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Blood Suckers

NetEnt has developed a very popular vampire themed game in Blood Suckers, which has killer graphics and an eerie soundtrack. You can win a huge payout in this slots title and the bet range is a wild one. Get ready to bite into a great bonus feature and some free spins as well.

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Blood Suckers is a popular online slots game developed by NetEnt that has a vampire theme where you can win 1014.6x your original stake. There is no lack of features in the game, which was launched in 2013 and is mobile compatible. The visually stimulating game is fun to play and be lucrative if Lady Luck is on your side. However, there is also the demo mode in the game, which allows you to play for free.

Bonus Opportunities in Blood Suckers

blood suckers bonus game

When you play Blood Suckers online you have one bonus opportunity in the Vampire Slaying bonus feature. If you hit on three or more of the stake and hammer symbols on consecutive reels the bonus feature is triggered. You are whisked away to an old burial chamber that is filled with coffins.

You then open the coffins where there will be vampires inside for you to slay. Each of the vampires in the coffins will reward you with a payout. You can keep getting payouts until you choose a coffin with bats and then the bonus feature comes to an end and you return to the base game. In this Blood Suckers bonus feature your max win can be 203.2x your original stake.

Blood Suckers Free Spins

Perhaps the coolest, and most lucrative, feature in Blood Suckers is the Free Spins feature. You will trigger this feature when you hit on at least three of the scatter symbols, which is the vampire’s bride, anywhere on the virtual reels. While you can also get a payout for hitting two of the scatter symbols you will not be awarded free spins.

Anytime you get a win in the free spins it is automatically tripled. From 3-5 of the scatter symbols you are awarded three free spins. Here are the number of scatters and the payouts for this Blood Suckers bonus Free Spins feature.

2 – 2x your original stake

3 – 4x your original stake

4 – 25x your original stake

5 – 100x your original stake

While you can retrigger the Free Spins feature, if you do so, your win will not be tripled.

Auto Spin and Adjust Speed

Blood Suckers has an auto spin feature where you can choose up to 1,000 autospoins. You can customize the feature to input the number of autospins. You can also customize the autospins to stop if:

You get a winning spin

You trigger the Free Spins feature

You trigger the Vampire Slaying Bonus feature

Your funds increase or decrease by an amount you choose

You have a win that is over a chosen amount

In the settings section of Blood Suckers online you can also increase the speed of the spins.

Doubling Options

There is no doubling option for Blood Suckers but the plentiful features make up for that.

Graphics, Animations and Sounds

The graphics in Blood Suckers online slots are more than solid with all of the ghoulish characters. There are not many animations in the game, as it was developed a while back but there are some cool ones, especially in the Vampire Slaying Bonus feature. The eerie sounds are pretty cool and you can turn them off whenever you like.

Symbols and Theme

The symbols that you will encounter when playing Blood Suckers online are a clove of garlic, crossbows, a bible, and a magic blue elixir. The symbols that payout higher in the game are the vampire bride, grey vampire, stake and hammer, the purple vampire, winged female vampire, vampire biting lady, and the king vampire. The vampire bride is the scatter symbol and the vampire biting lady is the wild that can be used to substitute for any other symbol besides the scatter symbol.

As you probably have guessed the theme of the game is all about vampires. The reels are surrounded in what looks to be a foggy and spooky room in gray and green. All of the betting control buttons are located at the bottom of the screen.

Winnings and Payouts

The maximum win when playing Blood Suckers online is 1014.6x your original stake. The game has a wide betting variety, so it is a solid option for low-stakes players and high rollers alike.

Here is the paytable for Blood Suckers hitting 3, 4, or 5 of the symbols and the payout per your original stake.

Garlic clove – 2x, 15x, 75x
Crossbow – 2x, 15x, 75x
Bible – 5x, 25x, 100x
Magic blue elixir – 5x, 50x, 100x
Winged female vampire – 10x, 50x, 125x
Green Zombie – 15x, 75x, 250x
Vampire king – 15x, 75x, 250x
Purple vampire – 50x, 100x, 500x
Wild – The wild vampire biting lady pays out for hitting two of them at 5x your original stake and by hitting 3,4, or 5 you will get 200x, 2,000x, and 7,500x your original stake.
Bonus symbol – 3 on a row trigger the bonus game
Scatter symbol – 3 scatter symbols trigger freespins

Blood Suckers on Mobile

Blood Suckers is mobile compatible and can be played on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The graphics and sounds are solid in the mobile version of the game as well and all the things that you can do in the game in the desktop version are available in the mobile version as well.

If the casino that you play Blood Suckers has a mobile app you can download that for free to play the game. If not, don’t worry as Blood Suckers mobile can also be played directly through your browser.

Who Is behind Blood Suckers?

Blood Suckers was developed by one of the top providers in the online gaming industry in NetEnt. They have produced tons of games and with them being so popular they are available at many online casinos – such as Unibet. With how solid their slots offerings are it is no wonder NetEnt is one of the most popular and respected developers. They develop not only slots offerings, such as Blood Suckers, but table games as well.

NetEnt is known for developing slots titles that have vibrant graphics and Blood Suckers is no different. Also, they are known for littering their games with great bonus features and they are not afraid of awarding many free spins.