Betting on the Little League World Series witnesses an unprecedented surge

Even though the Little League World Series does not feature as an offering on any officially regulated sportsbook across the United States, people are still finding ways to put their money on the line on this sporting event.

Offshore platforms like BetUS, Bovada, and BetOnline (online sports betting sites that operate outside from the US but accept wagers from US residents) have extended the opportunity for consumers to partake in betting for this youth baseball event.

Although betting on little league is not entirely new since lots of bettors have been putting their money on this an annual baseball tournament for a while now, according to oddsmakers at BetUS, the present year has observed an unparalleled surge in engagement.

Specific figures regarding the quantity of bets or the cumulative wagered amount on the 2023 LLWS were not provided by BetUS. However, a representative from the company highlights that this surge in activity rivals what they witness in the realms of entertainment, political betting, and eSports, which already says a lot.

“Everybody in the industry was a little bit hesitant to how people may perceive it,” the spokesperson from BetUS said. “But basically, somebody jumped and did it, and several other operators, including ourselves, went ahead and jumped on it.”

Is it ethical to bet on children sporting events?

The ethics of betting on children’s sporting events is a complex and debated topic. While opinions on this matter may vary, there are several considerations to ponder.

Children participating in sports are vulnerable individuals who need safeguarding. Placing bets on their games might expose them to undue pressure, stress, and scrutiny that are inappropriate for their age and developmental stage.

In addition, children’s sports are meant to teach values like fairness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Introducing the gambling element might distort these lessons, leading to a skewed emphasis on personal gain rather than cooperative play.

So, is it ethical? Well, actually, it is not. And given the ethical concerns and controversial nature of betting on the Little League World Series, BetUS has installed a betting limit for the event of $100 in order to avoid concerns in terms of sports integrity.

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