List of the Best Cylcling Sportsbooks Online in July 2024

Cycling is a vast and varied sport that spans everything from roads in France to velodromes at the Olympic games. It’s a sport that’s watched all over the world, and with the best cycling betting sites, you can wager on every race and time trial.

If you’re ready to follow the peloton and place some bets on cycling betting lines, read the following guide. We’ll look at the best cycling betting sites, as well as strategies for success, all while telling you what you need to know about this sport.


It’s easy to get distracted by welcome bonuses when you’re looking for a cycling betting site. Those free bets and matched deposit bonuses are hard to resist. But there’s more to a good site than a big offer, which is why we also consider customer support, betting odds, betting lines, and ease of use.


The first thing you should do when joining a sportsbook is check the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus. Look for terms such as “minimum deposit” and “required payment methods” because if you get these wrong, you could miss out. You should also check the wagering requirements and maximum cashouts, as well as the specifics on what types of bets you’re allowed to place (for free bet bonuses).

When you’re confident you can qualify for the bonus, it’s time to sign up. Simply enter your details as requested and then confirm your account by email or text. You can then move on to your deposit, choosing your preferred method and making a deposit that falls within your budget and bankroll.

When your account has been confirmed and funded, it’s time to start exploring those cycling betting lines and seeing what’s available.

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Cycling Betting Bonuses and Promo Codes

Always look for bonuses before joining a site and making a deposit. All sportsbooks offer bonuses to new players and many of them also have promotions tailored toward loyal members.

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Shopping Around for Betting Lines

Cycling betting odds can vary considerably from site to site. In addition to collecting extra bonuses, one of the reasons top bettors join multiple sites is so that they always have access to the best odds. When they are ready to wager on an upcoming fixture, they simply check the many sites they have joined, find the best cycling odds, and then wager their money. The difference may seem slight at first, but it all adds up and could be huge in the long run.

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Predictions and Tips for Cycling

If you can find some cycling betting predictions, you should read them but remember to take them with a grain of salt. There are no guarantees in this sport and even the best cyclists can fall apart and struggle. Use cycling betting predictions as a guide and don’t take them as gospel.

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Live Betting on Cycling Events

Most cycling betting lines are available live. Live betting lets you react to the action on the track and the road. The lines are usually reduced, but there are still plenty of wagers to choose from, including Moneylines, Totals, and even Prop Bets. Live betting is available on mobile and through your desktop.

Cycling Betting Trends

Cycling betting trends are changing all of the time, but one of the most interesting things is that we’re seeing a general shift toward cycling wagers. This sport has become hugely popular in the last few years and cycling betting lines are some of the most active online markets, especially during the summer and during major tournaments like the Olympics.

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Cycling Betting Options

Cycling betting lines are not just about Futures and Moneylines. There are an array of possibilities, and this is true whether you’re betting on Olympic cycling or wagering a few bucks on the Tour de France. In our cycling betting guide below, we discuss the full range of options that you have at your disposal, along with some top tips.

A Short History of Cycling

The very first documented cycling race took place in 1868 in Paris, France. The bicycle had been around for several decades at that point and while it was still considered to be a novelty, its potential was recognized.

An Englishman by the name of James Moore won that 1,200-meter race, and Moore also won the first distance race, spanning 76 miles and taking him 10 hours and forty minutes to complete.

Less than a decade later, the St. Louis Cycling Club was founded in the United States, and within a few decades, this hobby had turned into a global sport and a very convenient method of transportation.

As motor vehicles became more common, people worried that cyclists were putting themselves in danger on the roads, a concern that is still relevant today. To counteract this threat, some cities created cycle paths. In fact, the Dutch “Cycle Path Society” was founded way back in 1915, just over a decade after the first Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line.

In the 1910s and 1920s, cars became cheaper, the suburbs expanded, and the popularity of cycling waned among the general public. However, this was also when professional cycling experienced somewhat of a golden age, with many of the biggest road races being founded during the first twenty years of the 20th century:

  • Tour de France – First Staged in 1903
  • Milan-San Remo – First Staged in 1905
  • Giro di Lombardia – First Staged in 1905
  • Gior d’Italia – First Staged in 1909
  • Volta a Catalunya – First Staged in 1911
  • Tour of Flanders – First Staged in 1913

Cycling has also been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since 1896, the year of the first modern Olympic Games.

What are the Types of Professional Cycling Races?

The sport of cycling is vast. It includes road races that last for hours and even days, as well as rapid track races that are over in less than a minute. There’s a lot happening here, and if you’re new to cycling betting lines, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of these options.

So, let’s clarify a few of these differences by taking a look at the many types of cycling races you can bet on:

Track Cycling

Track cycling takes players around sloped tracks known as “velodromes”. These tracks are built for speed and are the star of the show at the Olympic Games. Track cycling is how many fans are introduced to the sport and that’s why cycling receives a popularity boost following the Olympics.

Time Trial Cycling

Time trial cycling is all about who can record the fastest times around the track. Cyclists have the freedom of the track and they only have one goal in mind—finishing as quickly as possible.

Cycling is such a fiercely contested sport that these time trials are very close, making for some nail-biting contests. You’ll see the split times as the drivers get close to the final lap and can watch and cheer on their progress.

Omnium Cycling

The Omnium is the equivalent of a Heptathlon, as it covers multiple events, all of which take place on the track. These events include a points race, scratch race, time trial, and flying lap. It is the pinnacle of track cycling and is fascinating to watch. It’s also great to bet on, as you have a multitude of cricket betting lines to choose from.

Keirin Cycling

Keirin cycling began in Japan and is now popular all over the world. The race begins with cyclists following a motorbike as it gradually increases its speed. Eventually, the motorbike pulls away, and the cyclists race for the line.

The motorbike assumes the role of a pacesetter, keeping the pack moving. When it leaves, the ensuing race is high-speed and nail-biting, leading to some tense finishes.

Sprint Cycling

A sprint cycling event typically involves 2 cyclists but can include 4. The goal is simple—the first rider to cross the line is the winner. As with other types of races, it’s not all about exploding off the line and going full-blooded until the end. Riders must time their attack while also thinking about a defensive strategy.

If they go too early, they could tire themselves out and get overtaken near the end. If they leave it too late, they risk losing the race.

Team Sprint Cycling

Team sprint races involve two competing teams, both trying to make it across the finishing line first. There are three riders on each team and by the end of the race, just one of these remains.

The initial leading rider must lead for a single lap and then pull away, and then the second rider does the same. In the end, there is just one rider from each team left and both speed to the finishing line.

Road Races

Road racing was the very first form of professional cycling. As noted above, it was also included at the first Summer Olympic Games.

These races are usually longer than track cycling races and take place outside in fenced-off streets and roads. They require stamina as well as speed, and the athletes are also required to deal with environmental hazards ranging from rain and sun to wayward spectators.

Single Day Races

Single-day races can stretch to between 100 and 200 miles and are designed to run throughout the day. The courses often cover a long stretch of road with many twists, turns, and elevated segments, or multiple laps of a shorter circuit.

Time Trials

Road races, like track races, have both individual and team sprint events. These events pit the riders against the clock, with the fastest finishers being declared the winners.

The circuit can stretch for many miles and include many riders at the same time. These riders all start the race at carefully planned intervals, ensuring they race in similar conditions and at similar times without getting in one another’s way.

Stage Races

During stage races, cyclists cover multiple tracks/races and their times are then added together. The athlete with the lowest time at the end of the event is declared the winner.

The Tour de France is arguably the best-known stage race and follows a format that is very typical of this event type. It’s the biggest and toughest cycling race in the world and attracts millions of spectators every year.

Ultra-Distance Cycling

Ultra-distance events are endurance events involving large fields of cyclists. These races span multiple days and the winner is the one who crosses the line first. The riders can choose to take as few or as many stops as they want.

One of the most famous races of this type is Race Across America (RAAM), which takes riders on a coast-to-coast trip spanning around 3,000 miles. It usually lasts for a week.

Mountain Biking and BMX

Mountain biking and BMX are usually given their separate categories on sports betting sites, but they still use bicycles and they may still appeal to cycling bettors and fans.

Mountain biking is an endurance event where riders cover steep, sloped, and rough terrain, testing their skill, strength, and endurance, as well as the suspensions on their bikes.

As for BMX racing, it’s equally taxing, with riders moving around sharp corners and over big jumps as they race toward the finishing line.

Cycling Betting Events

All of the following events feature a plethora of cycling betting lines. Most are also televised here in the United States, so you can watch your bets unfold in real-time:

  • Tour de France: The Tour de France is the Holy Grail of cycling events. Everyone knows about it. Most people love it, and sportsbooks usually go crazy with cycling betting lines for the event.
  • Giro d’Italia: Staged over the course of 3 weeks, the Giro d’Italia is the biggest cycling tournament in Italy and spans a total of 21 stages. That’s a lot of stages and a lot of possibilities for bettors.
  • Vuelta de Espana: This Spanish cycling event is held every two years and consists of 21 stages and 22 teams. It’s an epic race that takes riders through Spain and also crosses into nearby countries.
  • Olympic Games: With road races and track cycling, the Olympic Games is an epic contest that hosts many of the world’s best cyclists. And because it’s the Olympics, there’s no shortage of great cycling betting lines here, including options for medal finishes and world records.

Cycling Betting Lines

Cycling betting lines are nowhere near as diverse as the ones you’ll find on sports like football, baseball, and basketball. Most bettors are only interested in Race Winner markets and the same is true for the sportsbooks.

However, if you dig a little deeper on the best cycling betting sites, you can find a broader range of lines that take things a little further.

Race Winner/Moneyline

The biggest and most popular cycling betting line concerns the eventual winner of the race or event. These markets are available for individual riders and teams, and you’ll find them on everything from the Tour de France to the Olympic track cycling events, with the latter often focusing on eventual medal winners.

The Race Winner market is basically the cycling equivalent of the Moneyline. The great thing about this line is that there are a huge number of riders in any given race and at least a dozen of these are in with a very good chance of winning.

As you can imagine, that creates a lot of high-priced options. Even the favorites regularly exceed +600, and once you start wagering on the riders 5th and even 10th in the betting, you’ll find odds in excess of +5,000.

Each-Way Race Winner/Moneyline Bet

An each-way bet is when you wager that a cyclist will finish in the top few places.

If we use the Tour de France as an example, many sites allow you to place Each-Way bets on the eventual race winner. These bets cover the first three places and usually pay a quarter of the odds.

This means that if the rider finishes second or third, you’ll be paid a quarter of the odds. If they win, you’ll get the full payout. However, to make this bet in the first place you must double your wager.

For instance, let’s assume that you’re betting on Cyclist A at odds of +200 and with a wager of $100.

Typically, you would place a “Win” bet and if it’s successful, you will secure a $200 return plus your original $100 stake. If Cyclist A doesn’t win the race, the bet is settled as a loss.

If you tick the “Each-Way” box, your stake will double to a total of $200. In such cases, you will still win $200 if your bet is successful (plus an additional $50 for the place), but you will also secure a return of $50 if they finish second or third.

That might not sound like much, but it’s a good way to hedge your bets. What’s more, you can place Each-Way bets on any rider in the race, including those with much higher odds.

For example, if Cyclist A has odds of +2.000, an Each-Way bet of $100 would return $2000 for a first-place and $500 for second and third.

When placing these bets, always check how many places are being paid and what the odds are. In the above examples, the sports betting site would list its terms as “1/4 Payout for first 3 places”, but if the race has a much smaller field, the payout or places may be smaller as well.

Rider and Team Matchups

The Matchup cycling betting line is one of the ways that betting sites turn a large race into a much smaller contest. Rather than betting on a specific rider to win the race, you’re just betting that they will beat another rider.

These bets usually pit similarly-priced riders together, so you nearly always get good odds and are always guaranteed an interesting bet. What’s more, there are no Ties in cycling, so there is only one losing outcome.

What’s great about this bet is that you can choose from any riders in the field and don’t necessarily need them to win the race. It’s still possible for you to win the bet if they finish in last place, providing the other rider doesn’t finish at all.

Matchup markets exist for teams as well as individuals.

Race Leader

The Race Leader bet is active during large multi-day events, as the goal is to wager on the rider or team that you think will be leading the race after a single day or round.

It’s similar to the main Race Winner line, only you don’t have to wait several days for it to finalize. It also means that you can bet on a rider you think will have an explosive start before fading toward the end of the competition.

Best Riders

Prop Bets are somewhat rare on cycling betting sites and even the best ones don’t always offer them. But if you wait until just a few days before major events like the Tour de France, and you stick with the best online sportsbooks, you can usually find them.

These bets highlight the achievements of specific riders, including:

  • Best Young Rider: A trophy that can only be claimed by skilled riders under the age of 25. This classification is available in the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France.
  • Sprint Winner: There are sprint events in the Tour de France and other major road races and they play host to the fastest cyclists in the world.
  • King of the Mountain: An award given to the “best climber” at the Tour de France. This is the rider who organizers have deemed to be the fittest and strongest when going over the mountain sections of the race. They aren’t always the fastest, but they need to be incredibly fit to be given this achievement.

The Best Cycling Betting Strategies and Tips

Looking for some effective cycling betting strategies and tips? Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed ways to win. There are certainly a lot of cycling betting books, apps, courses, and influencers who claim otherwise, but that’s only because they have something to sell you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t tilt the odds in your favor though. To beat the sports betting sites, you need to think like them, and that means getting as much information as you can.

Consume all of the data that’s available to you—the form of the riders, injury news, weather conditions—and then think about how this will impact the betting.

It might not guarantee success, but you’ll certainly have a better chance than if you go in blind.

The moment that you start treating a sports betting line like a game of roulette, one that is entirely based on luck—such as picking riders just because they have nice odds or you like their names—you’ve already lost.

Sure, you might win a little in the short term, but if you’re relying on luck when the house has the edge, you will lose in the long term.

Here are some of the other ways you can increase your chances of success:

Look for the Best Cycling Betting Odds

The average sports bettor doesn’t think much about the odds. They take whatever their favorite sports betting site gives them and just assume that the same odds are being offered everywhere else.

But that’s simply not the case. Your chosen sportsbook could have the best odds for some lines, but it’s unlikely that they’ll have the best odds for all lines.

Experienced sports bettors sign up for multiple sites. Not only does this allow them to secure additional welcome bonuses and take advantage of more offers, but it also means they can compare odds before they wager.

Sometimes, the differences are minor, especially when you’re betting on short-priced favorites. But when you’re wagering on longshots, the difference could be substantial. Some sportsbooks don’t even include the rank outsiders and only let you bet on the top 20 riders or so.

Get More Bonuses

Collect and use every bonus that you’re entitled to, from free bets to matched deposit offers and more. If the site gives you free spins to use on its slots, click onto the casino, use those spins, and then place any winnings you have on a sportsbook.

There are wagering requirements and other terms to think about, but if you focus on the long term, these don’t really matter. After all, you’re going to be betting anyway, so those terms will be cleared eventually.

If you have joined multiple casinos and your favorite ones aren’t giving you any reload bonuses, signup for the newsletter, and then leave them alone for a few weeks.

More often than not, they will send you an offer to try and lure you back. If you open the email, click the link, and ignore the offer (their mailing programs know when emails are read and links are clicked), you may get a bigger offer in a week or so.

Bet Live

All cycling betting sites have live betting markets these days.

Live betting lets you place wagers after the event has started. You can bet at the starting line and even a couple of minutes from the finishing line. You can bet on day 1, 2, or 3—as long as the event is still active, the betting lines are open.

Track cycling is a little harder to follow as it moves at a rapid pace so the betting lines are often suspended. You’ll need to wait for the longer races or leave your betting for in-between races and time trials.

Road races are a different story though. They move slowly and this allows oddsmakers to make changes in real-time.

The markets will still be suspended if something major happens, such as a crash, but this is rare. And even when those suspensions do happen, you just need to wait a minute or so for the market to reopen.

It’s worth noting that a “suspension” is not the same as a voided bet in reference to live betting. The latter could result in your bet being canceled while the former just prevents you from betting at that exact moment.

Bonuses Available for Cycling Betting

US betting sites offer an array of bonuses targeted toward cycling bettors, including:

  • Welcome Bonuses: A welcome bonus is designed to “welcome” you to the site. It’s a tempting offer that few players can resist and often gives you free bonus credits in the form of a “matched deposit bonus”. Simply put, this bonus will match your deposit with a fixed percentage of credits.
  • Reload Bonuses: A reload bonus is one that’s offered to an active member when they “reload” their account. It can come in the form of a matched deposit bonus (as discussed above) or a free bet (see below). These offers are typically not as generous as the ones reserved for new players, but there are more of them.
  • Free Bets: A free bet is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be given a free bet token that you can use to wager on a variety of markets. Simply look for markets that meet the qualifying odds criteria and place your bet. These markets can include Race Winner, Totals, Times, and more.
  • Bet Refunds: A bet refund is a lot like a free bet, but there are some key differences. You must first make a wager and if that wager loses, you’ll be given a refund in the form of a free bet or a cash sum. If you win, you don’t get anything. That’s the downside. The upside is that the wagering requirements aren’t as strict and some don’t have any.
  • Loyalty Schemes: If you keep making deposits and placing wagers, a good sportsbook will reward you with a variety of perks and prizes. These include free bets and matched bonuses, but they can also include event tickets, VIP gifts, and even cash prizes. Such bonuses are more common—and more generous—on online casinos, but they can be found on the best betting sites as well.
  • Mobile Bonuses: Mobile betting is more convenient for the player and more profitable for the sportsbook. After all, when you can gamble at the click of a button regardless of where you are, you’re more likely to play. To encourage players to make the switch to mobile online gambling, sportsbooks offer a slew of bonuses, including free bets and reload bonuses that can only be activated through mobile apps.

Always check the Terms and Conditions when collecting any of these bonuses. Terms are used by the betting sites to avoid losing too much money and include wagering requirements, minimum deposit requirements, and maximum payouts.

Always read the small print and if you’re not sure about something, ask the customer support team.


What are the Most Popular Cycling Betting Lines?

Moneylines are always the most popular bets and cycling betting is no exception. In fact, cycling events offer much more Moneyline variety than sports like football and basketball, so they are even more popular.

Which Cycling Events Are Best for Bettors?

The best cycling events are the ones you enjoy watching the most, as well as the ones about which you know the most.

After all, there’s no point wagering large amounts of money on Olympic cycling events if you have no idea who the riders are or even how the rules work. In terms of sheer scale and opportunity, you can’t go much wrong with the Tour de France, a massive multi-day event with lots of cycling betting lines.

Can I Bet on Cycling Online?

Yes! There are a huge number of sports betting sites targeted toward players in the United States. These sites are hosted by established operators and they offer a plethora of features, bonuses, and cycling betting lines.

What is the Moneyline in the Tour de France?

The Moneyline in the Tour de France is where you bet on the eventual winner of the race. You can place your bet for an outright win or as an each-way and you should be able to choose from all riders in the event.

How Can I Bet on Olympic Cycling?

To place bets on Olympic cycling, just wait for the Olympic Games to roll around, choose your preferred sportsbook, and make your wager! Cyclist betting lines for the Olympics usually don’t appear until a couple of weeks before the games begin. In some cases, you won’t be able to see them until the races are just around the corner.

Can I Bet on Cycling in the United States?

Yes, you can use our top sports betting sites to place bets on cycling in the United States. There are a wealth of cyclist betting lines and markets to choose from, and we have listed all of these in our cyclist betting guide above.


What is the Best Cycling Betting Strategy?

options out there, but none are guaranteed and you should be very careful when following any cycling betting strategies. The best way to bet is to keep your stake low, make sure you only wager what you can afford to lose, and learn as much about the events and riders as you can.

Can I Bet on Cycling Using my Mobile Device?

Most of the best sportsbooks have mobile betting. It’s one of the best ways to wager as it means you can bet on the go. You can also place bets while watching live cycling events. To stay on the safe side, protect your device with a passcode or fingerprint/face unlock and never connect to an unsecured public WIFI.

What are the Most Popular Cycling Events?

The Tour de France is one of the biggest cycling events in the world. In fact, it’s one of the biggest sporting events period. The Olympic Games are also very popular and this is usually the first experience that people have with competitive cycling.

What Does +500 Money in Cycling Betting?

+500 odds means that you will get $500 if you wager $100 and the bet is successful. These odds are known as American Odds or Vegas Odds. They are very easy to follow once you know a few basics:

  • Imagine that all numbers are dollars
  • The + shows you how much you will win with a $100 bet.
  • The – shows you how much you need to wager to win $100.
  • To convert, just divide as needed. If you’re only betting $10, it means you’ll get 10x less, turning a +500 wager into a payout of $50.

What are 5/1 Odds?

5/1 is the equivalent of +500. These are known as fractional odds and they are popular throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, but you rarely see them in the US. You may have heard the term “5 to 1” though. This means the same thing.

Can You Make Money Betting on Cycling?

You can definitely make money here. It’s true that the house always wins, but that doesn’t mean they win against every player. The house only cares if it wins in the long-term and when all players have been accounted for, and that will happen even if you win a regular and sizeable amount.

Is the Tour de France Good for Betting?

The Tour de France is excellent for betting, but it all depends on what you’re used to and what kind of betting lines you’re looking for.

If you’re used to ball sports like football, soccer, and basketball, you might be a little confused and even bored with what seems to be a fairly limited selection. But the closer that you get to the first day, the more varied those markets become. They also remain active while the Tour de France is running and there are lots of great opportunities here as well.