The Best Casinos with the top offers in June 2024

It is always nice to get things without a cost. Well, if you play at a casino you can get free spins in a few different ways. Often the spins are for new players to entice them to join the casino but they are also offered for existing players as well. They are typically part of some kind of bonus, such as a no deposit free spins bonus, and a lot of the time you do not even have to make a deposit to get them.

Anytime you are looking to join an online casino, one of the ways to try it out is to see if they have anything spcecial on offer. In this article, we will show you what a free spins casino is all about, how to get them, and how you can keep the money won when taking up the bonus offer.

How we find solid casinos for you

We want to find the best casinos for US players and we do this with extensive research looking into what a online casino can offer you.

You can be sure that we take the time to fully look into free spins casinos to find the best ones to recommend to US players.

A License is Vital

No matter what game you play it is very important that you play at a real money casino site that is licensed. Carrying a license from a recognized gaming body means it is 100% safe and legal to play at. That is not always the case for offshore online casinos, as they do not have to follow strict regulations that legal casinos do. In terms of guarantees of legality and safety nearly all US casinos will have a land-based casino partner.  

Even if you reside in a state that does not offer legal online casino gambling there are options. you can play at sweepstakes sites and social gaming sites, which offer many games and, often, will offer free spins. Sure, there is the option at playing at offshore online casinos but because of the aforementioned regulation reasons we do not recommend playing at those types of sites. You can use us to see the best legal casinos to play at.

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There are many online casinos on the net these days that offer bonuses to new players as well as existing ones. If you check out our reviews you see legitimate and licensed sites that offer free spins to players. Not only will we show you the offers but also the wagering requirements that come with them.


Why not? They are free and you can not only use them to check out a casino and what they have to offer but also to pad your gaming bankroll. It is always cool to get things without a cost, so why not take advantage of it? The casinos that we review are quite generous with the bonuses they offer their players.

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No deposit spins are those given to new players to check out a casino with no need to make an initial deposit. These types of bonuses can allow you to check out a site by playing slots titles without a risk.


Since free spins are what the name says, they will tend to come with higher wagering requirements that are more difficult to fulfill. However, you will find that, oftentimes, a casino will offer them as a bonus if you are a member of the site’s loyalty/VIP program.


Nearly all bonus offers will come with a wagering requirement, which is also called a playthrough requirement. It is the amount of money that you will have to play at the casino before you will be able to withdraw the money won when making the spins. The more lucrative the offer, the higher the wagering requirement will be.

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You should know that free spins are always used for slots games. While the casino will likely have many other types of games such as table games, video poker, and live dealer games, free spins are exclusively used playing slots titles.

What are Free Spins?

As the name suggests, free spins are plays on slots games at an online casino without a cost. They can be a bonus for a new player, a bonus for an existing one, be attached to a deposit bonus, and given away as a promotion to try out a new or specific slots title. One example would be the Unibet Casino no deposit bonus along with many more. The main advantage of free spins is that it will not cost you any money to use them at a casino. What is even better is that if you complete the wagering requirements, which we will touch on later, you can keep the money won from the play session.

Having free spins given as a bonus is also a great way to check out an online casino to see if it is your cup of tea. If you like the casino with the spins, then you can join and if not, you can try another one and it will not cost you anything. It is easy to find a bonus promotion considering slots is the most popular online game.

You have to know that there will be terms and conditions for a bonus no matter how you get it. Here are some of the requirements from casinos that you will often encounter.

  • Time Period – The casino that you play at will spell out a specific time period that you have to use bonus. It can be a couple of days to a couple of weeks, as it will differ from casino to casino. When the time allotted to use the bonus expire, they are valid no longer and you cannot use them. You need to be sure to know the time you have to use the free spins, so you can use them up and use them to your advantage.
  • Specific Titles – Often you will see free spins that must be used on certain slots titles. Make sure you read the fine print of the offer to know what game or games that you can play. Typically, the bonus are offered for a new game or a very popular one, such as Starburst.
  • Bet Amount – The casino will also have a specific bet size per spin with their offer. When you read the terms and conditions for the bonus promo you will see the amount you can wager per spin. You will find that the bet amount is of a smaller nature, which limits the amount you can win. The casinos with free spins do this, as they are giving them to you with no charge.
  • The Wagering Requirement – Most of the time when you see any type of bonus promotion it will have wagering requirements. They will differ, but often you will have to wager a certain amount of money after using the bonus in order to be able to withdraw the bonus money or money won from the bonus from your online casino account. In the next section we will spell out the wagering requirements for each type of offer you can take advantage of.

Types of Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is an offer that is a very valuable one and one you should look for at online casinos. The casino will have an offer giving you a specific number of spins or cash amount that you can use at the site and you do not have to make a real money deposit to get them. They are used to attract players to the site and get them to make a real deposit. On the other side of the coin, it can be advantageous to players to get no deposit bonuses, as it can allow them to explore the site in playing online slots games with no risk.

In a no deposit bonus, you may be able to play all the slots, just a few, or one specific one. This will depend on the casino. The site will show, which titles you can play with the bonus.

You can get a no deposit bonus and keep the money won from them, but you will have to fulfill the wagering requirements. Example: Borgata Casino free money. Considering you are not making a real money deposit to get the bonus, the wagering requirement for the bonus is typically on the high side. Let’s say a casino with free spins offers you 30 of them playing Starburst with a 25x wagering requirement. If you win $20 playing with the spins. You can keep that money but you will have to make a deposit at the casino and wager $500 ($20 x 25) before you can withdraw the money from your account.

Deposit Bonus

The welcome bonus is the most common one you will find at online casinos and if you want to deposit right away, we can recommend our Caesars Online Casino review. The competition is so fierce between the many sites that they try to outdo each other by offering more lucrative welcome bonuses. Many of them will not only offer a first deposit match offer but a certain number of free spins as well.

Here is an example of a deposit bonus:

Casino A will offer a 100% welcome bonus of up to $1,000 on your first deposit plus 100 free spins playing Starburst. With this bonus, the casino will match your initial deposit 100% up to $1,000 and also give you 100 rounds playing the popular slots title Starburst. So, if you want to make the most of this offer, you deposit $1,000, and right away your casino account will credit you another $1,000 as well as give you the 100 rounds on Starburst.

When you opt into this type of bonus, you will see the money credited into your account as well as the spins. However, you need to know the wagering requirement. Using the example above, if it has a wagering requirement of 20x it means that you will have to wager $20,000 on the site ($1,000 x 20) before you can withdraw the $1,000 in bonus money from your account or any winnings that you get from the free spins.

Most of the time you will see a deposit bonus for a welcome deposit, but they could also be for a reload bonus. A reload bonus is just like a welcome bonus, but it is not for your initial deposit but for the following ones instead. Casinos that offer a reload bonus can be better in that they also match bonuses, though not up to 100%. Often you will see a reload bonus from 25%-75%. You should know that the lower the percentage is for the match bonus, the lower the wagering requirement will be and therefore more easily attainable.

Spins upon Deposit

With this type of offer, you make a deposit at the casino and they will reward you with a certain number of free spins. Like the other bonus offers, it can be for playing a specific game or games of the entire slots catalog at the casino.

One of the nice things about getting a bonus like this when making a deposit is that the wagering requirement will be smaller. Sometimes you can even find this type of offer with no requirement at all. However, for those offers, the amount of rounds given will not be as significant.

If you see a deposit offer of minimum deposit and 50 free spins, it means that as long as you make the minimum deposit at the casino you will be awarded 50 rounds right off the bat. If an offer like this has a wagering requirement of 10x it means that you will have to wager 10x the amount won with the bonus before you can withdraw the money from your casino account. If there are no wagering requirements attached you can take out your winnings whenever you like with no stipulations.

Casino Promotions

Online casinos like to keep existing customers happy so they can continue to play on the site. One of the ways they do this is to offer special promotions for slots. If the site has a new slot, they may offer players a certain number of free spins to try them out. It is also rather common to see a casino offer bonuses every day or every week for a specific slots title.

For promotions in general, the casino will show you which game or games you can play and the bet size. In the terms and conditions of the bonus, it will also show the time allotted for you to fullfill the spins and if there is a wagering requirement involved.

Being Loyal

Another way casinos reward existing players is by offering a loyalty program. It can be called a loyalty, VIP, or rewards program but they are all the same thing. Typically, the casino will award points to players on how much they play and how much they wager. They are usually tiered programs where the more you play and bet, the higher level in the program you will be in and the more benefits you will receive.

One of the main benefits of a type of loyalty program is bonuses. You can redeem points accumulated for bonuses to use on the site. Again, the casino will determine the game or games you can play as well as the bet size. However, for the bonus given through a program, there are usually not any wagering requirements since you have already spent a significant amount of money at the site in order to get the points and the benefits.

Other Ways to Get Free Spins

There are also casinos that will offer free spins for completing slots challenges, which are playing a certain number of games for a specific slots title or by hitting a specified winning combination. There is also no lack of slots tournaments out there and many casinos will offer them. They will offer prizes to the winners and top finishers and oftentimes it can be for cold hard cash or other bonuses.

Just like the bonuses awarded in a type of loyalty program getting them in these ways will tend not to have wagering requirements and if they do, they will be very small and easy to attain. This is because you are already wagering and playing slots on the site.

New Players Should Look Around

Anytime you are a new player and are looking to sign up at an online casino, it is very advantageous that you look around for the best possible deal. This is especially the case if slots is your game of choice. As stated before, the competition between casinos is very fierce and they all want your business. You can use this to your advantage to try out the site, with no charge, by using free spins.

If you want to join an online casino you should do a little research to find out which ones offer you the best welcome offer and with the best wageringrequirements. Check out the different promos available and pick the one that is best for you. Many beginners make the mistake and opt into a free spins bonus that is the most lucrative and offers the most spins. However, the more lucrative the bonus is and the more spins given the higher the wagering requirement will be.

Before opting into any promo offer you need to make sure what the wagering requirements are. If you are a casual player that will not play often, why sign up for an offer that has high requirements? You need to know how much you will play and how much you want to wager before making any free spins. The name is free but we have laid out that most of the time there are other things you have to do to get your money from the spins and that is key. Still, they are a great way to check out an online casino to see if you want to play there without having to cost you any of your hard-earned money.

Stay on Top Of It

Just like new players, existing ones need to stay on top of the game and always check when bonus offers are available to them. All casinos will have a promotions page that will show players what type of promos they can take advantage of. When it comes to free spins, the offers can change often, which is why if you gamble online in USA that you keep checking back to the promotions page so you do not miss out on any of them.

It is not uncommon for a casino to have alerts available for existing players. These can alert existing players that there is a bonus for the taking. These alerts can be in the form of an email or if the casino is mobile compatible and send a notification to the player through their mobile device. For email, a player will receive an email from the casino for a specific offer, and sometimes there will be free spins available right away. For mobile users, you always need to enable notifications from the casino site to not miss out on any offers. To go a little further, mobile casinos may also offer specific mobile gaming promos.

It is also important to stay on top of the promos offered if you like playing a specific slots title. This is especially the case if you like playing a popular title. More often than not for a bonus offer for existing players, they will be for more popular titles.

Code or No Code

For bonus offers or any type of promo for that matter, there may or not be a bonus code. If there is a bonus code to get the bonus, you will have to enter it at the casino site to get the bonus. You can get this on the promotions page of the actual casino and there are also affiliate sites that may have a bonus codes as well. With the use of an affiliate site, the bonus can be enhanced by using their code, just like here on GambleUSA.

Make sure you know the bonus code before opting into the promo. Also, just like looking around for the best free spins offer, look around on affiliate sites that can sweeten the deal by offering an enhanced bonus or more money when using their bonus code.

Make Sure the Casino is Legitimate

There are tons of online casinos out there and while many are legitimate and safe to play at, there are quite a few that are not. While searching for the best free spins offer is one of the first things you should do when looking to join an online casino, the first thing you need to look for is whether it is legitimate and safe to play at. It does not matter if the casino offers the best bonus offer imaginable. The site has to be a good one to ensure that you will get your money.

When you are checking out casinos, check to see if they are licensed by a legitimate gaming body. This is the most important thing to look for because if the site is licensed you know that it is 100% safe and secure to play at. On top of that, you can be sure that for any bonus given, you can keep the money won from them as long as you fulfill the wagering requirements.


As you can see there are several different ways that you can get some bonus spins. No matter what way you choose they are a great way to try out a casino as well as pad your gaming bankroll. While there will likely be wagering requirements involved and a free spin will not have a high betting amount, you are getting them for no cost and you can win money from them. You never know, making a wheelspin with Lady Luck on your side can net you a significant amount of moolah.

You will find that there is no lack of casinos and bonuses available. However, don’t just jump in and take the most easily available one or the one that comes with the most lucrative bonus. You need to do a little research to find the bonus offer that is tailored to your style of play. Once you know that, it makes it much easier to take advantage of bonuses and free spin offers.

It is a good idea to heed the advice in this article when looking for a bonus. That way you know exactly what is out there and what you can expect from them.


Can anyone get a bonus?

Yes, anyone can get a casino bonus. They are offered to new players to entice them to join a casino as well as for existing players to keep them playing at the site. You will have to be of legal gambling age but when you register at an online casino you will go through a verification process to ensure that is the case. You can then get the bonus spins to try at the casino playing slots games.

Are they really at no cost?

Yes, free spins are at no cost to you and you can get them several different ways. While they are free to use in order to keep the money that you won playing with them, you must meet the wagering requirement. This will cost money, as you need to make a real money deposit at the site and wager a certain amount of funds at the online casino.

What is a bonus wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement is almost always tacked onto a bonus offer. This entails wagering a certain amount of money at the casino and when you meet that specific amount the money won from the bonus money will be released into your account for withdrawal. Not all bonuses come with a wagering requirement. However, most will and you need to read up on the promo offer before opting into it.

Can I play any slot using the bonus?

That will depend. There are some casinos that allow you to play the entire slots library while with others, you will have to play a specific game or games. It is all up to the casino and the bonus offer. In the terms and conditions of the offer, you will be able to find information pertaining to the slots titles you can play at using the bonus. Jackpot slots are the only ones that can’t be played with bonus money.

How long do I have to use freespins?

Again, that will depend. When you read the terms and conditions of the bonus offer, it will specify the period of time that you have to use the bonus. It will also specify the amount of time to fulfill the wagering requirement so you can keep the money won from the bonus or spins. The time period can be a couple of days to a couple of weeks. After the expiration date of the promo, you cannot use them anymore and they will disappear from your casino account.


Can I win money with freespins?

Yes, you can win money with this kind of casino bonus. If you win money, you can keep it as long as you complete the wagering requirement that is attached to the offer. To keep it simple if there is a wagering requirement for a bonus of 50 spins with 20x playthrough and you win $20 you will have to wager $400 ($20 x 20) at the casino before you can withdraw the $20 won.

Welcome bonus

One of the most common types of bonus offers is a welcome match bonus with free spins. This is for new players where the casino will offer a match bonus for the first deposit as well as giving the player a specific number of spins. This is a solid type of offer to opt into, as you will not only get money from the match bonus but rounds with no cost to use playing slots at the site.

How do I find free spins?

Well, first of all, you can find a significant amount of free spin offers through our extensive reviews of casinos. You can check out the offers available and see if you want to take advantage of them. You can also check out the bonuses and promotions page at online sites to see if they have any offers, as they often do. If you are a member of an online casino many offer alerts when a bonus is available.

Can loyalty program members get them?

Yes, members of a site’s VIP/loyalty program can receive special bonuses. Usually, a program is tiered with the higher level you are in the more benefits you can receive, such as bonuses and promos. One of the nicer things about getting bonuses in a program such as this is that there may not be a wagering requirement and if there is, it will be on the low side, unlike many other bonus offers. Membership has its privileges and that is especially the case for a online casino.

Do I need a bonus code for free spins?

That will depend. Some casinos will have a bonus code for their bonus offers while others will not. When you are checking out the offer you will see if you will need to input a bonus code to get it. If not, you will receive the bonus right after opting into the offer. There are also casino affiliate websites that will have offers and they will typically have a bonus code.