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Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold

Get ready to grab some gold playing Inspired Gaming’s Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold. The simple slots offering is a visually stunning slots offering and while there are no free spins to be won you can win big in the unique bonus feature, which has random numbers on gold bars in the Bullion Ladder.

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Inspired Gaming
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Slot Machine
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Progressive jackpot
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Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold is a simple and classically themed slots offering that does not have many features but is still very exciting. The game is a new one released in May 2021 and has become rather popular quickly and with good reason. The main reasons for that are the simplicity of the game, the wide betting range, and the fact that on a single spin you can win 9,999x your original stake. If you like old-school slots playing Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold online might be your cup of tea.

Bonus Opportunities in Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold

When you are playing the Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold slots online you will see that there is a Bullion Ladder to the right of the virtual reels. There are nine gold bars that you will see in the ladder with each one having a random multiplier that can range from 5x to 999x per bet line.

The ladder goes down with each of your spins and the lowest bar goes away and one is replaced at the top. If you hit on three of the bonus symbols on a payline the Grab the Gold Bonus feature is triggered. Then you will head to the Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold bonus game with the values of the multiplier on the ladder.

When you start the bonus round the three of the lowest value ones offered to you and you can pick them to show the prizes that you will net. Those prizes are then put into the Total Win counter, which is above the reels. New bullion bars are then put on the ladder, as well as Collect, symbols, and you can keep racking up bar wins until you hit one that has the Collect symbol and at that time the bonus round is over.

When you are in the bonus game there is the Super Bar Trail that will show you how you are doing in the bonus round. If you finish the picking round you will see a light in the form of an arrow and when 10 rounds are finished, the safe will unlock and then the Super Bar is released.

The Super Bar goes above the Bullion Ladder and it is not the same as the typical gold bars, as the value can be from 1,000x your stake to 9,999x your stake. If you reach the final round playing Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold you have a one in three chance to choose the Super Bar.

Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold Free Spins

In Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold you will not encounter any free spins.

Auto Spin and Adjust Speed

There is an autospin feature when playing Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold where you can pick between 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 autospins. You can also customize this feature to stop the spins if your losses go above a chosen amount of money and if your wins go over a chosen amount.

If you toggle on the Turbo button in the game you can adjust the speed of the spinning reels to spin much faster. You will see all the betting info all around the reels, such as the setting box to the left and the spin and autospin feature to the right. 

Doubling Options

Unfortunately, Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold does not have a doubling option.

Graphics, Animations and Sounds

The graphics, animations, and sounds are pretty solid playing Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold online but the game is a very classic one so there are not many frills. The graphics are pretty bold and colorful, though, and the main animations are the spinning reels as well as the adding and subtracting of the bars to the Bullion Ladder. The sounds are pretty nice but seem a little dated and you can adjust them and turn them off at any time.

Symbols and Theme

The symbols of Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold are the classic ones of red 7, blue 7, yellow lucky 7’s, BARS, double BARS, and WILD. The WILD symbol in the game can take place of any other symbol to help you create a winning combination.

The classic theme of the game has the same symbols that you will see on many old-fashioned slot machines. Still, the game is a very fun one to play, and surrounding the reels is a dark vault and if Lady Luck is on your side, you will be walking away with a lot of the loot!

Winnings and Payouts

You can only win in Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold if you hit on three matching symbols on one of the three paylines. That is why it is simple to show the payouts, which are:

3 double or single mixed BARS – 5x your original stake
3 single BARS – 10x your original stake
3 7’s of mixed colors – 15x your original stake
3 double BARS – 25x your original stake
3 yellow 7’s – 50x your original stake
3 blue 7’s – 100x your original stake
3 red 7’s – 150x your original stake
3 Wild symbols – 750x your original stake

Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold on Mobile

Since the game was launched in 2021 Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold mobile is a fantastic choice for playing on the go. The simplicity of the game is great for mobile devices and all the things on the desktop version are available in the mobile version. You can play from a Windows, iOS, or Android device and if the online casino does not have an application, you can still play the game from your mobile browser.

Who Is behind Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold?

Inspired Gaming developed Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold and since forming in 2001 they have developed over 50,000 physical slot machines and they have also created more than 200 online slots titles that can be played at over 170 online casinos. All of their online slots are solid ones from classic ones like Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold to more complex ones with more paylines and features.

One of the nice things about playing Bullion Bars – Grab the Gold online is that you are sure you are safe since Inspired Gaming is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.