Casino etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Stepping onto the glitzy casino floor is an exhilarating experience, where the thrill of chance meets the allure of sophistication.

However, amidst the dazzling lights and the clinking of chips, there’s an unspoken code of conduct that seasoned casino-goers abide by and that you, as a first timer, should be aware of to avoid any unpleasant moments during your visit.

If you’re planning on going to your first casino trip and have no idea about this unspoken code of conduct, you’re in luck! In this guide, we’ll uncover the essential casino etiquette do’s and don’ts to ensure you blend seamlessly into this world of excitement and elegance.

So, if this is something you’re interested in, keep reading!


Dress the part

More often than not, people associate casinos with vintage Hollywood glamour and elegance up front. However, casinos have evolved to accommodate various dress codes, making casual attire almos always the right option.

Nonetheless, you should always make sure to start by checking directly with the casino you’ll be visiting, as each place could have their own particular dress code.

Know the rules

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the games you intend to play beforehand in order to enhance your experience and keep the game flowing smoothly for others. If you have never played a game before and have no idea how it works, you might as well avoid it completely, especially if the game involves other people.

Respect personal space

Casino floors can get crowded, especially if you’re visiting during high season. So, make your best effort to respect personal space while moving around or at gaming tables, and avoid leaning over tables or crowding other players. Although this may be hard to achieve in popular, frequently visited casinos, I’m sure Covid already taught you a thing or two about how to keep personal space.

Be polite and courteous

Courtesy goes a long way. Be polite to dealers, staff, and fellow players with simple details like a “please” and “thank you” every now to create a positive atmosphere.

Manage your behavior

Moderate alcohol consumption is key while visiting a casino. Overindulgence can lead to misbehavior, which can not only disrupt the experience for others but also pose a risk to you and your finances as you could start slowly losing touch with reality. Therefore, prioritize keeping your senses and avoid consuming substances while gaming.

Keep your devices in check

Silence your phone and keep conversations low when at gaming tables. Mobile devices should not interfere with the casino’s ambiance.

Tip graciously

Tipping is customary in casinos, particularly when you win. So, make sure to tip dealers and servers based on your winnings and the quality of service you receive.


Touch other player’s chips

First and arguably most important don’t at casinos, avoid touching another player’s chips or placing belongings on the table. This can disrupt the game, cause misunderstandings, and in the worst cases, lead to major altercations.

Avoid backseat betting

Unless you were previously invited by someone, refrain from offering advice to other players. Each player has their own strategy and preferences, and chances are they have no intention of hearing what you would do in their position.

Enter mid-game

Although it’s not a rule per se, you should avoid joining a game in the middle of a hand or roll. Wait until a new round begins to join the action in order not to be disrespectful.

Celebrate too exuberantly

While celebrating a win is natural and something all people do, avoid excessive celebrations that could make others uncomfortable or disrupt the casino’s atmosphere.

Sneak in cameras

Avoid taking photos or videos on the casino floor without permission. Many casinos have strict policies regarding photography, and breaking those policies may result in a lifetime ban or worse. Besides, you’ll probably come across lots of people that do not want to be recorded, so don’t look for trouble.

Take up extra seats

Casino space can be limited, so avoid occupying seats unnecessarily. If you’re not actively playing or have a companion that’s not participating in the game, don’t take another person’s spot.

Blame dealers

If luck isn’t favoring you, it’s not the dealer’s fault. Avoid taking frustrations out on them, they’re just doing their job!


This should go without saying, but I should remember you that casino cheating is not only unethical but also illegal. Engaging in cheating activities can lead to severe consequences, so avoid it at all costs.


By adhering to these casino etiquette do’s and don’ts, you’ll create a harmonious atmosphere for yourself and fellow players.

Respect, courtesy, and a sense of camaraderie are integral to a memorable casino experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie trying your luck, embracing proper casino etiquette ensures that you’re not only playing the games but also playing your part in maintaining the casino’s refined and exciting ambiance.

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