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Red Hot Slingo

Red Hot Slingo is a fun and unique hybrid bingo/slots game where the main goal is to cross off the most numbers on the bingo grid and fill up entire lines, which are called slingos. The more you fill you work your way up the ladder, with cash prizes, that are located to the left of the bingo card.

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Slingo Originals
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Slot Machine
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Red Hot Slingo is a fun and unique hybrid bingo/slots game where the main goal is to cross off the most numbers on the bingo grid and fill up entire lines, which are called slingos. The more you fill you work your way up the ladder, with cash prizes, that are located to the left of the bingo card.

Below the grid is the 5×3 slots reels where you can win up to 100x your original stake by hitting on five of the watermelon symbols, five of the wild symbols, or five of the scatter symbols. Not only do the wilds in the game substitute for any other symbol but hitting them lets you mark off a number on the slingo grid.

When you are spinning the slots reels and you hit on matching numbers from the slingo grid the ones on the grid will be turned into the slingo star symbol and the more of those you hit the more your payout will be. You start out with five spins and after your spins are over you can buy more. The price of the additional free spins, you can get up to 40, will be determined by how high you are on the slingo ladder. If you do not want to pay for free spins you simply end the game and collect what you have won.

Red Hot Slingo is a very unique game and is not a typical slot offering. This is why it is advantageous for beginners to try out the game in the demo mode, which is the free mode. This was new players can get to know the game before playing for real money. The demo mode is also a solid option if you want to try out a new betting strategy or you just want to play the game for the fun of it.

Bonus Opportunities in Red Hot Slingo

There is no bonus opportunity when playing Red Hot Slingo online.

Red Hot Slingo Free Spins

You can win a free spin anytime you hit on the Free Spin symbol. They show up quite often and any time you are awarded free spins you have more of a chance to move up the slingo ladder for higher payouts. 

Auto Spin and Adjust Speed

There is no auto spin option available, as the reels automatically spin anyway. You cannot adjust the speed of the game. However, before you start to play Red Hot Slingo online you can set the in-game controls, which allows you to limit the amount of money you spend in terms of buying extra spins.

Doubling Options

There is no doubling option for playing Red Hot Slingo.

Graphics, Animations and Sounds

The graphics and sounds are solid in the game and the animation is pretty cool as well, especially if you keep filling up your slingo grid. There are great colors in the vibrant game and the upbeat sounds only add to the excitement of this unique offering.

Symbols and Theme

The symbols that you will see playing Red Hot Slingo online are the classic fruit ones and the other special ones. The bell is the scatter symbol in the game and whenever you hit at least three you will get a payout. The wild symbol spells out ‘Wild’ and besides, the scatter symbol it can be used to substitute any other symbol. The Super Wild does the same thing but is enhanced, which we will show below.

The fruit symbols you will see are a cherry, plum, orange, lemon, and watermelon, which is the highest paying symbol and hit on five of them on any spin, or five wilds, and you are paid out 100x your original stake.

The other Red Hot Slingo symbols and what they do are:

Wild symbol: Allows you to mark off a number from the column above its place.

Super Wild symbol: Allows you to mark off any number you choose off of the entire grid.

Scatter symbol: Hitting on three or more will give you an automatic payout.

Free Spins – Awards you one free spin.

Blocker symbol – Simply blocks a space on the grid.

The theme of Red Hot Slingo is a classic fruit-themed slots offering but with a bingo grid on top. The classy red background has the grid and the reels just below with the paytable for the number of slingos on the left and the slingo progress bar on the right.

Winnings and Payouts

The maximum amount you can win playing Red Hot Slingo online is 500x your original stake filling up the grid. In the slots game, the maximum payout is 100x your original stake.

Here are the symbols in the slots game and their payouts of your original stake hitting 3, 4, or 5 of them.

Cherry – 1x, 3x, 10x

Lemon – 2x, 5x, 20x

Orange – 3x, 10x, 30x

Plum – 5x, 15x, 50x

Bell (scatter) – 1x, 10x, 100x

Wild – 10x, 20x, 100x

Watermelon – 10x, 20x, 100x

Here is the payout four your original stake for filling out a certain number of slingos on the grid:

3 slingos – 1x

4 slingos – 2x

5 slingos – 4x

6 slingos – 7x

7 slingos – 15x

8 slingos – 25x

9 slingos – 7x

10 slingos – 150x

Full House – 500x

Red Hot Slingo on Mobile

You can play Red Hot Slingo mobile at some of the top online casinos around the world. The game is mobile compatible for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. If the casino you play Red Hot Slingo at does not have a casino-specific mobile application you still play the unique and exciting game through your mobile browser. The gameplay is solid even on smaller screens and all of the thing you have available in the desktop version of the game is available in the mobile version.

Who Is behind Red Hot Slingo?

Red Hot Slingo is developed by the award-winning Skingo Originals. They offer unique games for the unique slingo brand, so if you see a slingo game online, chances are, it was developed by Slingo Originals. The developer is an established and respected one and is owned by Alchemybet Limited, which is a gaming company that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission as well as the Malta Gaming Authority.