime in football and basketball. If you’re worried about the tie, consider the Double Chance.

This market covers you for a Win and a Tie. The odds are shorter, as expected, but it means you’re covered for more outcomes. It’s also a great line for betting on longshots because while the odds are reduced, you’ll still get a decent return.

Double Result

Although it’s easily confused with the Double Chance market, Double Result actually refers to the result in each of the two halves. For instance, if the score is 10-10 at half-time and 20-21 at full-time, the result would be Tie-Team B.

Double Result betting lines offer all possible permutations, including Tie-Tie, which always has the biggest odds.

Sometimes, Double Result betting lines exclude Tie options and then include a bet for “All Other Outcomes” to include them.

Combination Bets

The easiest way to increase the odds on any given handball match is to combine your bets. Some sites let you do this using same-game Parlays, but they are rare. In most cases, you can make these wagers in the Prop Bets section, including options like:

  • Team A to Win and Score More than 35 Goals
  • Team A to Win First/Second Half and Concede Under 20 Goals

1st Half Bets

Most of the wagers you can place for the entire game can also be placed for the first and second half.

If you’re anticipating a high-scoring first half but think the game will slow down in the second, you can opt for an Over Totals First Half bet in combination with an Under Totals Second Half bet.


Parlays combine multiple bets into one. Every wager that you add increases the total odds, allowing you to turn relatively small Moneyline odds into big payouts.

For instance, if you wager $100 on a single Moneyline of -100, you’ll win $100. Your stake will also be returned for a total payout of $200.

If you add three -100 Moneyline bets to a single Parlay, your stake will remain at $100, but you’ll now have a $700 profit. Every bet you add beyond this point will increase your potential payout exponentially ($1,500 for 4 wagers; $3,100 for 5), but it will also reduce your chances of winning.

Although Parlays can be a great way to make small bets worthwhile, they are also very risky. More often than not, you’ll find that you keep hitting half of your bets. Every now and then, you’ll win all but 1 of them and will feel like pulling your hair out as you watch that final one fail.

It’s important not to get too greedy when wagering on these handball betting lines. Sure, you can win huge sums of money by stacking lots of bets (8 Moneyline wagers of -100 is enough to win $25,500 from a $100 bet) but at that point, you’re basically buying a lottery ticket and hoping for the best.


Futures bets exist on all major sports and handball is no exception. These bets are usually placed before a tournament begins and predict which team will win that tournament or which player will be voted as the Player of the Tournament.

These markets are still available after the tournament has begun, but the odds are constantly shifting at this point and you may not get the odds that were being offered before the first ball was thrown.

Futures bets are great for neutrals who want to watch an entire tournament but don’t really know who to cheer for. If you bet on Denmark, for instance, you can cheer on the Danes during every goal and every game. If they make it all of the way and win gold, you’ll have a big payout waiting for you.

Each-Way bets are also offered on Futures lines. These bets double your stake and use the additional cash to bet on a “place”. If your chosen team finishes first, you’ll get a large payout. If they finish second or third, you’ll receive a smaller sum.

Promotions and Bonuses for Handball Betting

Most US handball betting sites offer the same lines, similar odds, and equally stylish designs. They’re all convenient, mobile-friendly, and secure. That’s not great news if you’re a new sportsbook trying hard to convince players to join you instead of a competitor.

But there is a solution and it comes in the form of sports betting bonuses.

Promotions and bonuses are some of the few tools that betting sites have to truly differentiate themselves from the competition. New sites can really push the boat out to impress new players while established brands can work hard to keep existing ones.

It’s an ever-present tug-of-war that ensures players always have a choice of top sportsbook bonuses to choose from. Most of these offers can be used to wager on handball betting lines, you just need to be aware of the Terms and Conditions that could hold you back.

Handball Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is usually the biggest bonus that a sportsbook offers. It’s the buzzing neon sign that beckons all newcomers through the door, so it needs to be big and impressive.

These promotions often come in the form of welcome packages, whereby players are offered a multitude of bonuses, the biggest of which is the matched deposit bonus.

These offers “match” your deposit up to a specific amount. For instance:

100% Matched Deposit Bonus up to $100

This means that any qualifying amount you deposit up to $100 will be doubled (an additional 100%) while anything above that will return the maximum reward of $100.

There are a couple of things to look out for with these bonuses:

  • Minimum Deposits: The minimum deposit is the bare minimum amount you must deposit to qualify for the bonus. It’s usually $20, but it varies from site to site and bonus to bonus.
  • Wagering Requirements: The wagering requirements are the number of times that you must wager your bonus credits before they can be withdrawn. If the bonus amount is $100 and the wagering requirements are 50x, it means you must wager $5,000 (win or lose) before taking things further.
  • Time Limit: All bonuses have two different time limits. The first concerns the time in which the bonus must be used, the second tells you how long you have to meet the wagering requirements.
  • Deposit Methods: Some bonuses require you to use specific deposit methods to collect certain bonuses. Such clauses are not very common on US betting sites, but it’s worth checking just to be sure.
  • Activation: One of the biggest player complaints concerns bonuses that are only activated once the players send an email or Live Chat message. This clause is hidden away in the Terms and Conditions and is overlooked by a lot of players, much to their frustration. 

Handball Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is used to “reload” your account with funds. It’s ordinarily a matched deposit bonus, only it’s offered to active members and not new ones. These bonuses tend to be much smaller and more limited than similar welcome offers.

For instance, while a welcome bonus might offer a 100% or even a 200% match up to $100, reload bonuses are usually fixed at just 40% or 50%, with a limit of between $50 and $100.

Reload bonuses may be offered as part of upcoming tournaments or holidays, such as the Summer Olympics, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. These bonuses can be used to wager on all major handball events and the terms are the same as the ones highlighted above.

Handball Free Bets

Free bets are tokens you can use to place free wagers. Bet on the Olympics, domestic competitions, or the World Championships—it’s up to you. As long as you meet the betting requirements (including using the whole token in a single wager and betting on odds greater than -200), you can bet on anything you want.

The winnings from free bets are often credited to your account as cash, especially if they have been released as part of reload bonuses or loyalty bonuses. But they may also be awarded as bonus credits, in which case they will be subject to wagering requirements.

Check the bonus Terms and Conditions to learn more.

Loyalty Bonuses

There is a trend in the usa online gambling industry to cater to new players while forgetting loyal ones. Many betting sites will offer huge bonuses for new players and nothing for loyal ones. As a result, players have no incentive to keep making deposits and so they get bored and leave.

That’s not true for the best betting sites though. Many of our top-rated sites are just as devoted to their active members, if not more so. They offer a slew of loyalty bonuses, including reload offers and free bets.

These sites are where you should be spending your time. Rather than hopping from one new player bonus to another, find one of these dedicated betting sites, collect and use your welcome bonus, and then stick around to see what other rewards they have for you.

The sort of loyalty schemes that you find on online casinos—ones that give you points every time you wager—are rare on sports betting sites, but there are still lots of offers to collect.

Other Handball Betting Bonuses and Promotions

In addition to all of the above, handball sports betting sites may also offer the following:

  • Bet Refunds: Similar to free bets, only you get a refund on losing bets.
  • Parlay Refunds: A bet refund is granted if a 5-or-more Parlay loses because of a single wager. It helps to take some of the sting out of a loss.
  • Free Spins: If the betting site also has an online casino, it will probably offer free spins and other casino rewards. These promotions are used to lure you into the online casino, which is more profitable for the operator.
  • Mobile Free Bets: A free bet that must be activated and placed using a mobile device, thus convincing players to download the site’s mobile betting app.


Is Handball Good for Betting?

Handball is great for betting as there are a number of different betting lines to choose from. All team sports—and ball sports in particular—have great betting opportunities and handball is no exception.

What is a Handball Betting Handicap?

A betting Handicap is just another name for a Spread. It’s more commonly used in Europe and Asia, but as handball is at its most popular in Europe, you may encounter this term on US betting sites.

What is an Asian Handicap in Handball?

An Asian Handicap works a lot like a Spread/Handicap, but with some variations. An Asian Handicap increases in denominations of 0.25 and offers opportunities for half-wins, half-loses, and refunds, as well as outright wins and losses.


For instance, if the Asian Handicap is -1.75, a win by 2 is a half-win, a win by 3 is a full win, and everything else is a loss.

Is it Legal to Hedge Handball Bets?

It is completely legal to hedge your bets in handball, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right decision. You can’t simply bet on every outcome and expect to earn a profit—if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it and the sportsbooks would be out of business.

Oddsmakers set the odds in a way that ensures a profit regardless of who wins or loses.

As a player, the only way to beat this is to bet pre-game, wait for that bet to turn into a winner, and then hedge it by wagering on another outcome. But even that requires a massive amount of luck.

What are the Most Popular Handball Betting Lines?

Moneylines and Spreads are always the most popular with team sports like handball. These bets are the simplest to place and they run throughout the entirety of the game. With the Moneyline, you’re just wagering on the winner and don’t really care how they win. With the Spread, you’re betting that a team will win by more than a certain score.


Can I Bet on Handball Live?

The best sports betting sites offer live betting on all the biggest lines. Such is the case with handball betting, and you should be able to bet live throughout all major games and tournaments.

Is Handball High-Scoring?

In 2021, during the Tokyo Olympics, Denmark beat Japan by a score of 47-30, recording the highest single-team score in the history of handball at the Olympics. This game was an outlier in terms of professional handball, but it’s a very high-scoring sport and there are an average of between 20 and 30 goals per team.

Is Handball a Good Betting Sport for Newbies?

Handball is a great betting sport for newbies. The game itself is very beginner-friendly as the rules aren’t too complicated and you can usually figure things out after watching it for a few minutes.

If you’re completely new to handball, we recommend watching a game, getting a feel for it, and then checking out some handball betting lines.

Can I Bet on Both Teams to Win?

You can, but why would you want to? If you were to make such a bet, you’d likely win a little money if the underdog wins and lose if the favorite wins. If the game ends in a draw, you’ll lose everything. It makes more sense to just place a smaller wager on the underdog.

Can I Add Two Bets From the Same Game to a Parlay?

Some sportsbooks will allow this, but most don’t. However, you can usually find these bets in the Prop Bet section. For instance, it might not let you place a wager on Team A -5 and Over 40 Goals, but you could find a bet that offers “Team A to Win by 6 or More and There to Be More Than 40 Goals”.

Sites that do allow same-game Parlays won’t let you wager on connected outcomes. The above example would be fine, as it’s possible for Team A to win at -5 and for there to be less than 40 goals. But you can’t add bets such as “Team A -5”, “Team A to Win”, and “Team A to Win By More Than 5”, as they all lead to the same outcome.