List of the Best BKFC Sportsbooks & Apps Online in April 2024

Bare-knuckle boxing ranks amongst the oldest sports in the world, with traces as far back as ancient Greece and the early rounds of the Olympic Games — in fact, the biggest BKFC events still draw sell-out crowds.

Although its gloved counterpart is more popular today, the bare-knuckle variant boasts a sizable following, as well. Major bookmakers have taken note of this interest, which is why they have been expanding their coverage to offer BKFC odds — for example, you can find them available in the BKFC DraftKings section. 

Online betting apps also allow members to predict the winner of the fight regardless of their location. These apps also allow you to research the fighters, study the available odds, and get the best BKFC betting tips.  

This page has everything you need to know about BKFC betting, bonuses, and more.

How We Chose the Best BKFC Sportsbooks

Bare-knuckle boxing and BKFC are growing at an impressive rate. Still, this remains a niche sport, and, as such, the number of legal and licensed sportsbooks offering odds on fights is limited. That means many hours of research are required to find the right BKFC betting app for you. 

Not everyone enjoys digging through sportsbooks, though. But don’t worry — our team of online gambling industry experts has got your back. Our detailed and impartial research helped us find the top BKFC betting apps, which we are happy to share. 

Keep reading as we explain how to identify the best app, top BKFC betting odds, and the kind of welcome bonus that can help you profit from BKFC betting.

Get Started and Bet on BKFC Online

Follow these steps to ensure top-notch BKFC betting odds and gambling experience:

  1. Find the best sportsbook. There are many available options, but some are better than others. Keep your expectations high, and don’t settle for anything less than the very best.
  2. Register an account. When you’ve chosen a bookie, click on the link on our site, and create an account by adding your details.
  3. Deposit funds. Add $10 or more to your balance using a debit card (like Visa) or e-wallet (like PayPal). 
  4. Claim the bonus. The best bookies will reward all new customers with a welcome bonus, usually in the form of a free bet, risk-free bet, or enhanced odds.

Gamble on BKFC with just a click of the button. When betting via your smartphone, you’re always just a few clicks away from placing your wager.

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Steer Clear of Offshore Books 

When researching how to bet on bare knuckle boxing, you may come across some obscure offshore sites. Keep in mind that it is generally advisable to avoid using an offshore bookmaker. There is no doubt that great bonuses, such as free bets and enhanced odds, are tempting, but these bookies can pose a serious risk to your online safety and account details.

Beyond the issue of player protection, another drawback of offshore books is their lack of standalone apps for iOS and Android. This is because Google and Apple typically avoid associating with unregulated entities.

Using a native MotoGP betting app isn’t just about a personalized experience on the move. You get instant updates with push notifications to keep you in the loop for the upcoming races and access to unique features only available on the app.

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Choose Sportsbooks With Promos That Include BKFC

Some sportsbooks base their welcome bonuses on specific sports or events, like the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, FA Cup Finals, or a Tyson Fury fight. Such deals are great, but only if you’re a fan of those sports. After all, what good is an NFL free bet if you only follow BKFC?

A great question to ask yourself when looking for a bookmaker is: can you bet on bare knuckle boxing? Some of the benefits you should pay attention to include a free bet on the main event, cashback if your pick loses, or a profit boost for winning multiples.

Best odds

Spread Your BKFC Bets Across Multiple Sportsbooks

You’ve probably heard the advice: shop around for the best lines before you bet.

When you gamble with just one bookie, you restrict yourself to their markets, features, and odds. But if you open an account with several bookmakers offering BKFC 41 odds, you will have more options. Spreading your BKFC bets across multiple sportsbooks means you’ll always be just a few clicks away from getting the best price on every bet. 

Bookies may also feature different markets and bonuses. However, one of the biggest advantages of signing up with several sportsbooks is you may land a free bet as a welcome bonus with each bookie you join.

Find a Sportsbook That Offers Live BKFC Betting

When seeking out a BKFC betting app, ensure that it offers live betting, as this is a feature that most online bettors value highly. Ideally, the bookie should offer the same in-play markets as it does before the first bell.

When gambling pre-fight, it is necessary to predict the fitness of both fighters, the mood of the referee, the influence of the crowd, and more in advance. But with live betting, you can follow the fight on TV and react to developments, like a cut or knockdown. This is why live betting can boost your chances of landing a profit — just make sure that you act fast.

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Pick a Sportsbook With a Comprehensive BKFC Betting Section

Your BKFC betting app should boast a bare-knuckle boxing section packed with promotions, outright betting options, and betting odds for upcoming matches. Specifically, there should be the fight winner, total rounds, knockdowns, winning round, method of victory, and more.

That also extends to BKFC betting resources. A site should offer stats to help you make informed bets. If they also have a blog page with BKFC 41 odds and an in-depth preview with predictions, you’re on the right track.


Most Popular BKFC Bets and Markets

The best sportsbooks offer several ways to gamble on upcoming bare-knuckle fights. Bettors commonly opt for the fight-winner market, but there are others to consider, too. Below, you will find more information about each of them.

  • Fight-winner betting is simple. It allows you to predict which fighter will come out on top, giving you a one-in-three chance of winning. 
  • With the method of victory, you are supposed to predict which fighter will win and how they’ll achieve it: by KO/TKO or on points. This is another fan favorite.
  • Round betting is also available. You can bet on the exact round when the fight will end; alternatively, you can also group a few together. Here’s an example: Fighter A to win in rounds 1–3.
  • Total knockdowns is another popular market. Predict how many knockdowns there will be in a fight, regardless of the winner.

BKFC Betting Tips

Before placing your bets on bare-knuckle boxing, make sure to do your research — after all, the more you know about a fixture, the more accurate your predictions and bets will be overall. 

The right type of research is important and helps save time. Check the head-to-head scores, form of both fighters, predictions of experts, and any relevant injury news. 

Gather your findings and see if they fit a betting market. Is there a run of knockout wins? Bet on the fight not going the distance. Are both fighters likely to go on the attack? Place a wager on the match finishing in under 3.5 rounds. Are both tacticians? Back over 6.5 rounds. 

BKFC Fights Explained

The rules and structure of bare-knuckle boxing are similar to those of gloved boxing. 

Generally, the more important the fight, the more rounds you can expect. Bouts may begin at three rounds of two minutes each, while championship fights often extend to five rounds of two minutes. 

Although there are no gloves worn, bandages or wraps are applied between the wrist and top of the knuckle to protect the fighters. Just like in boxing, one-minute breaks separate the rounds, and fighters return to their corner for a sip of water and a breather. Only water in clear bottles is permitted for use in the corners during contests. Coaches and the corner team use the 60-second break to tend to any damage suffered by the fighter, like a cut or injury. Trainers can also provide quick instructions, advice, and encouragement.

Scoring judges sit at ringside, and a referee in the ring officiates BKFC fights. Judges score on punch volume, effectiveness, and damage. Referees are there to enforce the rules, including no eye-gouging, headbutts, or biting during the fight.

Most Successful Fighters in BKFC

In order to ensure a steady profit from your bets, you need to become familiar with the biggest and best names in bare-knuckle boxing. But who are some of the most successful fighters?

Below, you’ll find some of the biggest stars from the past as well as some newcomers to keep an eye on.

  • Artem Lobov
  • Jason Knight
  • Paulie Malignaggi
  • Johnny Bedford
  • Chase Sherman
  • Thiago Alves
  • Chris Leben
  • Hector Lombard
  • Reggie Barnett Jr.
  • Jim Alers

It’s important to remember that success in BKFC — and all combat sports, for that matter — can change overnight. For example, boxing fans regard Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk as the most dangerous fighters on the planet, but that won’t be true in five to ten years’ time. 

To stay up to speed on BKFC, you must constantly study the sport. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve by keeping up with the results, upcoming fighters, top trainers and gyms, promoters, and more. 

BKFC Betting FAQ

Can you bet on BKFC?

Yes, many major online sportsbooks offer betting on bare-knuckle boxing today.

How do you bet on BKFC?

Simply find a bookie that offers BKFC betting odds and register an account. Deposit $10 or more to secure the welcome bonus and gamble on the result.

BKFC Betting FAQ

How much money do bare-knuckle fighters make?

That depends on the number of rounds they fight for and the standard of the promotion. A good rule of thumb for non-champions is around $300 per round.

How much does Mike Perry make in BKFC?

Mike Perry has reportedly made over $8 million from BKFC.